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Is elsa going to have a girlfriend in frozen 2

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While there will be a few new characters joining the awesome five-some, fans have been curious for years now to know if Elsa would come out of the closet in Frozen 2 and have a girlfriend. Several social media users have been campaigning that Elsa should get a girlfriend in Frozen 2. The campaign, which began in , gained momentum when the first Frozen 2 trailer released. Fans believed the voice Elsa followed was leading to a possible love interest. However, to break your hearts, Elsa is not getting a girlfriend in the Disney animated movie.

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Does Elsa Have a Girlfriend in ‘Frozen 2’?

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Seriously, how did this take so long?! The second installment will bring back all our favorite characters: Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and, of course, Elsa herself. The new film apparently explores how Elsa got her magical ice queen powers. Also, there are rumors of a proposal, but no promises.

One of the biggest theories surrounding Frozen 2 is that Elsa has a girlfriend, which would be iconic, to say the least. The hashtag inspired more people to speak out in favor of a same-sex relationship for the beloved character. GiveElsaAGirlfriend because half of Frozen is one big metaphor for being in the closet, getting outed, and coming to terms with yourself Unfortch, these claims were based on nothing but the fact that there was a new female character and that Elsa is a strong, independent woman without a boyfriend or love interest in the original movie.

Which we can all agree would be amazing. Well, not really. And honestly, not having a love interest is what made her so badass in the first place. Huge stan. Frozen 2 premieres Friday, November 22, so prepare to beat all children to the front of that line.

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Frozen 2: Does Elsa have a girlfriend in Frozen sequel? Director Jennifer Lee spills the beans

The trailer for Frozen 2 features two new characters but who are they? Fans have several theories about their identity including the possibility that the girl will end up being Elsa's girlfriend. There's drama, there's darkness, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are there but without the fun and kooky japes of the first movie. Elsa is back too and most importantly of all Around 1 minute 20 seconds into the trailer, we catch a glimpse of a girl with brown hair, surrounded by leaves before a guy with blonde hair comes shooting out from the ground.

Seriously, how did this take so long?! The second installment will bring back all our favorite characters: Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and, of course, Elsa herself.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Frozen 2. But in , Frozen 's Elsa made history when she became the first Disney princess to remain single throughout the film. Though her relationship status felt like a positive statement—the ice-wielding character comes to own her wintery powers and reconnects with her sister instead of pursuing true love— Frozen fans still wondered: Is she seeing anybody? After GetElsaAGirlfriend went viral in , rumors began that hinted Elsa's future love interest would make Disney history. Below, everything to know about the princess's relationship status in the new sequel.

Frozen 2 trailer: Does Elsa have a girlfriend in Frozen 2? Kristen Bell responds

Frozen 2 is here to revive the fandom of the singing ice princess and 'Let it Go' playing on loop. Disney's separate fan base has been ready for the film since when the first instalment released in theatres. Just as soon as the first trailer dropped earlier this year in February, fans already got down to speculating the plot. The most popular speculation was that Elsa will have a girlfriend in Frozen 2. And now, we finally have an answer to that question from director Jennifer Lee herself. For the uninitiated, Elsa stans want the grown-up character to find a love interest and they spotted a character to theorize around. And the immediate reaction was this -. To buffer the disappointment here, it isn't what you expect:. She was still getting used to the fact that people were accepting her and she still had so many questions about her powers. The big thing with this film is that this woman is carrying the weight of the kingdom on her shoulders and is wrestling with this extraordinary power.

Is Elsa going to have a girlfriend in Frozen 2? A new character has sparked a huge theory

In that very last shot of the film, what we'll say, is she is just happy. She's truly free. Skip navigation! Story from Movies. She'll tell us where to go.

Frozen 2 fans have been running to watch the next film in the Disney franchise after its release in cinemas, and now its release on DVD and to download.


Does Elsa Have a Girlfriend In ‘Frozen 2’? Director Jennifer Lee Spills Details!




Sep 7, - Elsa will not have a girlfriend in Frozen 2, confirms film's songwriter the origin of Elsa's powers (and more!), it looks like Elsa isn't going to be.








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