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Just say hey man nice to meet you

Although straightforward, this expression is a necessary inclusion and is without doubt the most common phrase anyone in Korea will use. There are dozens of variations to account for slightly different situations and levels of respect, which can get fairly complicated for the non-Korean speaker. The trick is to say it quickly and slur the syllables together. Do this and everyone will understand you. Just like its English equivalent, this expression should be used whenever you find yourself suddenly introduced to a new face.

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what is answer of "nice to meet you" ?

YouTube blocked? Click here to see the video. Introducing yourself to a crowd of people, or even just one person, can make anyone nervous. Doing it in a foreign language, even more so. The first thing, of course, is saying your name. This will also help smooth out your speech. All connected. Notice that the stress of the sentence is still making her name the most important part. My name is Hetal. My name is Rachel.

My name is Rachel, Ra-, My name is Rachel. My name is, my name is. If every syllable is the same length, the same volume, the same pitch, then we loose the character of American English, which is based on stressed vs.

The rhythm there is da-DA-DA-da. But my actual name, Rachel, will be more stressed. What is that word? P is a stop consonant. The stop, where the lips come together, tsup, and the release, where the lips part.

Low in pitch, quick, flat, and with a lot of the energy of the voice taken out. You, you, nice to meet you. One is a stop T, because the next word begins with a consonant sound. Meet you, meet you. I cut off the airflow in my throat to stop the sound, to signify the T. Meet you. The other way of making the T is to make it a CH sound. In closing, here is one more introduction conversation I had with a great guy I met in LA named Zachary.

So you must be a YouTuber. Make videos for kids. You must have a lot of subscribers. It was great to meet you. Thanks so much to all the wonderful people who were in this video. To learn more about them and their YouTube channels, follow the links in the video or in the video description. Practice your English. Make a video introducing yourself, and post it as a video response to this video on YouTube. Or, just introduce yourself in the comments.

Nice to Meet Ya (Meghan Trainor song)

YouTube blocked? Click here to see the video. Introducing yourself to a crowd of people, or even just one person, can make anyone nervous. Doing it in a foreign language, even more so.

Actually, this common phrase is actually only ever used in one very specific situation — the very first time that you meet someone. How was the experience? Obviously, they may check and ask for clarification since this is not an entirely logical sentence.

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“Nice to Meet You” Quotes to Share on Social Media

This greeting is not used in American English, it was only ever used in British English, although nowadays it seems to be nearly extinct! It is better to say that you are also happy to meet the other person. If you say you are glad that the other person is happy to meet you, it could make you seem quite arrogant! E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another. You entered an incorrect username or password. Sign in. Log into your account.

15 Korean Phrases You Need to Know

Make use of a perfect tutor to reach your goal faster. I know I can answer with same here or and thing else but just help me choose between this two. Nice to meet you. If you respond by saying "me too", you are saying that you just met yourself, too. That would be silly : -Malcolm Mallard.

In Turkish, how to say hi is simply a matter of knowing which phrase to use and where to use it. In no time at all you can become such a confident Turkish speaker that you could walk into a smoky, dimly lit coffee shop in Istanbul and say hello in Turkish to a group of elderly gentlemen playing backgammon….

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Hello, Nice To Meet You

You've met another Japanese-speaking person. Time to introduce yourself. But how do you say "Pleased to meet you" in Japanese? It means that you are looking forward to having a good relationship with someone.

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Other Ways to say Nice to Meet You 🤗🤩😍

The track was released on January 31, , as the third single from the album. Music critics were mixed in their reception of the song. It also charted in Scotland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Mathew Cullen directed the music video for "Nice to Meet Ya", which was inspired by Working Girl , and featured Trainor performing dance routines with her female co-workers, and a pink-haired Minaj. Meghan Trainor delayed her August scheduled third major-label studio album, Treat Myself , to January 25, , because she wanted to add more songs to it, and removed it from iTunes that month. Trainor stated in a January interview that Treat Myself would be an attempt to make a pop record that feels relevant in an era when hip-hop reigns, adding that she had written four albums worth of material trying to adapt to new trends in the music industry. According to Trainor, Minaj took the song to an "I'm a boss" level, and it felt "really awesome to be supported like that by awesome legends". On January 22, , Trainor began teasing the track by using the shaking-hands emoji as a placeholder for it on the track list of its parent album.

Here are 15 of the most important Korean phrases you'll need to survive in Korea. Hello. Although straightforward, this expression is a necessary inclusion and is Nice to meet you. 많이 드세요 – Man-hee deu-se-yo – Have a great meal. Just as you said the previous phrase before the meal, use this one following.

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A good conversation in English or any language requires some back and forth. To speak English fluently , we need to know different ways to say things, but we also need to know how to respond or react. Conversation is like tennis.

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I found that some Spanish teching book use "Encantado or Encantada" in the meaning of "It's nice to meet you" instead of "Igualmente or Mucho gusto" Anyone can tell me how different between "Mucho gusto" "Igualmente" and "Encantado or Encantada"???




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