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Normally, the trend to follow is the interbank exchange, where if the INR falls against the dollar, an individual also gets more money for the United Arab Emirates Dirham. There are presently millions of Indians who work in the Arab Emirates and need to remit money home. There has been a constant movement on the higher side for the Dirham against the Indian rupee. We do not see that trend changing in the next few weeks at the very least. The process of converting one form of currency into another country's usable currency is known as currency conversion.

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Convert from Nigerian Naira (NGN) to United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

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Use the buttons below to increase or decrease the text size:. Listen to the content of the page by clicking play on ReadSpeaker.. Top Dubai attractions Find out the best things to do in Dubai. Theme parks in Dubai A world of adventure awaits. One dirham is divided into fils. You are now leaving www. Read Speaker: Listen to the content of the page by clicking play on ReadSpeaker..

Learn more To discover more about accessibility view our Accessibility options. Search: Search. Dubai Currency Converter. Currency Converter. Please enter the Correct value. Please enter the value greater than zero. US Dollar. British Pound Sterling. Australian Dollar. Canadian Dollar. This simple currency converter uses exchange rates that are updated every minute. Did you know? Book now Flights Hotels. City or airport of origin traveller cabin.

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United Arab Emirates dirham

Buy Currency. US dollar to Emirati dirham exchange rates A brief overview of the Emirati dirham and its performance against the US dollar. From USA-U.

The name dirham is an Arabic word. Due to centuries of trade and usage of the currency, dirham survived through the Ottoman Empire. The United Arab Emirates dirham was introduced on 19 May

This post was published by Yash Saboo. View places to visit in Dubai. Read More Dubai Packages. AED 1, onwards.

What Is the Currency in Dubai Called?

Going to travel to Dubai, but not sure which currency to take with you? Find the best currency exchange rates with full chart updated in August The Emirate city has in store a whole world of glitz and glamour at its every nook and corner. Tourists across the world flock in huge numbers to experience the Dubai life and seep in its grandeur boasting of magnificent sky scrapers, traditional souks and extraordinary artificial theme parks. Travelling to an unknown country can be quite challenging considering its culture, climate and specially currency. Not only that the gold souks are loaded with exquisite jewellery which is hard to resist. The city is packed with adventure activities and has few of the best in the world. There could be last moment plans or even an uncontrollable shopping impulse. Thus with so much to do in hand and all the unplanned urges, a lot goes in to planning the cash!

Currency in Dubai - Your Guide to the Dirham, Dubai Currency

It is often presented with the symbol Dhs or DH. The United Arab Emirates Dirham has been used since , when it replaced several currencies, such as the Dubai riyal and the Qatar riyal. The United Arab Emirates dirham is made up of fuloos, which is plural for fils. A fils is also the sub-unit for the Kuwaiti dinars, Iraqi dinars, Bahraini dinars and the Yemeni rial.

If you are traveling to Dubai you might not think of researching Dubai currency before you arrive, and it can save you a bunch of hassle once you arrive in the UAE.

Use the buttons below to increase or decrease the text size:. Listen to the content of the page by clicking play on ReadSpeaker.. Top Dubai attractions Find out the best things to do in Dubai.

What is the Best Currency to Take to Dubai

Notes come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, , , and 1, dirhams. The writing on the front of the note is in Arabic while that on the reverse is English. The dirham to dollar exchange rate is fixed at a rate of 3. Most world currencies are not pegged to the dollar and so their exchange rate with the dirham fluctuates daily.

Do you ever stop and notice the various objects that appear on your UAE dirham coins and notes? The coins in the UAE come in three denominations — the 1 Dirham coin, 50 fils coin and the 25 fils coin. All numbers on the UAE coins are represented in Arabic characters. Here is a closer look at each of the unique symbols on the UAE coins and what they represent. Representing the core of Emirati culture, hospitality for guests, the Dallah coffee pot appears on the most commonly-used denomination of the UAE currency — AED 1 coins. The age-old tradition of welcoming guests with a steaming pot of Arabic coffee and dates is practised among Emirati families till today.

AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)

These chains usually offer the same rates across their outlets. The opening hours of these branches are as same as the mall operating hours. To get you more dirhams for your trip, refer to the below list of the best money changers in Dubai. Al Ansari Exchange opened its first branch in So there is a high chance that you will come across one of them while touring the city and malls.

This site was very interesting in working out the current exchange rate for taxation in Dubai, I highly recommend it as it is quick and easy to use. Alex. Simply.

This currency convertor is up to date with exchange rates from May 12, Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of the currency and press the "convert" button. To show United Arab Emirates Dirhams and just one other currency click on any other currency. The United Arab Emirates Dirham is divided into fils.

Your Guide to Currency in Dubai

Each dirham contains fils. Try to carry smaller notes with you—not only are they handy for tipping, it can be hard to get change of anything larger than a dirham note in taxis and some convenience stores. Since , the United Arab Emirates dirham has been pegged to the U.

Dubai Currency: All you need to know (2019 Update)






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