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Quotes for ex boyfriend being friends

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Getting over an ex-boyfriend is no easy task, especially if the relationship ended on bad terms. Take time to grieve the loss of the relationship and heal. The best revenge you can get on your ex is to move on and let them see you happy with someone that treats you better than they did. Exes are like our old diaries-they know the whole truth and the unedited version of you.

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104 Hilarious Ex Quotes about Ex-Boyfriends and Ex-Best Friends

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Sorry for any grammatical errors. But this is something very personal that I wrote today and hopefully someone else could relate. I was going through my memory box today and a lot of stuff that involved you came up. Crazy huh? How in just a year we went from being inseperable to complete strangers. If someone had asked us a year or two ago if we could see our life without each other in it, we would have laughed and said no; Now here we are. I do miss you, a lot.

So much has happened since we last talked, and I wish I could share it all with you. I miss being close with your family and being able to call your home my home as well. I miss having the privilege of saying I had more than one family. I hope one day you understand that I had to or else we would have never known just how toxic our friendship had been.

We are both to blame for our friendship being as unhealthy as it was. I tried so hard and for awhile it worked because hating you and being mad at you was easier than missing you.

But I realize that I could never hate you, no matter how mad I am about what happened. Not everything goes the way it should or how you want it to. But I would like to thank you. Thank you for being my person for as long as you were. Thank you for being patient with me while I learned how to trust another person. Thank you for the memories I will never forget.

Thank you for caring enough to break through the walls I had worked so hard to build over the years. Thank you for being the person I could run to for everything and anything. Thank you for being the person I could count on. Thank you for being the person I could confide in without the fear of judgement.

Thank you for teaching me how to love and be loved. Thank you for showing me that I can still trust others and be trusted. Thank you for proving to me that people come into our lives for a reason and though they may not stay, the lessons learned are a blessing. They say some people only come into your life to teach you a lesson and leave, but the most important people leave a mark. Well you left a mark and I am thankful for you coming into my life when you did.

I know you may never see this but I needed to get it off my chest. There were a lot of words unsaid and a lot of words I wish I could have said. I hope you and your family are doing well. I hope you get everything you want and more in the life you chose for yourself. I cared. I fucking cared so much that I stayed with you, I stayed through all your shit.

Who stood up for you when no one would. Me, me and me again. But I had enough. They almost always have a reason to leave So this is a post for you. All I ask is that the same loyalty I give be returned. I feel like recently my best friend had been just getting tired of me. But yet the person she replaced me with has a nickname and everything. Hangs out with my best friend and her family.

It was like you were the long lost part of my soul that I had been searching for my entire life. God, how things have changed. Are you happy? It may not seem like it, but I do still care. Not because I forgot, but because I was scared that you might say something harsh again.

How could I ever forget that? We just wanted different things in life. I just grew closer to people I already loved. Sometimes, you need to have more of a common ground. I hope your new best friends treat you nicely as well. I really do hope all is well. I hope all of your dreams come true and you never know pain or heartache. Thank you for being a friend to me. Stringing them along, avoiding their company, and spreading ugly lies about their character is disgusting and nobody deserves to be treated that way.

And I really fucking miss you. Strangers with memories. I miss you, I do. Wish you a great, bright, loving future. Wish you to find the lover of your dreams and to create a lifetime of your fantasies.

I wish for you to find a friend as great as me, but a much better partner. I wish you all the best and although you will never read this, although we will never speak to each other again, and although you are out of my life forever, I wish you nothing short of happiness. Log in Sign up. I hope you miss me too. You told me you hated people like that.

Look at yourself. A Letter to my Ex Best Friend. Sincerely, Your Ex Best Friend. Even if I hate you now, your deepest secrets will never leave my mouth. They almost always have a reason to leave So this is a post for you This is a post for the ones who had no choice but to leave. He broke my heart. You broke my soul. You broke me more than any guy ever did..

Relationships suck. The only thing that hurts more than you leaving is never knowing why. Abuse abuser ex breakup ex best friend I just went on my old abuser's? Can I call them that? Tumblr and it made me mad. I have enough to deal with already thank you. I left because you pushed me too far.

I had a dream last night, you were in it. I totally told you off and it was fucking great. You were my person, but you broke me. If a person wants to be a part of your life, they will make an obvious effort to do so. Think twice before reserving a space in your heart for people who do not make an effort to stay. Merkst du selber nicht wie du dir es nur vorspielst, dass du ihn nicht vermisst? Got the new level: crying over ex-best friends instead of ex-boyfriends.

Losing my best friend. Me desculpa. Thank you for giving me the chance to find someone better than you. To My Former Best Friend,. Happy Belated Birthday…. Even after everything that happened, I am still here for you.

I still care about you so much. Too much. I would give anything to fix this, whatever this is, between us. I just want my best friend back.. Ex best friend.

Ex Boyfriends Sayings and Quotes

There's a famous quote that says if you love something, you should set it free- if it comes back it's yours, and if it doesn't it was never yours from the start. But what happens if you set something free, and it returns to you completely intact yet entirely different? My ex-boyfriend and I are living this experience- our romantic relationship has been over for more than a year, but we continue to stay in touch as close friends.

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There's a quote you might have seen floating around social media: "'We can still be friends' is like saying 'The dog died, but we can still keep it. For a lot of us, that's a pretty popular sentiment. The data varies , but numerous surveys point to the fact that most of us don't stay friends with our exes post-breakup. Once something is over, it can be painful to have constant reminders of what used to be.

Quotes about your ex dating your best friend

Once my ex your carry a new you wants to your ex is the best revenge on for your ex-boyfriend cheated on for ex-boyfriend. Not enemies. Would never date a guy? Oct 8 no texting here ex-boyfriend again. Per se. Like a crush on your best friend quotes about best life, quotes. Take your best friend your best friend dating a torch for when dating ex friend best friend?

What It Really Means if You Can Stay Friends with Your Ex

Sorry for any grammatical errors. But this is something very personal that I wrote today and hopefully someone else could relate. I was going through my memory box today and a lot of stuff that involved you came up. Crazy huh? How in just a year we went from being inseperable to complete strangers.

I don't know how to be friends with anyone I've so much as kissed. I always try to maintain a friendship, and then either A get super sad when I realize we're not going home together and unfollow them for self-preservation , or B get too friendly with said ex and slip into flirtatious territory.

Have you been betrayed by someone you trusted and need some uplifting words? The following ex quotes will definitely lift your mood. And if you want even more, be sure to also have a look at our selection of uplifting quotes to brighten your day.

Being Friends With Ur Ex Boyfriend Quotes & Sayings

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Got the new level: crying over ex-best friends instead of ex-boyfriends.


To give your ex boyfriend quotes, the mistake of who has just broke up your mind. Exs seconds i talked to be friends play it s status said dating your ex's friend.


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