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Its a very funny book. Written very honestly and informatively. However its gotten old since it was written. Its a bit outdated by now.

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Rachel Teller

Ghost Games , the developers behind the most recent Need For Speed initially released on consoles November , have announced that their latest SpeedList update will be their last free content update for the game. The game came to the PC this March, and up to now Ghost Games has been offering free additional updates including new game modes, cars, and patches. Ghost Games also announced that they are working on the next Need For Speed title to be released in The game has made me think about the series and re-examine the series as a whole.

I am a fan of particular time in the Need For Speed series. It would be easy to define the Need for Speed series as just an arcade racing game, but look at its history, and it is evident that the series has undergone several changes in identity- from tone, gameplay, to playstyle.

Need for Speed can mean something different to someone depending on when they experienced the series.

In my mind, I split the Need For Speed game series into eras, and depending on when you were introduced to the franchise makes you a different Need for Speed fan. The more I thought of how to define these eras in my head, the more I thought about the games, and how fun it actually sounds to group the titles together. The Need for Speed series popularised Police Pursuits; events during races in which players would be challenged not only to win the race event, but do so while outrunning Police vehicles and choppers.

This is the series I grew up with, and therefore represents the class of Need For Speed game that I most pine for. As a fan of the games in this era, the Underground era games are the standard in which I hold all other Need For Speed games that have come after in comparison to. Developed by the EA studio Black Box , Need For Speed Underground marked the beginning of a dramatic shift in tone for the franchise that rewrote the definition of the games from Heavily inspired by and capitalizing on the increasingly popularity and appeal of the first three Fast and Furious movies, the series shifted from semi-realistic open track racing to urban, illegal street-racing fantasy that defined the movie franchise.

Racing fast cars for money, pinkslips, and women. The import car and tuning culture that was introduced is evident in game mechanics like car customization and performance upgrading and tuning.

Even to this day, these games and other racing games are still perpetuating the misconceptions of Nitrous Oxide NOS , which I defend as while not realistic, is a great game mechanic. The games even paid homage to the movie series with car designs and skins inspired by cars in Fast and Furious.

From aftermarket body kits, spoilers, rims, decals, and vinyls to the ridiculously out-of-style neon lights and hydraulics, Underground 2 still beats out many of the games which came after it in terms of the sheer number of unique car customization options. Carbon was released in , the same year as Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Carbon featured canyon drifting events, and players could customize the Nissan Z to nearly replicate the look of Takashi aka D. The customization, upgrades, and over-the-top plot in the Underground games made the series seem more than just an arcadey racing game; it was a role-playing game with cars. These games featured a narrative told through the form of in-game cinematics, or in some games, campy FMV Full-Motion Video.

Endearing to me is the fact that the narrative in each game during this era was loosely connected. Underground 2 picked up at least 6 months after the events of Underground and Carbon continued the story after Most Wanted. In Need For Speed Underground you play a nameless, silent street racer who is new to the scene in Olympic City and is shown the ropes by your new friend Samantha who acts as a mentor for the player.

In order to challenge Eddie, the player must win a race against all street racers. The player must even challenge Samantha. The player returns the car to Samantha to make amends before facing Eddie. He receives an invitation from an ominous racer that offers the player a spot in his crew, and will not take no for an answer. The player drives off, headed to a party to celebrate his recent wins when he is suddenly ambushed by a mysterious driver in a black Hummer R2.

If you have seen Fast and Furious 6 or Furious 7 , you know the crash is not an accident. Samantha refers the player to her friend Rachel Teller when he arrives. Rachael hooks the player up with the local race scene, and in particular encourages him to gain enough reputation to enter the exclusive Underground Racing League URL.

As the player wins race events, they begin attracting the attention of investors interested in sponsoring racers in the Underground Racing League. The player will be offered to appear on magazine covers, and gain access to new cars and exclusive upgrades from sponsors after earning enough reputation. Caleb is also revealed as the person driving the black Hummer H2 that ambushed the player back in Olympic City.

Caleb begins sending racers, including members of his crew, at the player. The player defeats each member of The Wraiths, including their best driver, a female driver named Nikki Morris. Nikki later leaves The Wraiths, joins the player, and helps Rachel. This pushes Caleb over the edge. Caleb challenges the player to a winner takes all race, and the loser must leave BayView. While it is established that Underground 1 and 2 narratively are in the same universe, Most Wanted and Carbon likely take place in a different universe.

However, the games are similar in tone and gameplay that categorize them into the same era. The player is introduced to police officer Sergeant Cross. Before Cross can have a chance to apprehend the player, Cross and his partner are called into a police pursuit. Cross lets the player go this time but not before keying his car. The player is helped by fellow street racer Mia Townsend, who is confident that the player can beat Razor. The player challenges Razor to race for pink slips and initially five grand.

Razor response with this infamous line,. Razor and his crew drive off as Cross and police cruisers arrive. The player is left on the side of the street unable to escape; he is arrested by Cross. After some time passes, Mia picks up the player from the police station. The player is released due to a lack of evidence to convict him. Mia sets up the player in a safe house and a new car, which allows him to race against the members of the Blacklist until he can face Razor again.

Eventually the player challenges Razor to a re-match and wins, becoming the 1 racer on the Blacklist. When Razor refuses to admit defeat and return the BMW, Mia physically subdues Razor and reveals herself as an undercover cop. Cross and police units swarm in, arresting Blacklist drivers on the spot.

The player nearly escapes again with the aid of Mia, giving him the keys to the BMW. Cross orders every officer of the Rockport Police Department to pursue the player. The plot is then continued in Need for Speed Carbon. It has been some time since Rockport. Cross was fired from the Rockport Police Department for letting the player escape, and now is a bounty hunter that is after the player.

While trying to outrun Cross, the player crashes into a truck hauling logs. But before Cross can arrest the player, Darius, an old acquaintance of the player, shows up in his Audi Le Mans quattro. Darius pays Cross off in exchange for the player. It is revealed in a flashback why the player was in Rockport in Most Wanted. Prior to Rockport, the player was racing in Palmont City. She seems infuriated to see the player. A little clarification for those reading this, but have never played the games.

There is no evidence that the two characters are related. In my head canon, if Nikki Morris is meant to be the same Nikki in Carbon, it would easily be the link between Underground and Carbon. However, as there is no concrete evidence to support this, it is most likely not the case that these two characters are the same person. Nikki was holding a bag of the prize money to be given to the winner of the street race when the race is suddenly interrupted by the Palmont Police Department, now armed with EMP rifles.

The player realizes the money bag is a dud and drives away into Rockport. Nikki still holds a grudge against the player for bailing and taking the money for himself not knowing the bag did not contain the prize money. The racing scene in Palmont has changed in the time the player was in Rockport.

Several rival racing crews led by Angie, Kenji, and Wolf racers from that night and Darius, are all now competing for control of the city. Each crew currently owns a particular district within Palmont. Darius instructs the player that in exchange for dealing with Cross, the player will need to remove the other crews from the city, and help him regain control. Darius orders Nikki to help the player set up his own crew with a racer named Neville.

The player gains control of the districts from another crew by challenging and defeating their leader in a head to head Canyon race. As the player defeats smaller crews, the members of those crews, including Samson, Yumi, and Colin, will join the player and present their account of what happened on the night the player left Palmont. After claiming the districts from Angie, Kenji, and Wolf, the only remaining crews in control are Darius and the player.

Darius tells the player to meet him at the Palmont courthouse, a ploy by Darius to hand the player to Cross. Darius reveals he was using the player to gain territory for him and arranged a deal with Cross to arrest the player after he reclaimed most of the city.

Darius leaves the player to Cross and drives off. Nikki arrives, and Cross then reveals he is releasing the player as part of an agreement with Nikki. Nikki has pieced together the truth of what happened that night. Darius was responsible for the incident. He had arranged for the cops to be present, and was the one who stole the actual bag of money and framed the player for it. Darius soon discovers that Nikki freed the player from Cross and has defected.

Darius hires Kenji, Angie, and Wolf to his crew to take out the player. After the race a bitter Darius warns the player that there will always be another street racer out there that is faster that will come along to challenge him:. After Tokyo Drift, it would not be for another three years until a new Fast and Furious the 4th installment was released. Having no more movies to base games on, the franchise began its departure from Underground.

The police chases, car customization, open world free roam, and FMV narrative sequences, features which became a staple of previous Need for Speed games, were dialed back, and some of these features were removed altogether in ProStreet. The following year after the poor sales performance of ProStreet, Need for Speed Undercover brought back car tuning, customization, the free roaming open world, and a focus on police chases.

The narrative had the player playing as a undercover cop and featured full live-action cutscenes starring Maggie Q as Inspector Chase Linh.

I Feel the need… The Need For Speed (Examining The Series History and Lore)

Pel Dalton leads an uneventful life. His days are spent bluffing his way through an IT job in the university library, pillow-fighting with his two sons, surviving family outings to the supermarket, and finding new things to argue about with Ursula, his German girlfriend. But things are about to change In this funny tale of love, fatherhood and Anglo-German relations Pel discovers that sometimes the things that drive you crazy can be the only things that can keep you sane.

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Need for Speed: Carbon is a racing video game, and the tenth installment in the Need for Speed series. The game sees players conducting illegal street races within the fictional city of Palmont City, with the game's main story taking place after the events of Need for Speed: Most Wanted and focusing on the player's character taking control of the city from various street-racing gangs. While gameplay is similar to its predecessor, Carbon introduced a number of new features, including crews and racing wingmen, Touge -styled racing events, and greater customization options. Upon the release of Carbon , the game received positive reviews from critics, though faced some criticism over elements of its gameplay mechanics, including its lack of emphasis on police chases than its predecessor.

Nikki is one of the main characters of Need for Speed: Carbon. Prior to the events of Carbon's plot, she was the player 's girlfriend. Nikki was holding onto the prize money in a bag for a race that the player was taking part in against Angie , Wolf and Kenji. Nikki was waiting in the middle of a crowd at the finish line. Before the racers arrived at the finish, the Palmont Police Department ambushed the race. The crowd dispersed with the sudden turn of events, with Nikki getting knocked down by an unknown person, who switched her bag with an identical one. The player drove through the crowd in an attempt to rescue Nikki. She was captured by the police, yet managed to throw the prize money bag into the vehicle. The bag is later revealed to contain newspaper scraps instead of the cash reward.

Ghost Games , the developers behind the most recent Need For Speed initially released on consoles November , have announced that their latest SpeedList update will be their last free content update for the game. The game came to the PC this March, and up to now Ghost Games has been offering free additional updates including new game modes, cars, and patches. Ghost Games also announced that they are working on the next Need For Speed title to be released in The game has made me think about the series and re-examine the series as a whole. I am a fan of particular time in the Need For Speed series.

Trucking is a lonely life for the trucker, as well as for the family and friends.

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Need for Speed is a sports action thriller film directed and co-edited by Scott Waugh and written by George and John Gatins. It is the film adaptation of the racing video game franchise of the same name by Electronic Arts. It tells the story of street racer Tobey Marshall, who sets off to race cross-country as a way of avenging his friend's death at the hands of a rival racer, Dino Brewster. Tobey Marshall is a former race car driver who owns his late father's garage, Marshall Performance Motors, in Mount Kisco, New York where he and his friends tune performance cars. Struggling to make ends meet, he and his crew participate in street races after hours.

'I didn't want to have this conversation in the first place. since we'd practised them, I was impressed at how effortlessly we got up to speed on the old Millington - - ‎Fiction.

Rachel gives the player a tutorial at the beginning of Need for Speed: Underground 2 , which includes how to use the SMS system, minimap and how to access events. She lets the player drive her Nissan Z to meet her at a car dealership. The player can enter two race events, enter outruns and a hidden race in Rachel's car to earn money. Rachel becomes increasingly angrier at the player as they enter events, but she ultimately forgives them upon reaching the car dealership.

Girlfriends is about friendship taking on a new meaning. This book discusses situations you find yourself in as life rolls on, and the involvement and contribution of 3 A. Girlfriends in them. It sheds light on the undeclared, yet, understood ground rules required to maintain such friendships for life.






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