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What to get a hipster girl for christmas

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What to buy for the back-to-land, cooler-than-thou, anti-establishment hipster? Everything is artisanal, organic, and heritage. This energy clearing bundle of goodness is centered around some raw palo santo, the best-smelling burn on Earth. Sure to help keep the transcendent vibes going for weeks. Credit: Incausa.

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18 Boho-Chic Gifts for the Hipster in Your Life

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Finding gifts for hipster girls is always a fun challenge. Not all of us are as cool as these ladies. Luckily internet is full of all sorts of crazy unique items. Here are some of the best ones. Is it necessary to even say more about this necklace?

It does come in different materials and lengths to suit any taste. Instead of one of those old school giant Polaroid cameras, give her this handy digital polaroid camera. This portable handsfree speaker doubles for playing music and talking on the phone.

You can use it with bluetooth, and it enables you to be talking on the phone up to 15 ft away while cooking. A fun and unique gift for any kitchen. This set features all the best Starbucks coffees, hot cocoa, two ceramic mugs and cookies. It will definitely be appreciated by someone who loves Starbucks. These unique and beautiful yoga mats are the perfect gift for someone who would like a bit of magic in their everyday life.

The dreamy watercolor background combined with the artsy feathers is perfect for yoga sessions. Here are some coasters that will add a dreamy touch to any meal. They are laser cut from cherry wood and feature representations of 4 different constellations: Ursa Major, Ursa minor, Cassiopeia and Orion.

With these she can show off her love for the universe any day. It makes an alluring surprise for any celebration. Defy winter winds with these awesome mittens. They feature beautiful native-inspired geometrical pattern and are made from all recycled materials. What more do you need — they are extraordinary and environmentally conscious! A perfect present for winter celebrations.

This is a fun decoration gift for someone who loves yoga. These soldiers have given up their arms and battle positions and have taken up yoga.

What is more — they come packaged in a mini yoga studio! Humans of New York has become a cultural phenomenon. This book features all the best stories and pictures Brandon Stanton has taken so far. Definitely a unique gift. If she loves speed, get her this inch longboard with cool Aztec-inspired pattern on the bottom. Traveling in style while cruising down some insane hills or chilling in the city — this board will definitely get noticed.

This light duet is a gorgeous and unique detail to any space. It forms beautiful light patterns on the walls and changes the mood of the room in a nearly magical way. They are handcrafted from coconut and shipped from Lithuania, so this is a special gift for sure. This ugly sweater is perfect for holidays, especially for a hipster girl who likes to show off a nerdy side. It features a wintery Star Wars design.

Super cozy and warm, and a sure one to confuse grandparents. This seat serves many purposes. A unique addition to any room for sure. This would be a hit birthday gift. Great for a chick who always has the best parties. Match it with the polaroid camera for ultimate fun. This perfume will definitely surprise people checking out her perfume selection.

This beautiful top is great as underwear or nightwear. The mysterious blue lace looks enchanting either way. If she likes unique details, which she probably does, give her these butterfly collar clips to tweak her classic collar shirts. Great for a girly hipster. These hand painted Ukuleles can be personalized indefinitely. You can choose a theme of mandalas, starry skies, geometry, flowers or whatever you can think of. The ukulele will be completely unique. Or you can just hang it on the wall for when some musical friends come around.

Does she like to show her dominance? They come in striking black and can be combined in a million different ways. Unleash her inner rebel, if you dare. These gorgeous socks will get her friends howling from envy. They make a cheap but original gifts for any occasion. The design is incredibly intricate — this socks are definitely not made for hiding.

Classic Scandinavian design will probably never go out of fashion. You should just get it for the exotic name. She will love it. These beautiful glasses are inspired by different colorful birds, designed and made in the USA. They are great for any kind of get togethers.

If she loves colorful details and practical but unique items, these glasses will make the perfect gift for her. Here comes the sloth! This chill little fella will add a touch of fun to a bedroom or living room. Dive into the galaxy with these dreamy photo print satin sheets. She will love this unique set. These stunning sheets will definitely make a room more interesting and make bedtime more luxurious. This beautiful Mojave yoga mat bag is handcrafted by independent artisans.

Instead of ugly gym bags, let her show her love for yoga in style with a bag that will turn heads. This bag is a quality item that still looks wonderfully casual. Blending in is so out, stand out from the urban background with these butterfly leggings.

They feature a butterfly-inspired design with pink accents that will look amazing combined with matching colors. This hairband is a subtle but impressive detail to any look! Ravens smart birds that play a part in many cultures, and are widely appreciated by hipster girls. This beautiful bowl would look amazing in any room! An iPhone case has a beautiful design based on a Chilean lake with some geometry over it — she will be all over this.

Perfect for someone who likes to personalize her tech. Does she love photography? This hanging display is a great way to display photos, like some of her favorite memories, and other artwork. The pictures are hung with wooden clips and in neutral colors so they fit into any decoration and could easily be customized. This beautiful envelope wallet features a native art inspired pattern.

It has a gorgeous design that will definitely get a lot of compliments. Who said all tech has to be boring? Bring out the spectacular, girly tech! This charm features a lotus symbol. Does she love unique decoration?

Get her this animal head sculpure! It features an animal form without the creepiness of taxidermy. If she loves natural beauty and scents, get her this essential oil set. This kit is perfect for someone who loves organic foods and cooking. The plants are in colored mason jars that can be reused for other purposes. Amazing housewarming gift. This feather bracelet is created from a detailed antique brass feather in beautiful teal blue faux verdigris finish that was hand done by me.

Bye bye boring kitchenware. This tile is so beautiful it can be used as a decorative item on the table or even on the wall. It features all the best buns, braids, curls and other styles that you can think of from different eras and fashions. An awe-inspiring addition to any bathroom, and would probably also be appreciated by a hipster mom.

A gun that shoots flowers? Yes please!

10 Gifts For The Hipster In Your Life

Finding gifts for hipster girls is always a fun challenge. Not all of us are as cool as these ladies. Luckily internet is full of all sorts of crazy unique items.

Updated: November 8, References. Being a hipster girl is more than just wearing the right clothes; it's also about adopting the right attitudes and starting to dig deeper into hipster communities and cultures.

A hipster gift guide. A note. Don't let this stop you from scrolling, but this is 's gift guide, so some of the information could be out of date. Find our latest gift guide here.

100 Hipster-Approved Gifts

Do you have someone on your holiday list who lives in graphic tees and beanie hats? Someone who is technically a millennial, but thinks it's super uncool to use that word? Do they wear skinny jeans, like folk music ironically, and have a picture of a sunset as their Facebook profile pic? Not only is it a film camera hipsters love retro stuff , but it also has a quirky travel theme and comes with a Lomography art book. Hipsters love art, too. Remember how hipsters love analogue? Well, who needs iTunes when you could experience the nostalgia of vinyl? But for all those who want to appear cool but don't want to abandon their iTunes, there's even a USB output for importing records onto a computer in MP3 format.

Gifts for Hipster Girls

The label "hipster" gets passed around as much as a good meme on Facebook. But you can't lump all hipsters together - that would be most uncool. Take a peek into this guide of the many types of hipsters you may encounter, from the free spirits to the ironic trendsetters. Then you can tune into how to shop for the hipster in your life. Peace out!

Finding gifts for that one hipster friend you have can take up your entire summer.

On those cold days in winter at the office it sometimes seems like they put the air-conditioning on instead of the heat, and you usually feel that most in your hands. Typing while your hands are freezing is damn-nea. But I don't think I've ever been more on board with a new up and coming trend than these 3D beer mug socks.

18 Quirky Gifts For Your Hipster Friends | Hipster Gifts

Environmentally conscious, spiritually centered and socially savvy, hipsters savor some of the simplicity from the past. T8is insanely cool kayak fits all the requirements of the hipster lifestyle in that it embraces the outdoors, takes up minimal space, and can be packed by a bicycle to the nearest beach or river for a paddle adventure. At just 26 pounds, it folds into the size of a large portfolio that can fit into the trunk of a non-SUV, or can be easily carried on mass transit. This fully functional watercraft is ultra-lightweight yet strong, and can withstand sliding onto a rocky shoreline, or bumping underwater obstacles.


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Unique Gifts For Hipsters. daily with a wide variety of uncommon gifts for men, women, children, and even gifts for Two Person Connected Ugly Christmas Sweater. If you're looking to go-all-in at your next ugly Christmas sweater party and.


51 Best Hipster Gifts: Your Ultimate List


Unique Gifts For Hipsters




Hipster Gifts


young hipster girl with Christmas present. Overhead view.Red shoes,lipstick and nails.


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