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How to get a girlfriend at a party

So, just remember this…. Simply by accepting yourself as one of the cool people at the party, the cool crowd will accept you too. Then, when women see that happening, they will feel more attracted to you and will want to talk to you. Parties are an awesome place to talk to girls because girls are usually already in a great mood, hoping to have a fun time and maybe even meet a guy. However, to be successful, you must first make sure that you understand and avoid these common mistakes that guys make when trying to talk to girls and parties.


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How to Talk to Girls at Parties: Mistakes to Avoid

Party girls are fun, but can be real handfuls. Want to date one anyway? While I was visiting my hometown after a long tour through Europe, I decided to hit up an ex-girlfriend.

Since our sex was always great, we stayed friends after multiple breakups We spent the next week matching with girls on Tinder and contacting anyone we knew. We had a few YESs, but they fell through for some reason or another. Those were nice. Eventually, the night came and we decided to go out and find our prey together.

We meet up, shag a few times, drink a bit, then head out to the bars. We talk to a few girls and both make out with some and almost pull , but half way through our second pull attempt, she starts getting super aggressive with the girl.

After this scene, I watch her stumble up to random girls and get totally blown out. She comes back to me, defeated. I laugh.

Then, I look into her eyes. Long story short, we both lose our shit, get into a fight, and suffer through a silent Uber ride back to her place well None of this surprised me, it just sucked. So, after she drove me home, we traded some texts and decided in a not-so-pleasant way that we should no longer be friends.

This is nothing new. I should have known better. Our relationship was a constant stream of drama, jealousy wars, and overindulgence in drugs and alcohol. Upon reflection of this event and our past relationships, I thought about what I did right and what I did wrong. There is simply no upside at all unless you enjoy random spikes of ridiculous drama and sexual competition. The real problem is People party to hide from their problems or to supplement their boring lifestyle with which they are unsatisfied.

If a girl parties regularly, then it means she feels she is lacking in some way. So she fills herself with alcohol, drugs, and dick. Consequently, then, these girls are very fun. For those who wish to date a party girl despite me seriously telling you not to, this is how you do it. Get as ripped or big as you can. Learn how to dress so well that you impress even models with your fashion.

Have a sleeve of tattoos drilled into your skin. Always have a stylish haircut. Take care of your skin. Train your fundamentals hard. If you see other guys in the club who are more stoic, sultry, or socially successful than you, you need to work harder.

Winners also become well-renowned and are recognized as winners so long as they market themselves properly. Winners are usually aggressive , push through resistance , and are confident in their abilities or confident that they can learn anything with patience and practice. Depends on how good you want to be. The more valuable you are, the more a girl will want to hold on to you.

Girls who party a lot are usually also very status-obsessed. If they can be seen at the hottest club, with the hottest friends, in the most fashionable dress, the more satisfied they feel. They want to be seen by the highest quality men, so that these men will seek them out. Most of the time, then, you need to be boning her like that big burly douche at the club did a few years ago — hard and fast.

She wants men to stretch her pussy out and then cover her cervix in hot cum, not slow-shag her while some Drake song plays. If you want to date a party chick, you should lean more toward the asshole side of behavior , even if you have reached the level of genuine man. If guys try to tool you, put them in their place , fast.

She cannot see you act submissive around another man, even a little bit. If a guy tries to talk to your girl, and her behavior goes from friendly and sociable to overly flirty and suggestive, ignore her; go flirt with other women , and then tell her that this behavior is not okay. Punish her with no sex for a while and let her know that she needs to make up for her behavior.

One step away from a cuckold is what. But how oh how do you balance being stoic with also having self-respect and not letting someone jock on your girl? You need to be doing this too. If so, you need to be approaching and flirting with other chicks, perhaps even in front of her. She needs to know that you have abundance, not just some vague sense of it. Women care about precedent , but more than that, they care about the present. I would also suggest that you continue to sleep with other women.

Of course, if you take the cheating route, there is the chance that if she finds out, she will cheat back in revenge. Sow what you reap and all that. You might even be sleeping with other women which will make her mad but also get her wet as hell.

This is one mistake I made with my past relationships with party girls. If your girlfriend parties without you, be sure that she is going to be approached. Your game? How amazing you are? Does this seem territorial and possessive? Otherwise, expect snakes. Am I being cynical and dark?

I love women and believe in the goodness of men and women alike, but I also recognize our capacity for stupidity, irresponsibility, and malice. If you need a refresher in that, watch the news. Or more on the romantic side of things, get good at game and see how many girlfriends you can dance with, grope, kiss, and sleep with. Women who party like extremes. They like extreme highs and extreme lows. Stability is mind-numbing to them. Thus, they love the extremes of masculinity as well.

Gushy and romantic behavior is feminine. Otherwise, gushiness is a bit too feminine for party girls, even the more conservative ones. This is a rule you should always follow, but for the love of Casanova, do not push for monogamy with a girl who parties.

They party to feel wild and free. Even if she agrees and seems excited to agree, her lifestyle is an obvious testament to her preference for liberation.

Let them be what they are. Have fun with them, love them, and admire them, but do not try and tame them. There are other girls who desire that more. You should have her pushing hard for monogamy before you give it to her. If she has to give you threesomes, do the most depraved sexual favors for you, or even let you have other women in your life explicitly After he pulled her away from yet another horny suitor at the club, Jared decided it was time to take things to the next stage.

Do you understand? I have tested this somewhat by telling girls that their pussy is mine without explicitly demanding commitment, and they usually give me quasi-commitment and show heightened interest, devotion, and arousal. Speaking of which She wants the extremes in life, so give them to her. Be wild. Be unpredictable.

Be an asshole. Be a lover. Give her a story that would rival even the greatest romance novels. Dominate her party harder than her, screw more than her, shag her better than anyone ever has, etc. Domesticate her get her so in love that she parties rarely, if at all Well, first off, all women you date are trying to domesticate you.

Why do you think they want to move in with you, marry you, or have kids? They want to keep you! Domesticating her, however?

How to Date a Party Girl (If You So Dare)

How to pick up girls at a party you ask? Outside of a bar or a club, one of the most socially acceptable places to talk to and pick up girls is at a party. Still, there are some minor differences that you should be aware of.

Parties aren't the only places you can meet older women at but they're one of the more rewarding. Fact is, it can be difficult to meet women at parties and seduce them. Especially if you're not familiar with the social dynamics involved.

Party girls are fun, but can be real handfuls. Want to date one anyway? While I was visiting my hometown after a long tour through Europe, I decided to hit up an ex-girlfriend. Since our sex was always great, we stayed friends after multiple breakups

How To Get A Girl At A Party Without Being A Natural Ladies Man

Social gatherings can be enough to inspire worry or self-consciousness for a lot of guys, even if the party is small or the company sophisticated. Parties are, for the most part, a blend of the familiar and the unknown. They provide an excellent forum for you to practice casually engaging with the opposite sex in a relatively low-risk way, and offer less pressure than bars or clubs. Be in the moment, be present, be relevant and it will feel completely natural. All that anxiety and tense will fade away once you stop stressing over what to say. Many shy men suffer from approach anxiety, in fact, this is where the problem stems from. Right from the start you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How To Talk To Girls At Parties: Without Fail, No Exceptions

I want to explain this topic in depth because I get asked some variation of the following question several times per week: How do I get laid at a party? How to get a girl at a party? How do I hook up with lots of women at parties? How to get off with someone at a party? And so on and so forth.

Parties are one of the best places to meet women, especially for those that are not of legal drinking age.


How to Pick Up a Girl at a Party



How to Get Laid at a Party and Why Most Guys Don’t


At a party, girls want to have fun and talk to cool, accepted people so make sure that Sometimes, a girl might talk to a nervous guy to see how it goes, but if she.








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