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Why do truck drivers look at me

View Full Version : Why do truckers peer down at you? Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Whenever I pass a trucker on the highway, I can see them turn their head to peer down at me from their cab. Why do they do that? And yes, I suppose someone could ask, "Why are you looking up at them?


Alone on the Open Road: Truckers Feel Like ‘Throwaway People’

View Full Version : Why do truckers peer down at you? Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks.

Whenever I pass a trucker on the highway, I can see them turn their head to peer down at me from their cab. Why do they do that? And yes, I suppose someone could ask, "Why are you looking up at them? I can see them in my peripheral vision. You are their kind of guy, I guess.

You frequent trucker bars very often? The politically correct answer is they are making sure the lane clears so the blind spots don't cause a crash if they need to lane change. The answer from dealing with truckers and hearing experiences is people drive naked and do other weird shit. They have a clear view of what car drivers don't. I'm not a trucker but I always assume that everyone else on the road is insane and I need to keep an eye on them to stay alive.

None of them have ever been naked, either. There is the occasional woman 1 in 1,? This observation is from driving a oilfield truck forty years ago. It would be more a flirt than a promise. Often there would be two giggling women involved. Peace, mangeorge. Oh wel. I doubt it. Men are so much more mature and sophisticated now. And women hike up their skirts only to enjoy the cool air from the ac, certainly not to get attention from passing truckers.

The trucker term for this is, I believe, "checking out seat-covers. Don't you read the dope? Nothing's too TMI.

Besides, I 'Knead to Know' ;. Yeah, well, based on my experience with truckers, their general belief seems to be that cars should look out for them, and not the other way around.

That seems to be our general belief, but accident stats I've seen a while back, but don't remember, don't bear that out. I hope I don't have to cite that. Now, let's get back to KneadToKnow's girlfriend's flashing the motorcyclist.

Please, do go on. A quich search didn't back me up. Not by a lot, though. Even if that's true, there's a difference between fault and prevention. Truckers, being the biggest, heaviest things on the road and they also drive big trucks! Yeah, well I hate politically correct answers and believe them mostly bullshit.

Actually, the vast majority of truckers are quite defensive in their driving. It's just that the ones that aren't make more of an impression figuratively and literally because of the size of the vehicle they are driving. Because they're up higher, to see you, they have to look down at you. This is no different than when you look over to the right, left, forward, and behind yourself when keeping an eye on traffic.

Of course, even if the truckers are making more of an effort at defensive driving, a truck inherently has a rather low maneuverability, so it may not be possible for a truck driver to drive as defensively as a car assuming skilled, responsible drivers for both. Most truckers may be rather good drivers, it's just that the bad ones leave big impressions on my mind. I'll forget about a regular car almost side-swiping me before I'll forget an wheeler nearly squishing me like a soda can.

Does "politically correct" even have a meaning any more? One of the most obvious defensive tactics of a trucker is that most leave a lot of room between their truck and the vehicle ahead of them. Which gives us car drivers plenty of room to crowd right in ahead of them.

I always assume that drivers claim that truckers are inattentive don't drive much themselves. Or that they aren't very experienced. My ex, a tuly lousy driver, would always blame a near-miss on the other driver when it was usually the other driver who skilfully avoided the accident. But she was pretty cool :cool: in other ways.

Just sayin'. Yes, just not the narrow meaning some people insist on. Terms broaden with usage, and politically correct is one of those.

Why do truckers peer down at you? Because staring at the lane markers going by for hours is boring. I never said truckers were inattentive - it's just that they don't consider cars to be much of a threat. A threat, maybe not. But I'm sure we agree they don't want to bump into us. Or us into them.

Many truckers have taken very heroic actions to avoid injuring the occupants of a car, no matter who's at fault. And some have caused death and injury by being stupid. That's life. I used to shotgun with my cousin's husband. He would entertain himself by using a bee spatter on the windshield and a car way up ahead to play WWII fighter pilot.

Are these two separate games? Or just one that I don't get? Also, I would totally be that pervert trucker, if I ever became one. I think you gotta be really bored. You use the bee spatter as a gunsight and line it up on the enemy fighter, make machine gun sounds and then exploding Messerschmitt noises. One really, really exciting game.

While doing this, he would likely have a mouthful of sunflower seeds, shells and all. He somehow kept it all in. I believe you use the dead bugs as your target reticule, move your head about and go 'Powpowpowpowpow! At least that's what I do on long boring drives. ETA: Dang, didn't refresh. At least I was right I think truck driving has to get pretty boring and the drivers are mildly entertaining themselves by peering at other cars on the road.

Because they're sittung up higher than you are. It's hard for them to peer up. First time I read this I saw PEEING at other drivers on the road - damn, thats gotta take some skill, steering and aiming at other cars at the same time. I used to move furniture years and years back.

I had a discussion with one of the drivers about this. He said everyone had all these stories about being flashed by hot sexy women, but the only experience he ever had like that was with a guy!

He said the guy was masturbating furiously, looking up at him, and grinning like a madman. He kept trying to slow down or speed up and the guy would do the same, happily whacking away. Given the source he also had a number of other tall tales , I'm not sure if I believe him.

Funny story though. I will add that I worked for the moving company for years, travelled all over the place, but was never flashed by either sex.

Why Do Truck Drivers Do That?!?

It could be cars cutting in front of your truck right before a red light, speeding up to pass you to make an exit, or just driving way too close for comfort. This is one of the major pet peeves while driving for most truckers! Given that we drive on the right side of the road in the U. Believe me, despite what you see in the Fast and Furious movies, your Prius is not going to fit underneath a big rig. After all, they allow commercial drivers can make their turns effectively.

Welcome to Trucking , which is a basic informational course about trucks and truck driving for prospective drivers. Driving a truck is NOT for everyone.

After graduating from Radcliffe College, she married and had a son in Adams later recalled her late 20s and early 30s as the worst years of her life. After divorcing her husband in , she worked at secretarial and clerical jobs to support herself and her son. Adams published her first work of fiction when she was about thirty, and was more than forty-years-old by the time she began making a living solely as a writer.

Truck Drivers Tell Us the Weirdest Shit They’ve Encountered on the Road

Forgot your password? A lot has changed since then, but one thing remains the same: Truckers are the backbone of America. They have been to every corner of our great nation and have seen more than most, good and bad. They could write the book on driver safety, because they have earned the title of professional driver. I decided to ask around and see what we can learn from them, and to draft a short list of things truck drivers wish everyone knew. Did you know that depending on speed, weight, and surface variables, it can take a football field length or more to bring a semi-truck to a stop? A major factor in understanding is knowing about how the braking systems on trucks work. Trucks use air brakes, which are completely different than the brakes on passenger cars, in part because truck brakes have a lag time. The truck driver hits the brake, and then the air has to be built up and reach everywhere on the truck, before the brakes are applied. If a driver has to hit the brakes hard or too often, it can deplete the brakes, making it even harder for the truck to stop.

What Truck Drivers Wish Other Drivers Knew

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Who are these mysterious travellers, so often hidden from view?

Mulrooney left Newfoundland on March 28, and he was looking forward to returning home when parked near Campbellton, N. But he was bound for Texas instead. Another driver refused to go. We are that much more alone.

Truck drivers face added sense of isolation during Covid-19

Jacobo Schifter , Johnny Madrigal. What do truckers do about their sexual needs on the road? This startling and unique study examines the on-the-road sex lives of Central American truck drivers. It takes a quantitative and qualitative look at the extent of homosexuality, prostitution, drug use, and vulnerability to HIV infection among these men who operate in a strangely unique sexual culture.

I feel alternately overflowing and empty, replete with gratitude for my good fortune, and abashed at the overentitled, obsessive nature of my need to continue. I feel sometimes like the most interesting man in the world, sometimes like the most obtuse. I am driven onward and yet, even as I chart my next adventure, I remain unsure why I should want to, unclear why I need to. And I do need to. The road beckons me, and always has. But am I running toward something?

Why do drivers stare at you at truck stops?

With professions specific dating sites, online dating gives truck drivers a way to look for love while on the road. Why is it that, in the trucking industry, the same people that are able to keep the entire country going are not able to keep their relationships going, or have trouble finding a partner at all? Relationships are hard for anyone, but especially a trucker. If you are thinking about dating a trucker, there are some factors you want to consider. Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road, making your relationship long distance most of the time. Long-haul truckers are on the road for days or even weeks at a time.

Jun 23, - Let's explore some of the reasons that truck drivers have a hard time finding the truck stops, going from truck to truck searching for lonely drivers looking for a good time. Do you have a tip or a pain point to share about relationships with truckers? His career of driving long haul scares the hell out of me.

A woman with wings that exist in another dimension. A man trapped in his own body by a killer. A briefcase that is a door to hell. A conspiracy that reaches beyond our world. Breathtaking SF from a Clarke Award-winning author.

Why do truck drivers stare?

Podcast: Play in new window Download. Disclaimer: When searching online for a subject to write about, I kept coming across people asking why truckers tailgate cars. Just close enough to wake them up to realize they could be commiting one of the four reasons listed below.

11 Secrets of Truck Drivers

At any given time, more than 1. We might not often stop to think about it, but these long-haul truckers are key to keeping our economic infrastructure running. To do that, they make considerable personal sacrifices.

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Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Why do drivers stare at you at truck stops? Aug 10, 1. Was backing today in Pittston PA at the flying J.

It beckons big-rig drivers with showers, laundry machines, a barber shop, even a knife store. Driving a long-haul tractor-trailer is as commonplace as the items that drivers carry, from blue jeans to blueberries, from toilet paper for Walmart to farm machinery bound for export. There are 1. Yet truckers — high up in their cabs — are literally out of view for most Americans. At a moment when President Trump has ignited a national discussion of blue-collar labor and even climbed into a truck during a White House event, trucking, which was once among the best-paying such jobs, has become low-wage, grinding, unhealthy work. Turnover at large for-hire fleets hauling freight by the truckload — the backbone of the industry — runs an astonishing 80 percent a year, according to a trade group.

This post is mainly for all of you out there who have never driven a truck before. Once the initial disbelief and confused facial expression wears off after I tell somebody I'm a truck driver, they always have questions for me. This has to be the number one question I get asked.

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