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How to find a phone with the number

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There can be numerous occasions when you need to locate someone. However, the sad part is that the majority of the time you have to find someone only at the time of an emergency. In case you are not able to find someone or track their current location even at the hour of emergency, then you have to be cautious about it and take some necessary action. Speaking of taking a necessary action, the first thing you ought to know is the cell phone number of the person you are trying to locate.

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How To Track A Phone Number: The Definitive Guide

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You never have to use your own phone number, right? Fortunately, there is a way to view the phone number assigned to your Android phone within the settings.

The location may vary depending on your version of the Android OS. For many versions, you can use these steps. Your phone number should be displayed on the screen. There may be a problem with your account or your SIM card was not inserted properly. Try ejecting and re-seating the SIM card.

Otherwise, contact your wireless provider. I had my number for 19 years, and vodacom deleted my profile after I made a payment and did arrangements of paying. Actually, in my case everything failed. Not surprising, as it is a US Toll-free number! Luckily I had Whatsapp and Viber installed on the phone. The profile page faithfully displays my number. Very helpful. Worked for me. This is what worked: 1.

Settings 2. About phone 3. Status 4. Sim Status. My phone number on the bottom…. Also, the number worked: Option 1, says phone number unknown Option 2, no such option Option 3, nonexistent phone number. Thanks Mitch! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Option 1 The location may vary depending on your version of the Android OS. Some versions of Android display the phone number on this screen. If not, proceed to step 3. I went to vodacom numerous times and mailed legal alot. I bought a new sim card but the my phone number was still unknown. How am i suppose to do??? If your number says unknown it could also be because you have a new sim and its on carrier lock. Did this help?

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How to find a lost phone

Discover the best method to learn track phone number location online for free. We will guide how you can easily track a cell phone for free online by using 3 online websites and 3 third-party apps. This article also gives you information on FamiSafe to master free cell phone tracking online. Some of us have many reasons for searching free cell phone tracking online. In some circumstances that we want to know the exact location of a cell phone number.

From time to time, some employers might want to use this method to check on their employees to make sure they are doing their job on-the-field. Believe or not, there are plenty of free number lookup services available on the internet and even on your Apps Store.

Open your Settings. Tap About phone. Tap Status. Tap SIM Status.

Here’s How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Losing your smartphone can evoke existential panic — way beyond losing your wallet or house keys. The idea of a stranger accessing this personal information is chilling. And yet, people lose their smartphones every day. There are plenty of ways to retrieve your missing phone. Read how this filmmaker spied on a thief to find out. If you happen to lose track of your iOS or Android smartphone, both Apple and Google feature built-in phone retrieval technology as part of the native software package that works via your device account. For Android devices, this is your Google account, and for iPhones, this is your iCloud account. Both allow you to remotely lock and wipe your phone, make it ring, and set up special messages to alert whoever finds it.

Android: Find Your Phone Number

Also register complaint against any mobile number in reputation and monitoring section. Tracing the mobile number location is free of cost and also we don't collect or store any personal information. This service is applicable to all states in India and union territories. There are thousands of users satisfied with Findandtrace. We offer one of the best tracking solution among other tracking services in India.

You never have to use your own phone number, right? Fortunately, there is a way to view the phone number assigned to your Android phone within the settings.

Looking up your phone number in iOS is easy and convenient because most iOS users are running the same version. There are two ways you can easily locate your phone number: The Contacts app or in the settings. There may be some variations in the steps you need to take for finding your own phone number on Android. So there are bound to be different interfaces depending on which device you use and which version of the OS you run.

How to Track a Phone Number Location Online for Free

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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Well, then it becomes a lot tougher. This kind of information is generally kept private and is closely guarded. If you really need to call someone, you may be stuck asking for their phone number directly. If you know the person on Facebook, you could message them and ask them for their number. For example, if you desperately needed to get in contact with someone, you might try finding a friend or relative on Facebook or in the White Pages and asking that person for their phone number.

Easy Guide: How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Learn how to track a phone number with these simple tricks. You can know the GPS coordinates of a phone number within seconds. These apps are made for tracking people you know. The great thing about them is the peace of my mind you experience on knowing where your friends and family are! Image Source. Becoming a member of the service allows you to get a more detailed report on the whereabouts of the cell phone. You could try and search a service like Whitepages. By entering a number through this service, you can track the home address associated with the phone number, pretty useful in case GPS tracking fails.

Jul 22, - Just sign into Facebook, head to the person's profile page, and click About > Contact and Basic Info. Under Contact Information, you'll see their.








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