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How to get my girlfriend into gaming

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I aim to please. So, by popular demand , this week's column is about getting your wife or live-in girlfriend to enjoy playing MMOs with you. This advice will only apply to women who are non-gamers. And getting guys to play video games has historically been an easier task. Also, this is directed toward those who are sharing the same living space and expenses because you may not want to be spending a grand or more on outfitting the girl who turns out to be the one before you meet Ms. The Preparation Phase Step 1 in turning your wife into your gaming partner is to ask yourself some preparatory questions.

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Tips for getting my girlfriend into gaming?

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My girlfriend has recently stuck her feet into the pool of gaming so to speak, and is splashing around a bit. She started off by watching me play Witcher 3 and was really into that but when I offered to let her play for a bit to walk around Novigrad and talk to people for example she declined and said she liked to watch me play it more. I did some research for local co-op games we could both play together and game across Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Trine 1 and 2 etc she very much enjoyed those.

But now I would like suggestions for good offline singleplayer games for her to play on her own on her laptop. Games that have a good singleplayer experience, and ones that aren't hard or confusing for players new to video games. Adventure and visual novel games is probably the best way to get into it on steam I recommend Life is Strange and To the Moon, they're my favourites.

She may like Stardew Valley, though I never played it. I would recommend the early Final Fantasy games too, I wouldn't say they're too hard in terms of movement lol.

I would not recommend Ori. This game gets really hard and for a beginner may be the last game they ever tried ti play. When I started playing games, my first one was Limbo. I really loved playing it, because it is fairly easy to play. There is also Lumino City, pretty cute game. Raymon Legends is a good game too. Actually, maybe she will like Game of Thrones - Telltale Game. It does not require any particular skills, and the story is pretty good. Be the way, congratulations! It is pretty cool when people play games together.

Couple who play together, stay together :D. I'm recently trying to do the same thing as you op although my gf is less interested in gaming in general than yours. But its a game you can basically download on any mobile device for free in this time period. I know Bejewelled is the original, but it gets boring fast. I think also that the majority of match-3 games gets boring fast. But I have played Bejeweled 3 myself and I think that it stands out from the vast majority of these type of games, as it has a lot of different modes and, surprisingly, depth - at least for such a sub-genre.

She enjoyed them we finished hammerwatch twice, with different chars. Also risk of rain is nice in Co-op. It's simple and easy to get into but it's pretty hard to master for non-gamers.. Psychonauts nearly turned my ex into a bigger gamer than I am. Because it's cute and smart, and still an insanely good game. Okay let me try again. I didnt win with Rocket League here so.

Road not Taken - a roguelike game with cute characters. If you are familiar with this genre you can recommend it as much as I do Magicka - is coop, and stupid af Defense Grid - awesome tower defense game, one of the best on Steam in my opinion Plague Inc: Evolved - it was a mobile game, Steam version is great!

Miltiplayer, steam workshop and custom scenarions. Yay for that Apotheon - 2D game, nice art. Deponia series, Lego games for playing together, Dust : an elysian tale Edit: I can't really vote because I am a girl and I have a boyfriend who plays games as well :. I pulled my GF into videogames via Minecraft.

It amazed her, and she was pretty into it. We also enjoyed playing it together. I really want to play Don't Starve Together with my bf. When I see it on a sale I'm gonna get it:D. I don't know if it has already been suggested, but my gf loves playing Rocket League with me, she proposes to play it herself. Devil May Cry 4. Show her pretty boys spinning in the air, while pretty gurls singing :3 And then turn on DMD Discussions Off Topic Games to get your girlfriend into gaming.

I did some research for local co-op games we could both play together and game across Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Trine 1 and 2 etc she very much enjoyed those But now I would like suggestions for good offline singleplayer games for her to play on her own on her laptop. Comment has been collapsed. Do you have a girlfriend that is into video games? View Results. OMD 2. We played several games together: Terraria - "But what's the point of this game?

Not much replay value though, Lethal League - we had some fun, she even managed to beat me once. A good game, but like a 0,5h gameplay at a time and the servers are empty : Pid - She really liked the cutesy art style and the coop value, we'll finish it at some point. Left 4 Dead 2 - Only on easy difficulty and we'd still get wrecked.

Also, almost rage quitted when I started bashing her with a gun during an elevator ride "omg how could you hit me". In the end, lots of fun. That's a bad idea. Who's going to wash the dishes and change diapers? No one mentioned Bejeweled, huge success. The Sims 3 is perfect for getting into gaming.

It's fun, addictive, yet casual. But it would be way more interesting to get her into Undertale. Portal 2 in co-op. This comment was deleted 1 year ago. When I am playing turn base game with my bf I'm always waiting for him. Do girls like terraria? Try Deponia. Only then she will know how good you are for her What does "girlfriend" mean? Is it a new app? All the LEGO games are awesome for casual gamers. Confirmed with 4 GFs. Guitar Hero series.

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How to Get Your Girlfriend into Video Games [7 Easy Steps]

So my girlfriend has been really trying to get into games. She loves the idea of playing them and always wants to watch me play but she has problems playing them herself. Problem is she's just aaaaawful at them, just can't seem to get the hang of navigating in a 3D space,, and anything that really requires quick reflexes usually becomes very frustrating. My question is have anyone else had any luck finding good games to start their non gaming partners, friends, family out on.

For as long as I've written about video games 80 years , I've been getting the same messages in my inbox every February. They have subjects like "Getting your girl in on the game," and come loaded with lots of statistics about how many women like games a lot and ideas about how games can be a fun, sexy thing to do with your partner. And yes, a lot of women do play video games , and there are plenty of good games to play with a partner.

Davin Loh, a freelance writer from Chicago, has been down that road. Many games have a cooperative mode, where you and a buddy can tackle missions as a duo. Heck, you can even ask her to be your wingman, said Phillips. So, what are some other good games for noobs? Some are just online versions of offline games, such as poker and Sudoku, and still others are variations of well-known themes, such as match games and hidden-object puzzles.

Games to get your girlfriend into gaming

Pretty self-explanatory from the title! With all the E3 stuff going on at the moment and my girlfriend showing slightly more interest than normal , I was wondering if anyone's got any tips or recommendations for things to try together? So I'm a woman who is a gamer. I obviously don't know your girlfriend at all so my assessment could be completely wrong. I looked at the games in that article and most of them aren't really to my taste. You could start super simplistic like that or give games with a good story a try. But what I've found and this applies to me personally is that women love games with story. We want characters we can root for.

My one secret trick for getting my girlfriend into PC gaming: do nothing

The games that got her into gaming were the ones she chose for herself. Perhaps related to this, her grade point average was nearly two points higher than mine throughout high-school and college. Her disinterest was down to a difference in character, which was one of the reasons we were together. A couple autumns later, however, she saw me spend a week totally absorbed in Grim Fandango.

My girlfriend has recently stuck her feet into the pool of gaming so to speak, and is splashing around a bit.

I mean, that article is…bad. Also, sometimes people just bounce off. Nothing sucks the joy out of something more than being pushed into it begrudgingly. She loves a good story and grew up on things like Avatar, Harry Potter, Disney, etc.

Gamer Interrupted: How to turn your wife into a gamer

There are a fair number of things in this world that annoy the snot out of me. Why would you date this person? But Bejeweled is a casual game!

Many men will be forced, at some point, to part with their beloved game console by supreme order of their female companions. Make gaming an activity you both enjoy! Note: there are no guarantees that she will enjoy it. Don't be mad at her if she doesn't. To get your girlfriend to play video games, first offer to do something she enjoys — like going to see a romantic movie — in exchange for playing video games with you. For example, if she likes teamwork, pick a co-op game.

From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism

Gaming can be a difficult hobby to maintain if your new or existing partner does not share your passion. I recently spoke with some of my female friends about what they really thought of gamers. You need to offer your own time to an activity that might not particularly interest you but she really enjoys. Tell her that you want to share your hobby with her and would be interested in participating in one of hers. Offer to do her hobby first, and be willing to participate in it for at least as long as you want her to game with you.

Aug 12, - You may have been gaming for a decade or more and have built up a mindset and reflexes on how to jump into new games and perform really.

You play games, but your significant other does not. To relax after work, you load up Overwatch on the living room Xbox. Your beau, on the other hand, wants to cook dinner with you. An hour watching you gun down virtual enemies is, to them, the definition of boring—even disrespectful of their time.

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