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Punk hairstyles for guys with curly hair

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Finding punk hairstyles for men to rock this Halloween is easier than ever. Runway shows and street style inspiration have given us a lot of unique looks to draw inspiration from. Read on to check out some of our favorite punk hairstyles for men. Guys with short to medium hair can rock this look the easiest—no haircuts or shaving necessary, just a generous amount of gel and attitude.

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Punk Hairstyles for Men: 4 Super-Easy Halloween Ideas

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December 9, By Jeffery R. Hamilton 2 Comments. For almost half a century, punk has served as a complete lifestyle for the restless and ruthless. If you resonate with the values that the punk subculture promotes, then check out all of our favorite punk hairstyles for guys and pick and adapt one for yourself! It would be disrespectful to the subculture if we would have started with any other punk hairstyles for guys than the classic ones. Ever since the 70s , fanned mohawks have been a staple of punk style, with a long and narrow top and shaved sides.

Basically, it involves teasing the top of your hair to resemble a mohawk and braiding the strands on the sides to make it seem as if they were shaven.

For example, if you have naturally curly hair , you can use them to your advantage and get a wider mohawk. If you end up getting a classic mohawk, you may not be up to styling it traditionally all the time. Skip a hair styling day and try wearing your hawk like in the photo below. Some guys want to avoid mohawks altogether but are still looking for a punk edge. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend opting for an undercut hairstyle. However, you can adapt the style to your hair texture with a barbershop haircut.

Use sponge twists for the top and go for shaved or tapered sides. A popular alternative nowadays for punk hairstyles is the faux hawk. Throughout his short yet impactful career, the Sex Pistols bass player was widely regarded for his striking presence. To this day, his super spiky hairstyle is as legendary as his name. Another signature punk hairstyle features liberty spikes. With a name derived from the Statue of Liberty , the hairstyle stands out through long and thick spikes all around. What if you love punk and want a punk haircut but you have to abide by a strict set of rules at home or at school?

You can try getting a smaller mohawk to avoid getting in trouble. As a result, you can also consider getting an emo hairstyle , with long bangs swept to the side and over the eyes. The multi-talented Jared Leto is no stranger to punk hairstyles for guys. At the peak of his music career with 30 Seconds to Mars , Leto would often be seen with a punk mohawk, sometimes with eccentric hair color combos like pink and blonde. Above all, a punk hairstyle is all about attitude. An alternative could be the messy undercut hairstyle below.

Yet another way you can rock liberty spikes is by styling them like a mohawk. It helps, of course, if you already have the base haircut for the style, but you can also consider getting it especially to wear liberty spikes hairstyles. While some guys may effortlessly pull off a mohawk with thick hair , others will have a difficult time doing so. In this case, we recommend thinking about a shorter alternative. You can get a buzz cut-like undercut all around, and leave the hair an inch long on the upper part.

The sleek hairstyle is a direct representation of the aforementioned lifestyle, standing out through a carefully styled top. Although punk has been around for decades, we all have to admit that the British punks of the 80s have formed the general image of the subculture today. To pay homage, you can get an 80s mohawk in the colors of your choice. In our times, the hairstyle associated with the greaser subculture is as stylish and classy as ever for guys of all ages.

What if you want to add definition and texture to your punk hairstyle? You should leave the center portion a bit wider than you would for a normal mohawk. Afterward, get the long part cut in layers for a dynamic hairstyle. In fact, many guys now prefer gelled back hairstyles with skin fade undercuts as alternatives. Make sure that the hair on top is long enough so you can slick it back.

For as far back as anyone can remember, hairstyles have always been a tool for expressing cultures, values, and personalities. The Nirvana frontman was known for his punk attitude, and also for his shaggy and careless shoulder-length locks. Ironic as it may seem, punk hairstyles for guys can sometimes coincide with military haircuts.

Well, at least if you know how to customize them. For instance, you can get a buzz cut and give it a punk vibe by dyeing it a nonconformist color. With the right haircut and hair gel, you can get an awesomely textured punk hairstyle.

To get the results you desire, it also helps to have your hair partly bleached with dark roots. Out of color inspiration for your punk hairstyle? Out of the countless shades you can choose from, we advise you to take teal into consideration. What can you do to make it look even cooler?

For starters, you can contemplate the idea of getting a hard part. To put it shortly, you will be accentuating your natural part by thinly shaving it. After talking about punk hairstyles for guys with thick hair, we want to follow up with an example for the opposite. If you have fine hair, you can simply let it grow to shoulder-length or longer and leave it down. Another pop-punk hairstyle you can try out is scene hair. Even though it comes in pretty close to the emo hair, due to the silhouette, scene hairstyles stand out through vivid colors.

Essentially, you can choose any color of the rainbow for your scene hair. Be that as it may, the punk alternative of an angular fringe is far more daring than the average version. A hairstyle typically associated with deathrock, the death hawk is an adaptation of the mohawk. It features longer and teased spikes, as well as long sideburns. Long bangs are an easy-going substitute for showy punk hairstyles for guys. Optionally, incorporate different colors into your long bangs hairstyle.

Punk has no limits when it comes to age, gender, and creativity. Consequently, you can rock a mohawk even if you have reached your senior years. You can represent the movement with one of the associated hairstyles. Jean-Michel Basquiat is another iconic figure in history that was known for having a rebellious personality. His signature hairstyle serves as inspiration for African-American men that want to rock dreads with a punk attitude.

The most effective way to get a faux hawk all around is, arguably, with a V-shaped undercut. Owing to the shape at the back of the neck, this undercut style can get you pretty close to a mohawk.

You can even customize yours with a shaved design. Unruly hair is a definitive aspect of punk hairstyles. You can even bring your bangs forward and up. We have seen a lot of colorful mohawks until now, but there are few as colorful as the one in the picture below.

Instead of dyeing your hair in horizontal layers, you can choose to get an additional color, but only on your tips. Yet another modern hairstyle with a punk vibe is the messy bowl cut. If you decide on getting this hairstyle, we encourage you to put it side by side with an undercut.

You can even pick different tones for the top and underneath. Actually, a mohawk is a smart way of covering up receding hairlines thanks to the shaven side aspect. Select your favorite design and get to work! Punk hairstyles will never restrict you to certain hair colors. You can dye your hair any tone, from cherry-red to royal blue or even hot pink. Even more so, you can combine a multitude of colors for a rainbow mohawk.

The devilock is a hairstyle that has become almost synonymous with The Misfits. In this shot, you can see Jerry Only with the courageous hairstyle, featuring a few long and slicked strands directly down the forehead. Make sure you slick back the sides too. Show love for art through your very modern and great punk hairstyle. You can do additional research on avant-garde hairstyles and get inspiration on creative hairstyles full of attitude.

As always, there are no limits to the number of colors you can use! Even though there is no direct relation between Vikings and punk, the hairstyle associated with Norsemen is as just as atypical. Finally, we want to show you our last idea for punk hair with mohawks. You can either make the strip of hair incredibly narrow for a paper-thin mohawk, or you can leave it up to a few inches long for a thick one.

In conclusion, punk hairstyles for guys are definitely more than meets the eye. If you were to get a look exactly like in one of our examples, which one would you choose? Jeffery worked as a barber throughout the East Coast before moving to sunny California. He currently resides in San Francisco and works at a local barbershop. He loves his job and he's always up to speed when it comes to the latest trends regarding men's hairstyles.

Hello, my name is Francisco. I have dark, afro and curly hair. How to be punk hair.

21 Punk Hairstyles For Guys

When it comes to their hairstyles, they flaunt them in their own way, deviating from the conventional or contemporary hairstyles. The punk hairstyles for guys are not only innovative, but also demonstrates a feeling of carelessness about what others think. Now that you have come to know about male punk hairstyles and how to style them, why not choose from these 15 punk hairstyles for men, which have been carefully selected from over 80 punk hairstyles guys. This is an impressive punk haircut men, where the Mohawks are about a foot in height and colored red to make others turn their heads.

Many people underestimate punk hairstyles, considering them a fleeting fashion trend. However, in reality, these hairstyles symbolize a whole subculture. Aggressive and irrepressible followers of punk have been committing to such a lifestyle for about fifty years.

Besides, punk hairstyles help you to express yourself, showing the world what you are really like deep inside. Punk style offers variety to everyone, who wants to try it on. The most fantastic thing is you can both go after radical changes or remain within your usual image, diluting it with those elements of punk style you like the most. Basically it suggests a rebellious nature expressed in jagged lines, geometrical forms, varied angles, spikes, bold color accents and sharp contrasts of shapes, lengths and colors.

20 Awesome Punk Hairstyles For Guys

The modern-day punk hairstyles are actually much more than the mohawk that defined the s punk subculture. But they have been toned down quite a bit and complemented with a pinch of contemporary creativity. Which makes us exclaim, with confidence: punk-inspired hairstyles are here to truly thrive. Who says that punk hairstyles have to turn heads and make old ladies cross the street in avoidance? Take this guy as an example. A mid-fade creates a nice contrast between the short sides and long top — and the s piked-up hair on top adds a bit of edge — but nothing alarming. Toned Down Punk-Inspired Hairstyle. If you have curly hair , you might be wondering whether punk hairstyles are even possible for you. If anything, punk hairstyle will be even more unique on your hair since not many guys with curly hair go for these types of hairstyles.

50 Punk Hairstyles for Guys to Keep It Alive!

December 9, By Jeffery R. Hamilton 2 Comments. For almost half a century, punk has served as a complete lifestyle for the restless and ruthless. If you resonate with the values that the punk subculture promotes, then check out all of our favorite punk hairstyles for guys and pick and adapt one for yourself! It would be disrespectful to the subculture if we would have started with any other punk hairstyles for guys than the classic ones.

Curly hair is pretentious in styling until you find the right haircut and the right styling products. In case you are strongly convinced that curls do not look good on you, you can any time get an extra short haircut, but we would recommend that you at least try a short haircut with tapered sides, possibly with undercuts or consider short-to-medium styles.

Punk culture has been around for nearly 50 years now, and is known for being crazy, loud and unconventional in every way. For the guys, male punk hairstyles have been at the center of everything. The classic punk style included the Mohawk, spikes and experiments with color.

55 Punk Hairstyles for Guys

Fashion is always changing, and the trendy punk hairstyles prove this beyond any doubt. These fancy hairstyles allow men to combine traditional designs such as Mohawks and spikes with vibrant colors to create a charming look. Punk haircuts are very versatile, and you can even come up with a unique design if you are creative enough.


Punks historically embody the misunderstood and underprivileged. Punk hairstyles are almost synonymous with some of the most creative and original hairstyles around. You hear punk and probably immediately think mohawk but there are far more punk hairstyles out there to choose from. Wanting to stand out from the crowd? Grunge: Fusion of punk rock and heavy metal.

45 Hottest Men’s Curly Hairstyles That Attract Women


Punk hairstyles are very versatile, and you can even come up with a unique design if you strands is natural and so the only thing that you need to achieve this look is a haircut. This style is ideal for men with a straight and long black hair.


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