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Jump to navigation. These are cars in great demand, and rightly highly desired for their combination of versatility, comfort, refinement and performance both on- and off the road. Genuine 4x4 ability is common amongst them, as is the upmost in luxury, space and refinement. And amongst the many factors motivating buyers, stylish design and brand allure are becoming increasingly important. So who makes the best of 'em?

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Top 10 best luxury SUVs 2020

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The VW Polo is the ideal first car. Fitted with a 1. It has neat, understated looks on the outside and the inside gets a well-built interior with plenty of easy-to-use tech. Extra Brownie points The VW Up may be the cheapest car in its brand's range, but it still has all the styling and build quality you'd expect from a Volkswagen. If you're looking for your first car, you'll be happy to know that all but the range-topping Up Beats trim falls into the cheap-as-chips insurance group 1.

Plus, inside, the materials are very pleasant, without any of that 'low-budget' feel common in alternatives. The Skoda Citigo is a cheap car to buy, but its solid build quality would make you think otherwise.

Going for the entry-level car puts the Citigo into the inexpensive insurance group 2. Lastly, the Citigo is very easy to drive and has roomy front seats. Unlike the VW Up, the i10 actually has a full rear bench, able to carry three of your mates, rather than two. You'll want to stick with the S or SE if you're a first-time buyer, as those models, when powered by a 1.

The Nissan Micra is one of the funkiest and most eye-catching first cars out there. It stands out from such alternatives as the Vauxhall Corsa, thanks to its unique exterior and colourful interior.

As vivacious as it may look, driving the Micra is actually quite calming and comfortable. Get a model with a 1. If you fancy the practicality of a VW Polo but don't want to spend quite as much money, then the Skoda Fabia is your best bet.

It's cheaper than the VW and — if you get a 60hp model — falls into the least expensive insurance group, but it also feels very well built. The cabin can stand up to the worst abuse your mates can fling at it and has a rear bench that can sit three of them side-by-side comfortably.

Driving the Fabia is easy, especially in towns, where its light steering and boxy, easy-to-see-out-of body make tight manoeuvres a doddle. The Fiat is one of the most stylish first cars you can buy, with its iconic looks and a huge range of customisable options.

But it's not all show and no go — it has a range of economical engines that help to keep running costs low. Funky looks and a two-tone colour scheme mean you can't miss the Vauxhall Adam. It's very eye-catching on the inside and, like the Fiat , has loads of customisable options.

First-time buyers will appreciate the 1. The Toyota Yaris is a reliable all-rounder and one of the most dependable first cars you can buy. The cabin is spacious and you also get Toyota's famous reliability, which means the Yaris should last you a long time. If it doesn't, you still have peace of mind thanks to its five-year warranty.

Many of the car's less expensive trims also fall into insurance group 2. The Ford Fiesta is the ideal first car if you love driving. It's great fun on the road and comes with the tech young drivers love. It's not the cheapest of its kind to insure, though, and some desirable safety kit costs a bit extra. A car for a learner driver should be above all stress-free and easy to drive, but should also be cheap and safe.

Large windows and the small size of it help immensely when manoeuvring and the light gearbox wont stress you at all. You can also very easily hook up a smartphone phone to the stereo and use that as infotainment. The Suzuki Ignis is a funky-looking small car with a roomy cabin and light controls that make it a doddle to drive. Its very easy to see out of, too. All models come with front and back doors as standard, and you can get it with a smartphone-compatible seven-inch touchscreen, too.

Now, a Dacia Sandero is hardly the most desirable car for a year old but glance over the looks and what you get is a lot of value for your money. Naturally, they also cost peanuts to run. The Skoda Citigo is one of the best city cars around. It has strong-but-fuel-efficient engines, great handling, is comfortable and good space inside.

The Citroen C4 Cactus shows you can defy convention and still build a brilliant family car. Its quirky styling makes it look like a pseudo SUV and the spacious interior is even quirkier than the outside. It even drives differentially to other cars, its squidgy, comfortable suspension makes for a refreshing change to the increasingly sporty set up of other small cars.

Of course, it has the same furgal engines, comfy ride and spacious cabin that the Citigo does too. Best of all, the cheapest models are in the group 2 for insurance costs. The entry level model sits in the lowest group 1 insurance category, yet offers more grown up driving experience than most city cars, while naturally providing more space for passengers and luggage. Buying during coronavirus: carwow dealers are open and operating remotely.

Home deliveries will resume post-lockdown. Find out more. First cars. Best first cars on sale. Impressive supermini with Tonka toy looks and optional four-wheel drive. Discover more first cars. See Volkswagen Polo deals. See Volkswagen Up deals. See Skoda Citigo deals. See Hyundai i10 deals. See Nissan Micra deals. See Skoda Fabia deals. See Fiat deals. See Vauxhall Adam deals. See Toyota Yaris deals. See Ford Fiesta deals.

Best cars for learner drivers A car for a learner driver should be above all stress-free and easy to drive, but should also be cheap and safe. See Suzuki Ignis deals. See Toyota Aygo deals. See Dacia Sandero deals. See Citroen C4 Cactus deals. FAQs What makes a good first car? There are a number of factors that combine to make a good first car. Firstly a good first car should be easy to drive, so the new driver feels confident and comfortable behind the wheel.

Cars with automatic gearboxes are the easiest to drive but if you learn to drive and pass your test in an automatic car then you can only ever drive an automatic car. If you are a 17 year old learning to drive then a good first car will be a car with a small engine.

This will be cheaper to insure than more powerful cars and will be cheaper to fuel. If you are a parent buying a first car for a teenager you will want to be sure the car is safe as it can be. Cars with a five-star score are the safest cars on sale.

The best used car websites for 2020

The VW Polo is the ideal first car. Fitted with a 1. It has neat, understated looks on the outside and the inside gets a well-built interior with plenty of easy-to-use tech. Extra Brownie points The VW Up may be the cheapest car in its brand's range, but it still has all the styling and build quality you'd expect from a Volkswagen.

The days of setting aside a Sunday afternoon to browse every used car lot in town are over. The mammoth selection of used cars available online can get a little bit confusing, especially when you start seeing ads written in capital letters, or lacking key information about a car like its condition and its mileage. Here are the sites you should check out when shopping for a used car.

Australian dealers are open for business. At CarsGuide, we're making it easier for car buyers to see the array of contactless initiatives dealers are offering. Please confirm all contactless initiatives directly with the dealer. Recent searches How to change a tyre Day trips Sydney Best small car

First cars

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How to Improve Your YouTube Video Views

If you've seen any online or news videos of crazy drivers or wacky traffic incidents, chances are they were recorded with a car dashboard camera. Also known as dash cams, they're mounted on the dashboard or windshield of the car and can be useful for recording evidence in accidents or road rage incidents. Recording video while driving on public roads is OK, since privacy concerns don't generally apply in public spaces, but think carefully about how you use the resulting videos. There should be no problem showing them to the police or insurers, but it might not always be OK to post them online. However, this placement can make it difficult to access the dash cam's buttons, see the screen or pop out the memory card.

However, nothing could be worse or potentially scarier than having your car break down hundreds of miles from home.

Do you want more views on your YouTube videos? Wondering how to get more people to click on your YouTube suggested videos? Five hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, which means the platform needs to be very selective about what content they promote.

How to Improve Your YouTube Video Views

Using a car seat, also called a child safety seat, is the best way to protect your kids when they're in a car. Car crashes are one of the leading causes of death and injury for children. Because car seats save lives, using a car seat is the law in every U. But keeping your child safe depends on choosing the right safety seat and using it correctly.

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How to buy the best dashboard camera

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We look at the legalities of using dash cams, where to install them and what features Recording video while driving on public roads is OK, since privacy concerns (that is, in front of the car unless you have a rear camera installed as well).


Car Seat Safety


Long Trip Preparations




Car Seat Safety



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