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I'm here with all of the hot gossip, current trends and those beauty secrets that you need to feel and look your best! Baldness, or 'thinning', refers to the partial or complete lack of head hair. It is a form of alopecia and can be seen in both men and women. Unfortunately, it is more common in men, and most will experience some degree of hair loss before they turn

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How To Look Good Bald (And Feel Confident In Your Decision)

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There are many articles on the internet about how to get a haircut that suits you. I decided to write this because I know how it feels to start losing your hair. Women will always punish you for your indecisiveness. This is especially true for balding men, who are neither fully haired nor fully bald. Men with hair are seen as being the most attractive, but bald men are seen as being more dominant, which is a good thing when it comes to women. Bald men are also seen as being up to two inches taller than men with hair.

Regardless of which side you choose, just choose a side and move on. Typically someone who has an egg-shaped head has a very long head and a very big forehead. What I mean by very big forehead is that your forehead is the same size or bigger than your face. Four years ago I had hair down to my shoulders. I had big curls and girls would literally stop me to tell me how much they loved my hair. But my long hair was hiding something: the fact that my hairline was receding.

What started out as a big forehead was evolving into the first stages of male pattern baldness. When I finally got a haircut I realized how much hair I had begun to lose. Now, no one would have said that I was balding at that point. I can still grow a full head of hair today, but my receding hairline was affecting my confidence.

I would stare into the mirror looking at my receding hairline. I looked all over the web for a way to reverse the irreversible, but no luck.

Finally, one of my bros suggested I just shave off all my hair to see how it would look. At first I balked at the idea of shaving off all of my hair. But when I got a haircut a language gap between me and my hairdresser led to him cutting my hair short — really short.

In fact, I liked how I looked. I looked tougher and more masculine. Six months ago I began shaving my head bald and I have laid more women than ever before. Naturally being the curious man that I am, I thought about what it was that made me to look good bald. I scanned the television and watched movies until I finally figured it out.

I now know how just about anyone can pull off being bald and sexy. Before we get started on the exact things you need to do to look great bald, we need to talk about looks. This will probably convey something subtle about your personality. Well, when you make the decision to go power bald, you are just narrowing the type of look that you can pull off.

The look that women love bald guys for is the tough, powerful man look. You want to have a physique that is imposing. You want to not look pale. You also want a low body fat so you can show off your facial aesthetics to the women around you. These three things are great bonuses if you have hair, but once you choose to be bald they are non-negotiable. Have you ever wondered why black guys pull off being bald with ease?

Or how The Rock and Vin Diesel look great bald? The first time I noticed a difference was when one of my good friends growing up got a Mohawk. His dad freaked out and told him to shave his head. So when he got his head shaved he looked sickly. So if you live in a sunny environment, go outside more. If not, find a tanning salon and get a tan on a regular basis. Not only will you not look sickly if your head is tan, but it looks smoother too.

The bumps and redness from shaving your head will be less obvious. It is also important when you make the decision to shave your head that the top of your head gets exposure to the sun.

Once you get your tan, the next place you should go is the gym. Being muscular is imperative to pull off the power bald look. This is because it makes you look more dominant and powerful. Think about The Rock, Bruce Willis, and Jason Statham — they are all muscular men and all three of them pull off being bald.

This goes back to that dominant man image that is easy to have when you take the hair off your head. So hit the weights and put on some mass. A solid year in the gym and you will put on the weight necessary to pull off being bald. When you have no hair, your face structure is put out for the world to see. But you will also notice when you have a low body fat percentage that your face will look a lot more aesthetic.

It is important to note that having a low body fat percentage is the only one of the three that will not make you passable on its own.

But if you just have a low body fat percentage, you will still look sickly. They ask whether they should stop applying the razor to their face. This brings up the question: how important is facial hair? The importance of facial hair is more a personal preference than a necessity. Other guys pull off the bald beard. It is something you have to experiment with on your own. Some things that make life a lot easier being bald is that you never have to worry about how your hair looks. This actually helps a lot when approaching girls who you think are out of your league.

Overall, being bald is highly efficient and decreases hair related anxiety. As with everything in life, there are cons for being bald as well. This is easily solved by wearing a hat though. This can be avoided by putting lotion on your head.

But besides these three things, I have no complaints. I have received nothing but compliments from women about my hairless head. I would have never thought that being bald was actually my best look before I started shaving my head. I wake up in the morning and go. No more waiting at the hairdresser. Even though I am the first bald guy for a lot of girls I get with, it is a consequence of them being young, not them having some objection to being with a bald guy.

The experience makes you feel powerless and can really affect your confidence. So once you realize that you are going bald, make the decision to take control of your life and your head. Grab a razor and show your naked scalp to the world. A mixed race black and Indian U. He is well versed both in meeting girls during the daytime in a variety of venues, as well as at night. Skip to main content. But first we have to talk about a decision you need to make.

Bald or Hair: Make a Decision So you have two options once you have started the process of becoming bald: You can either shave off all of your hair OR Do hair therapy. Balding men are seen as being the least attractive men. If this is the case, spend the cash and explore hair treatment for men. My Bald Journey Four years ago I had hair down to my shoulders.

How to Look Good Bald Before we get started on the exact things you need to do to look great bald, we need to talk about looks.

The Pros of Being Bald Some things that make life a lot easier being bald is that you never have to worry about how your hair looks. The Cons of Being Bald As with everything in life, there are cons for being bald as well. Related Articles from GirlsChase. Girls Chase Podcast Interviews Ep. First Time Picking Up Girls?

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Do Women Find Bald Men Attractive?

We doubt he misses the mop, though, considering that bald head of his scored Victoria Secret and Transformers hottie Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Oh, and let's talk about that body Catch it in theaters on August 9th. I couldn't believe that I was going to have to walk round for evermore without any hair on my head," he said.

There are many articles on the internet about how to get a haircut that suits you. I decided to write this because I know how it feels to start losing your hair. Women will always punish you for your indecisiveness.

February 5, Men are losing more than just their hair when they go bald, new University of Otago research shows. The study aimed to investigate how baldness, naturally occurring and shaved, affects trait perceptions, such as age and dominance, and how that information influences leader preferences. Not only did the research reveal men with full heads of hair are preferred as leaders, they are also perceived as more attractive, younger, more intelligent and healthier than their bald counterparts.

Balding a hairy issue for leaders

For many guys, going bald is an unavoidable part of getting older. Or just an unavoidable piece of their genetics. But just because you're losing your hair doesn't mean you're losing your dashing good looks. These 16 men remind us that "bald" is just another style—and one that sometimes looks better. This is Willis in Still a movie star with hair, but maybe not the Willis you recognize today. These days, it's an unfamiliar sight. While we like the Rock as a grimy-haired Hercules, we're just not used to any length of mane. Not only is the Rock, somehow, even better looking buzzed, he also, somehow, pulls off the subbled goatee.

How to Look Good Bald (and be Handsome as Hell)

Personal styling tips for men, from a top rated mens image consultant. This is where men get handsome. Going bald can be a rough time for any man. I'm not going to say I know your pain right now. Yet, I'm well aware that based on my current trajectory, there's a good chance I'll be joining the smooth-headed ranks at some point.

Now we could give you our personal opinion on the matter but we thought it would be better to go to the source and ask hundreds of women these questions in order to come to conclusive answers. For more detail, refer to the Survey Methodology here.

Best known for playing two cops: a nice, gentle one on The Commish , and a tough crooked one on The Shield. Baldness definitely aids his anger-based gravitas. With his massive Twitter following , is showing that his dark influence extends to the muggle world, too.

Do Women Like Bald Men? (Nationwide Survey Results)

While I talked extensively in the past about going bald and the struggles I had when coming to the harsh realization, I find today that shaving my head was one of the best grooming decisions of my life. In fact, still shaving my head not only put a lot of money back into my pocket with skipped barbershop visits, but also all the required hair products as well. And as one environmentally conscious reader told me, the reduced reliance on hair products also lessens the impact on the environment — go Captain Planet!

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Your Physical Health The good news is that being bald likely means you have higher testosterone , which also means you have a higher metabolism. How People Perceive You Apparently, the only thing that prevented the pathetic, self-loathing George Costanza from having the supreme, super-villain self-confidence of Lex Luthor was that George retained the remaining fringe of hair on the sides of his head. In , the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study across three different groups and found that both men and women perceive men with a completely bald head as being more dominant and confident than those with a full head of hair. The caveat, though, was this only applied to men who are completely clean-headed: Those with male-pattern baldness were perceived as weaker than men with a full head of hair. Another study from the Barry University in Florida found that people perceive bald men as being more honest and intelligent than men with a full head of hair.

10 Guys Who Look Better Bald

Avoid combing the hair back or trying to get a side parting as these styles will only accentuate thinning hair. He does stress, however, that opting for this style comes with the risk that a sudden gust of wind from behind might reveal your secret. You might also consider enlisting the hair-boosting powers of chemistry, by using a topical vasodilator a fancy term for a group of medicines that open blood vessels to allow blood to flow more easily. Minoxidil, more commonly known as Regaine in the UK, is one of the most popular options, or look for a prescription medication such as finasteride, both of which help prevent or even temporarily reverse pattern hair loss. While smart styling and chemical aids can slow the rate of male pattern baldness , there will come a time for many men when their head most closely resembles that weird egg you get in a carton that looks as if it might hatch at any moment.

Mar 31, - Believe us, bald men are where it's at. 1. First things first, bald men are super sexy. And beanies look great on them, too.

Larry West. Covid is not a respiratory disease. It hits the whole body. Consumer prices are tumbling at an alarming rate.

Bald men are perceived as more attractive and masculine, says stu...

You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Salman Khan's brother-in-law wore a denim jacket worth INR 90, and we tell you why it's so expensive! Coronacrisis: Cases of abandoned pets rise, activists urge people not to fall prey to misinformation.

Men, stop hiding behind baseball caps, spray-on hair, and questionable combing techniques. It turns out, women aren't as concerned about that encroaching bald spot as you may think. We polled 50 women of varying backgrounds, ages, and tastes to find out how they really feel about guys whose scalps and foreheads are gaining on their hair Pangaeas.

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