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What will my boyfriend look like quiz with pics

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Hi there! Welcome to the boyfriend shop! Come on in and make yourself at home. While you answer these easy peasy questions, our matchmaking quiz will be hard at work behind the scenes on creating your dream man based on your answers so you can be sure that he will be completely compatible with you. Don't you wish there was a real boyfriend shop? Think of how much easier life would be.

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Quiz: What Does Your Ideal Guy Look Like?: HowStuffWorks

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On a scale from 1 to DONE. Fireman but also lawyer. Architect with beautiful hands. Carpenter somehow in this day and age. Doctor by day, soulful violinist by night. Lumberjack and ax model. Entry-level insurance analyst. Matthew Prettychild. Gregory Brilliant. Just Raoul. Mark Largefoot. Jonathan Finestock, of the Oxford Finestocks. Pearl white. Ghost white. Unfairly well-represented in Congress white.

So white it hurts to look directly at them. I'm not looking at his teeth if you know what I mean heh heh heh. A penthouse apartment that's obsessively clean and has just enough granite accents. An endearingly messy room filled with dusty, leatherbound volumes of love poetry.

In the depraved recesses of my mind, if I'm being honest. A log cabin in a forest very, very far away from where my parents live. Image: amateurgourmet. Why, the Finestock Mansion, of course.

He bought me a pony and let me name it after my favorite hard candy! He played several songs on guitar and most of them weren't "Wonderwall"! He brushed my hair back out of my face before gently cupping my cheek and telling me I'll always be his shining star!

I picked him up in my dad's old truck and we went to the Denny's across the tracks! Image: clowns4kids. He said he was going to cook me dinner and have a quiet night at home but when I came over he had a mariachi band playing our song and David Tennant was making us waffles! We watched Love Actually on repeat until we got very dehydrated! Depends on which Kelly Clarkson song is playing in the background. I, I just couldn't say. The Cutest of All Bugs. Jammy Hammy Sandwich Bird.

Sexual Mate. Teilen Facebook.

How Handsome Is Your Imaginary Boyfriend?

What did you get? Leave a Comment! What will my baby look like?

On a scale from 1 to DONE. Fireman but also lawyer.

When it comes to dating and relationships, everybody has his or her own set of criteria to look out for in a prospective partner. Specific preferences for character traits, personal values, and even eye color and fashion style all come into play. Some women adhere strictly to the type of man they would want to get to know. Those who tend to be more open-minded may compromise on certain details. Men, like cookies, come in all shapes and sizes.

Is having a boyfriend better than being single? Well, a lot and we mean a lot of girls think so. These girls may be classified as being needy or codependent on males. But as we all know, having a steady boyfriend has its perks. Having a constant snuggle buddy whenever you get home from a long hard day of work is a real treat. You can always vent to your boyfriend too, unleash all that piled up crap that you need to get off your chest. Also, you will never feel lonely if he does his job right. You know those long cold nights that you just ache for a warm touch? He will be there for those. As humans, we all have different interests.

Who is Your Future Boyfriend?

Please leave empty:. I'm 19 to I'm 18 - finally an adult! I'm a teen - older than 13 but younger than

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating?

You got the Bad Boy! This guy just wants a girl to go bad for him and you want him to get good for! You are a really big badass and don't follow anyone else's rules except for your own. But you don't take it as far as he does.

What Will Your Future Boyfriend Look Like?

Your dream man looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. He has the kind of face that stops you in your tracks, and a weak smile to drive you wild. Did we get your ideal man right?


What Is My Ideal Boyfriend Like?


Browse through and take what will my boyfriend look like quizzes. met, personnality, etc. I hope you enjoy it!:) I do not own any of the pictures** *Results for gir.


What will your future boyfriend look like?







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