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Tell me baby girl because i need to know

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Go to Songsear. I'm looking for a house track. I guess that in chorus it goes like "funky feeling when you look into my eyes and i see you smile" than "I got " and music starts goin on without any words. I think it may be some house interpretation of song from different kind. Please help me because I can't get it out of my head!

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I Need to Know (Marc Anthony song)

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Go to Songsear. I'm looking for a house track. I guess that in chorus it goes like "funky feeling when you look into my eyes and i see you smile" than "I got " and music starts goin on without any words. I think it may be some house interpretation of song from different kind. Please help me because I can't get it out of my head! I'm trying to find a song and the only lyrics i can remember are, "i should write this down, i should hand around" its not that song by george strait please help!

I m looking for a song lyrics are something I will travel the world Hi, I'm looking for this song that was a quite a popular British indie rock song back in the early 's. It goes like "The one, the one" then into another verse? Can anyone help me please. Thanks for the reply AnnaGabs but Bob D is a folk artist from the highpoint years of the 's - 70's. The song I seek was recorded in the the 's by me on a cassette from the radio, but I never knew a title or artist name.

Has the classic 's new wave upbeat tempo. Looking for a song by a female artist with a soft voice. Please help me if u can! I catched the last bit of this house song coming from my upsters neighbor. Unfortunately I didn't get any of the lyrics maybe something like: "i think about it" and the word "body". The singer is female and she repeats like lines and then the chill and sad sounding beat plays.

ANY ideas are appreciated. Looking for a song i heard on the radio the other day and can't find it anywhere! It goes: Trying to get through to you, After all we been through, It's just me and you, I won't give up on you, Any ideas?

Looking for w sing that was actually an advert I think for jeans. Got this song stucks inside my head can't remember the word but it goes oh oh oh oh Wakes me up when when I'm lying in my bed Cause all I hear is oh oh oh oh Listen to my heartbeat What song is that? I had no time to check the song with shazam so please help me.

I am looking for a song that say something like "don't think to much It appears in the first episode of the serie. Sorry, English in not my first language. Can not find on YouTube or Google search. Thanks Ari for the reply but Charlie Puth is not it. The lyrics I list are exact as I recorded this song in the early 's from the radio on cassette tape but I never obtained an artist or song title. Georgia State Atlanta has a great college radio station Too bad someone with major IT skills cannot build a program that if someone inputs over 25 words of exact lyrics the internet can find it; I'd pay for this service!

If the song makes it big, don't you want to have copywrite protection? Help me. Ita from deichmann commercial. I think i got most right. Help me and i will bless you so that you will have plenty of healthy children and lots of money and i will name my firstborn after you.

Although i think this song just wasnt published, and strictly made for a commercial, sadly. I'm looking for a song that have a lyrics like this "where will we all go to when this is all over". Please help me, tell me the tittle song and the singer "Number one you have brilliance smile, bright blue eyes that i cant spoke all my mind away, number two you make me love all day Tried Shazam with no luck.

I've looked for this everywhere but I can't find It's name. I even got a bit of it recorded, but even soundhound and midomi couldn't find it. It's a male singer, sounds british to me.

Help please? The sunlight is dancing, the sky is so blue, so long as I'm here, i wanna be here with you. La-da-da-da la-da-da-da Be here with you La-da-da-da la-da-da-da As long as I'm here, I wanna be here with you". I have very little information on this song. It was something me and my best friend listened to often like 6 years ago.

It's a male singer, on piano. It sounds kind of. I'm not sure if it was actually that old though. Sounds like a normal love song at first.

But it gets dark towards the ends. Not a long song at all either. Maybe 2 minutes long. It's pretty upbeat. If I remember correctly in the recording of it you can hear the crowd chattering a bit and kind of laughing towards the end. I've been searching for years for this and I know I have no info but.

I'm trying. Listen and see what you think. He's extremely witty and sardonic. Hi you all! I've been searching for a song a While now, and i don't have much to go on. Of my memories are correct the music video is a woman i think in a red dress, i don't know if she is falling from a building or standing in front of a building.

The lyrics are something like this: when i was just a little girl, i was a year of Its been so long i think between and Thank you!! I need help. I'm going crazy trying to find it. Whats that song where its a music video of a white kid with gold teeth rapping at a snowy gas station and in front of a green screen with lightning being projected on it i think he says something like "all i rock is suey clothes and taylor nation" or something like that.

Guys can anyone help me please. I am looking for song that has got lines something like "i have come from far i will stay for long". I am looking for a song-Come oh Lord and fill my heart,Lord i want to see your face,Lord i want to know the ways of your glory come oh lord and fill my heart. I'm looking for a song that the Jatie Vlogs channel uses as their intro it goes like this: holding my breath and I'm ready to go I catch you laughing and I'm ready to go.

Good love - Future wave mix was their old intro song the holdin my breath and im ready to go is their new intro and is sung by katie it is not an actual song. It may be called Girlfriend. Hey folks, has anyone know this one song, sounds vaguely lofi-esque, with a female voice and the lyrics "see the light? I heard it today in an Instagram story; anyone ever heard this song?

Does anybody know this song I only heard like three lyrcis thooo ''I had a girl then I turn her to my wife, I may be goofy but I still take your life, I got a degree in jamaican? What song is like, "well it might've something whose to say, something something yesterday" It's a guy kinds 80s sounding..

Hey folks, I heard this one song in an Instagram story post today from Jamie Chung, I can't make out much of it because there's dialogue in the foreground, but it has a female voice and somewhere in the lyrics is "I see the light. I'm trying to look for the song close to the end of "Always a bridesmaid" movie with these lyrics when I see you it always makes me over that feeling that puts me in the sky.

Hello I am looking for this song. Please can you help me. The song is so sweet and beautiful. Imma have you yelling like you , up all night all night up all night all night.. I'm looking for a song in the series " The brightest star in the sky " it's at ep : 9 timed I'm looking for a song with the lyrics : into : REAL TALK DJ burlb made this shit lit, exes made it Lyrics: I got that that cash grind, ain't no debate, got hundred rounds in my pocket got to stay safe, you been talking beef but I ain't nobody, hundred bills yeah you'll been seen me counting ohh oh you high now must be embarrassed got the bitches from miami all the way to Paris, I don't beresd I'm a prince I don't cherest I'm too clean call me dentist bitch I'm living carles yes throw up some signs I apologize for my bad english.

Please can you find the artist im gonna keep looking but please help me. There's a song that has some where in it where it says sheriff gon fill us full of lead or cops von fill us full of lead, but it wasn't like a rap, so every time I look it up, a rap comes up. I've been trying for a while now, so if you can help that would be awesome. Help I'm looking for a song,that goes like it's time to die its when the sun comes up shine,no woman has time to even cry,just close your eyes.

I'm very late, sorry! I am looking for the name of the song on season 3 of the hills. I have searched online as much as I can and i can't find it. So weird, I even googled the lyrics. Minute maid Minute maid Take it out Drop it down Minute maid I know those aren't the exact words but that's what it sounds like he's saying, also I think big krit is in the song, not sure though.

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Go to Songsear. Looking for a country song. Sort of slow, very melodic. Male artist. Chorus includes 'just let me in' and another line is 'the pain and depression possibly suffering?

It was released as the lead single from the album on August 15, Written and produced by Anthony and Cory Rooney , "I Need to Know" is a song about a man who longs to know how a woman feels about him. Upon its release, "I Need to Know" received mostly positive reviews from music critics and was praised for its production and choice of musical styles. Both versions of the song won an American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers award in the pop category. Commercially, the song charted in the top five in Canada and the United States. It was certified gold in Australia and the U. The music video for the song, directed by Paula Walker, was filmed in Los Angeles. In , American Idol runner-up contestant Blake Lewis performed a cover of "I Need to Know" as part of the Latin round during the show's sixth season. His performance was praised by the judges; Simon Cowell called it the best presentation of the night. However, Lewis's performance received a mixed response from critics; some praised the choice of song while some criticized Lewis's vocal delivery.





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"I Need to Know" is a song recorded by American singer Marc Anthony for his eponymous This resulted in a lawsuit against Mercado because Anthony did not want to work under him anymore. As part of the settlement, "Dímelo" served as the main theme for the Colombian telenovela La Baby Sister. Anthony performed "I  Released‎: ‎August 15,








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