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Good looking guy not getting tinder matches

Understand that — to all these girls on Tinder — you are nothing except these few pictures on a screen. Bad lighting and selfie distortion can easily throw your proportions totally out of whack. So why not make some tweaks that are proven to make girls like your Tinder profile pics more? Selfies lie about what you look like. They distort your features so your forehead, nose, or chin are every-so-subtley out of proportion. In my experience, girls who are related to you will love to do this.

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No matches on Tinder? This “trick” will help you change that

Normally, men need only to make basic changes and improve their approach to score with attractive women. Chicks dig guys with good smiles. Luckily for men, there are braces and teeth whiteners out there if their grill needs an overhaul. Once the teeth are in good shape, work on the smile in the mirror. The 1 biggest reason men get no matches on Tinder is their photos. Have you ever wondered why girls almost never look as good as in their photos?

They are the masters of alteration. Only top-tier girls can pull off a blank Tinder bio, and half the time, those girls are Tinder bots anyway. Then he schemes desperate guys into signing up for dating sites. Most girls get grossed out by guys who talk about sex. There are much better ways to filter out the girls who are looking for fun they do exist. Get her excited before escalating.

She needs some build up before the play goes down. I like music, art, and the gym. Without Tinder Plus, men will never get anywhere. You can read my full Tinder Plus review here to see why I love it so much.

Just imagine the damage men can do in a place like NYC with unlimited swipes. There are enough women there for everyone. This is for the guys who live in the middle of nowhere. Chances are if you know everyone in the tiny town you live in, you will have trouble finding any girls on Tinder. The only solution is to move to a city. One of the reasons I have so much success is that I move between different cities. There is a constant influx of fresh women on Tinder.

If your job requires you to travel around the country to major cities, you can have a field day on Tinder. Of course, you need Tinder Plus in order to use the Passport feature. This way you can pipeline different girls in each city.

There is no excuse for being out of shape for the healthy grown man. Poor diet and lack of exercise are only for pitiful people. Men need to feed the brain and body. Try to workout at least 3 days a week. Forget all those muscle-building myths. An average guy should try to work out the entire body a few days a week. If you want a six pack, you need to make your abs burn every time you hit the gym.

Diet is even more important than working out when it comes to building a six pack. Men who are attractive and have a nice body should show it off in at least one of their profile photos. The best way to know if you did it right is by polling girls you already know. If enough girls think the photo is hot, this means you should use it on your Tinder profile. If you look good, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Think about how much girls show off their bodies. Text game is more important now than ever before. There are too many mistakes guys make when just starting out. Girls have a sixth sense and can quickly get a read by reading your messages.

Besides knowing what not to say, you need to know what to say. If you look like a needy man, you will never get any matches. Never seem too interested in a girl or continue to message her after she ignored you. Once a girl makes up her mind, there is almost nothing you can do. Also, avoid writing anything in your Tinder bio that makes you look needy or unworthy of beautiful women. Below is a perfect example of asking the right questions.

I ended up picking up a solid score with a girl I missed out on the first time around. Tinder is more like speed dating than anything else. Getting a match on Tinder is only the first step of many. By using my methodology, you can decrease the number of steps and score a lot faster.

The whole Tinder opening message topic is blown out of proportion. This is a huge waste of time and completely pointless. Do some testing to see which messages work well. Then paste them on a clipboard app to use later. You need to craft your own messages. Once you have a few, you can use them for life. Click here for a few free examples of opening lines that work. If you have no hobbies to portray, then get some now. No girl wants to spend time with a lame guy.

Even if you are really good looking, lack of talent can still lead to no fruitful matches on Tinder. An average looking guy with talent and money will beat out a handsome loser any day of the week. Nothing is more shameful than living with your parents. You will subconsciously set yourself up for destruction if there is no place for you to take a date back. The same goes for guys without a car.

Unless you are living in a major city, you need a car. Once you have your own place and a car, your confidence will skyrocket. Luckily, not all girls are gold-diggers. Messy, unorganized people are unattractive in general. This one hits home for me. When I first started online dating, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake.

In countries such as America, there are way more guys on Tinder than girls. Unfortunately, a lot of other places are becoming the same way due to globalization. This is why men need to stand out!

Once you optimize your Tinder profile, most of the work is done on autopilot. I barely work to pick up new scores. When I started finding success dating online, I spent too much time chatting. Once I started working online, my job began eating up most of my time.

Style is just as important as looks for a lot of girls. Two things I always have are fresh name-brand white tees and designer jeans. Read this post to learn how to work on yourself and become more attractive. Nothing irritates me more than a guy who complains about failing.

There are girls out there for every guy. Get instant access to my free Tinder cheat sheet with exclusive tips you won't see here on my site. I will never call her only text her to set up the date. My thought is that girls love to talk on the phone and be attention whores, so I make them get together with me if they really want any attention. What is your thought of this methodology? I completely agree with your methodology.

I try to keep the conversation before the meeting to a minimum. Of course, there are always exceptions. The chatty type will almost never meet and ends up being a huge waste of time. Do you want to get laid on Tinder?

Duh, yes. Then you need to have this cheat sheet. I built the cheat sheet after reviewing tons of men's profiles and through my own years of experience using Tinder. Start getting laid today, not tomorrow! No Matches on Tinder? If your entire profile is a bunch of selfies showing off your weak arms, good luck finding a date.

No Matches on Tinder – 33 Tips to Get 5+ Matches Per Day

There are many possible explanations for the disappointing decline in matches many Tinder users — primarily men — have been experiencing. The following are the most likely theories, in my opinion. In all of the above cases it makes sense from a business perspective to limit organic matches just enough for people to get frustrated and decide to spend some money to help things along. I recently wrote an in-depth report on the ways Tinder has been screwing over its users and customers , but the worst impact of their business decisions is this:.

Normally, men need only to make basic changes and improve their approach to score with attractive women. Chicks dig guys with good smiles.

That will get you 6x more matches than only using a single picture. Lots of guys skip the bio section on Tinder, preferring to let their photos do all the talking. Think about it as a chance to connect with her, in characters or less. Pilot, entrepreneur, firefighter, doctor and TV personality all cracked the top 5.

No Matches on Tinder? 20 Quick Fixes to Get More Matches

By the way, did you know I created The Profile Checklist. You just fill in the blanks, and you discover where your profile is lacking the necessary attraction switches. Knowing your flaws will get you on the path to multiplying your matches. Download it here for free. Your ELO-rating is the secret score that Tinder gives to your profile behind the scenes. Whenever people email me, complaining about their number of likes, it usually boils down to one of these 2 problems:. That way you will know more about Tinder profile photos, and you will get a higher ELO score than all your competitors.

Getting Fewer and Fewer Tinder Matches? You’re not Alone.

The best way to make sure the girls know what you look like is by having a clear headshot photo with your shoulders in. Headshots say, here I am, this is what I look like and I am definitely the choice for a primary photo. If offered two bottles of wine, a tacky, cheap label or a beautiful, elegant label then we will always pick the better quality packaging. Think of the quality of your photos as your packaging, the better the quality of your photos the more appealing you will appear.






If you're swiping til the cows come home with no Tinder matches to show for it, you but you're also setting yourself up for failure if your friends are better looking a mistake – guys who have a bio get 4x as many matches as those who don't.








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