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How to find a person by passport number in india

COVID update: Due to international courier restrictions in certain countries the delivery of urgent passports overseas may take longer than expected. For more information please go to courier fees. Almost everyone can do this from anywhere in the world. No paper, postage or visits to our office. Check if you can - it takes less than a minute. You need your previous passport if you have one , the details of a person who is your referee, a photo, and a credit card.

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Passport Collection Procedure

The High Commission of India offers Passport services as detailed hereunder. Please click on the desired service for details:. After completing application online, please print the filled form. Submit the completed form to the High Commission along with relevant documents and fees.

For step-by-step guide, please click here. Emergency certificate is a one-way travel-one-time document, which is issued to Indian nationals who do not hold valid Indian passports and need to travel back to India. It is usually issued to persons detained by New Zealand authorities who are to be deported back to India and to Indian nationals who wish to travel to India on an emergency basis. The following documents will be required for this purpose:. The processing times mentioned below are indicative only.

Please keep in mind that incomplete applications will lead to a delay in the processing of an application, and all applicant s are requested to comply with any changes that may occur during this time. Holidays, business trips, confirmed bookings made before obtaining passport do not qualify as emergencies and will not be treated as such. Emergencies by definition refer to unexpected urgent situation. Emergency applications must be supported by documentary evidence.

Designed by Jadon Webtech Pvt Ltd. Passport Services. Your passport can be impounded or revoked by the Government of India under the provisions of the Passports Act, , in which event you will have to surrender the passport to the nearest Indian Mission.

A passport should not be sent out of any country by post. Please check with your courier company regarding delivery status of your application. Processing time of applications is reckoned from the date of receipt of completed application forms at High Commission of India.

A new passport can be applied for immediately on expiry, or up to one year before expiry, of any passport, which had an initial validity of ten years. Normally, it takes upto 15 working days to process and issue a new passport.

The issuance of a new passport in lieu of a passport issued by passport issuing authority other than this High Commission depends on the clearance from the passport issuing authority, from where the existing passport was issued.

First Passport for a Child born in New Zealand. A child born in New Zealand on or after Parents of the child have to submit a declaration that the child does not hold passport of another country. Please do not send the application via ordinary post.

Before making any status enquiry about the application please check with the courier service whether the application has been delivered to our office. Interview with Passport Officer may be required on case to case basis. Reissue of passport for children under age of 15 years. Passport Online Application should be accurately filled.

Click here for mode of payments. All the submitted passports will be returned after re-issue of new passport. In case of Change in Address please attach any one of the following: a. Following is mandatory, if the passport has expired more than one year ago.

Letter from applicant giving reason for not renewing the passport within a year of date of expiry. Reissue of passport for children aged between 15 to 18 years. Reissue of passport for applicants over 18 year of age. Please paste one photo on the Passport application. Please paste one photo on the Personal Particular form. Reissue of passport in lieu of lost passport. Reissue of passport in lieu of damaged passport. Applicants may apply for re-issue of valid passport for change in appearance subject to personal interview with the passport officer, wherever required.

This will also apply to SIKH applicants who intend to go for re-issue of valid passport, renewal of passport due to change of appearance form turbanised photograph to clean shaven photograph and vice versa. Reissue of passport in case of marriage, remarriage or divorce:. Reissue of passport to the applicants in case name change except marriage, remarriage or divorce. Name change Advertisement in a leading Indian newspaper Please send full page of the newspaper.

No photocopies or cuttings are acceptable. Name change Advertisement in a leading New Zealand newspaper Please send full page of the newspaper. Emergency Certificate. Application Form duly completed and signed. Specifications for the Passport photos. The skin tone should be natural. In case of over-exposure or under-exposure of the photo, the skin is either too dark or too light, photo will not be acceptable;.

Prescription glasses if worn should be clear and thin framed and should not have flash reflection or obscure the eyes;. Head coverings, hair, head-dress or facial ornaments should not obscure the face;. For detailed photo specifications, kindly go to the link photo guidelines. You are requested to make your travel arrangements only after receiving relevant service.

Processing time of applications is calculated from the date of receipt of application at the High Commission. Annexure and additional forms. Checklist for Reissue of passport. All Rights Reserved. Go to Navigation. Re-issue of passport ordinary 36 pages. Re-issue of passport jumbo booklet 60 pages. Re-issue of passport of Child upto 15 years.

Issue of fresh passport to a child born in New Zealand including Birth registration. This service has been suspended w. Subject to confirmation of passport particulars and identity of the applicant.

Passport & Visa

An Indian passport is issued by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs to Indian citizens for the purpose of international travel. It enables the bearer to travel internationally and serves as proof of Indian citizenship as per the Passports Act Indian passports are issued at 93 passport offices located across India and at Indian diplomatic missions abroad.

Need a Passport. Already Have a Passport.

In case a registered OCI has obtained a new passport, it is important to carry the old passport containing the U Visa sticker, the new passport and the OCI document, during all visits to India. Accordingly, each time a new passport is issued to an OCI holder, it has to be captured on the registration certificate and visa. This would require re-issuance of OCI registration certificate and visa each time a new passport is issued. However, as the major benefit of OCI Scheme is life long visa to visit India, problems arise each time a new passport is issued. In some countries old passports are not returned.

How to Find a Passport Number

After having tracked online whether your passport is ready for collection, you can collect your passport in person at the end of the visa application process. Please note that in order to collect your passport in person you need to bring your ID and the Payment Receipt given to you during the submission which will be collected from you as a proof of delivery of your passport. Please click here for passport collection times in the Visa Application Center for Greece of your choice. If collecting in person is not possible, you may authorize another person to collect your passport on your behalf. Following refusal notification procedure, kindly note than in such case applicant is contacted by VAC manager and passport must collected by the applicant in person. In case of visa refusal, authorisation letter for passport collection does not apply. Upon collection of passports, applicants are advised to immediately check that the visa granted meets their intended travel schedule and that all the information it contains is correct. As soon as you receive your short-stay visa, make sure that all the information it contains is correct.

Passport Collection Procedure

Embassy of Spain in Madrid building friendly relations between the two countries and is responsible for all consular services. This embassy, consular services, embassy officials, the consulate of Spain, the Diaspora all the information is provided. User can also get Indian visas, passports, PIO card, visa application and other information about the services. Passport office of Shimla is responsible for passport related formalities in in Himachal Pradesh. Information on instructions to fill passport forms, affidavits, passport application forms, fee structure, tatkaal scheme, penalties, etc.

The High Commission of India offers Passport services as detailed hereunder.

A national identification number , national identity number , or national insurance number is used by the governments of many countries as a means of tracking their citizens , permanent residents , and temporary residents for the purposes of work, taxation, government benefits , health care, and other governmentally-related functions. The number appears on identity documents issued by several countries. The ways in which such a system is implemented vary among countries, but in most cases citizens are issued an identification number upon reaching legal age, or when they are born.

Indian passport

The passport number is printed on the first page near the owner's photo. Just when you have your Social Security number memorized, you start getting asked for other long lines of digits and characters that have been assigned to you, like your passport number. You'll need it to fill in those airline forms when you are arriving at your destination or returning home.

A person who has not attained the age of 18 years is considered as minor. Parents should not sign on the behalf of the children. In case of minor applicants, parents should NOT sign in the box. It should have plain light color background not white without the border with front view of person's head and shoulders showing the full face in middle of the photograph. It should not be stapled and not have any signature. Photographs that do not conform to these standards will be rejected and may cause a delay in processing the applications.

U.S. Passports


A national identification number, national identity number, or national insurance number is The document is required to apply for a passport, car learner's license (over 17), A South African person identification number is a digit number containing only numeric This program is designed on the basis of UIDAI of India.








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