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Girlfriend wants me to meet her ex-boyfriend

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Q: I need some relationship advice. Am I wrong for being upset for my girlfriend wanting to spend the weekend with a friend and her ex-boyfriend? I have never met her ex. They were broken up before we started to date but I know she still has feeling for him.

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Subscribe To Our Newsletter! However, if our girlfriend is still talking to her ex-boyfriend that is most likely going to brew up some trouble. This will give you the expert information you need to make sure you act sooner than later and avoid getting your heart broken.

Nobody likes to go through that. In fact, she may even be confused herself about what she is thinking and feeling. When he leaves, she might keep on talking about him. Or perhaps ramble on about things they did together. And if you catch her smiling to herself, you are going to have to sit down with her and have a serious talk. If she talks lovingly about him or acts like he is still her best friend, you best be careful. Girls pull this all the time. So lame but true.

If any relationship is truly over, both people usually just stay away from each other. Regardless, if your girlfriend is texting or calling her old boyfriend, you need to pay attention and have your alert on. Why should a girl care about what her ex is doing, unless of course she still has feelings for him? All you need to do here is observe.

If your girlfriend seems to care at all when the conversation comes up about her ex and another girl, then you need to please tread carefully. Girls have a tendency to get sneaky from time to time and your girlfriend just might be using you to try and make her old boyfriend jealous. Perhaps, she might tell you it was an accident but she might very well have planned to bump into her ex.

Maybe she knows where he tends to eat and hangout and happens to show up there frequently. If suddenly your girl wants to be friends with her ex because he has nobody else, you need to keep your guard up. Sure, she might tell you she loves you but is she really showing you that?

This is where she might seem distant and moody after she sees or hears from him. She might also prefer to be alone and happy with the thoughts in her head.

The final straw is demanding some space for you so she can figure herself out. You can have patience and understanding but you need to know where to draw the line. What you need to do is have an open and honest conversation with her. Tell her what you are thinking and feeling and see what she has to say before you jump to any conclusions. Another issues is that we tend to look at our past a little more positively than it might be, likely because when you distance yourself from the negative, it naturally seems more positive.

Just makes it ultra difficult. You need to show this girl that you are the hunkiest, toughest, hardest or most-sexy crazy guy ever. This means she is vesting herself in you and more likely to stick around.

It means she has deep REAL emotions for this man and might very well still have them. Logic and emotion do not physiologically mix. So if a girl is emotional about a guy, she might not make any sense. First off, woman have friends for social reasons, security, convenience, and ones that might be potential partners.

Trust me on this one. She has specific reasons and you need to pay attention to each one. This could be a tough pill to swallow. Think about this for a minute. She can be hung up on the past or open to moving forward with new. Perhaps you might need to call her out on this one just to get it done pronto.

This one is just plain scary. Newsflash — The reason she is keeping her ex in view is because she seriously believes one day they will be reunited — Period. Here are a few routes your girlfriends ex influences, by being still in the picture, according to experts at Global News …. You need to sleep with her faster than he did. So if she slept with him after date 3, you better make it happen by date 2. The faster, the better here if you are serious about getting into the heart of this girl.

This means you need to captivate her fast and furiously. Balls in your court now. This means you are being compared and you either rise to the challenge or slink away with your tail between your legs. If your girl is still connecting in any shape or form with her ex-boyfriend, then she is not really committing to you, as much as that might hurt. Having a girl with just one foot in the relationship is not a good thing. Sure, you can take every precaution in the world to prevent a girl from cheating on you but ultimately you really have no control.

And if your girl has an ex on the side, the chances of her falling back into his bed in time is of serious consideration. Ex-boy-toys are trouble and they introduce a threat no guy should have to face. Just think long and hard about this one please. The answer is not to go beat the living crap out of the guy. She has to do that all by herself. If you know how to have fun with a girl without getting your heart squashed, then go for it.

On the other hand, if you are going to seriously fall for this girl, you need to not open that door. Bottom line…Most girls that are still in connection with their ex, are going to eventually break your heart.

If you can accept this, if you are okay with this, then by all means fast forward past go and collect the bucks if you wish. What you need to do is step back for a minute and think about how much you really feel for her.

Understand that if she is still feeling for her ex, you will never have all of her, as much as that hurts. You deserve to have a girl that loves you for you. Understand that and accept that, and make the decision you need to make for YOU. I dont normally leave reply on blogs, but after reading each word, I have to say thanks. Thanks for simply speaking about what actually happens. And it hurts that men have to suffer the consequences. Morals and Values are long gone, pretty sad.

Stay away from women that have a boyfriend. Especially if you always cared for them for years. And you have already fell for her. Cut it off. Now she will talk about him and she will play the victim. And you will fall for it. Your side meat. Go find a real woman that has her life together. This real happened to me this year, i have a bby with this other girl n niw she wants her ex boyfriend to raise my daughter as his n am deciding to let it go mina i will only support my child n dont care abt what she says.

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While talking to her last night, I asked what she does to deal with stress she told me that she gets drunk and calls her ex. When I asked when was the last time she called him she never responded through text.

What should I do? Is it a big deal or am I tripping? Best wishes my friend. I have been dating a girl for exact one year and we met couple of times. It really clicked for me and I thought she is the one. But, after doing my side of enquiry, I got to know that all this while she was also in touch with her ex with whom she had a 7 year relation she told me about her relationship but not that she was still in contact.

The guy got married 3yrs back and has a kid too, however this girl is still in contact with him makes me think twice. I confronted her with proofs and she agreed, apologiesed and said there are no feelings for him. Despite knowing all this, I am still wondering does she deserve a second chance and I am overthinking OR I have known too much that may affect our future if we carry on? Since she wanted to make him feel jealous, only means she still has feelings for him.

Think twice if you want to continue your relationship with her.

Is Your New Girlfriend Still Talking To Her Ex-Boyfriend?

However, even the process of writing it might help me to get over my problem. I have been going out with a girl for a while now, and we love each other. I have had previous long-term partners. But this one feels different, and things are progressing quickly.

By Star2. But she comes with a lot of baggage. She has an ex-boyfriend that she pretty much considers family, and it was odd to me at first until I realised her family is all he has.

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20 Subtle Signs Your Partner Misses Her Ex

It would be great if every new relationship started with neither of you having any baggage from previous relationships. Everyone, including you, has a past. If your new girlfriend still lives in the same general area as her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, then you are most-likely going to run into him at times. So how should you react when you run into her ex boyfriend or husband? Your best bet is to pay attention to how she reacts to him. You are the man, she is with you and you are better than him. End of story.

If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Still Talks To Their Ex, This Is How To Deal With It

So your boyfriend still hangs with his ex. Should you just stay cool, work on your fears and insecurities and keep these thoughts to yourself? Or should you be more open with him and start a conversation about it? So let me give you a male perspective. I even still feel love for a few of them.

It's nice to pretend that every breakup is a clean break.

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! However, if our girlfriend is still talking to her ex-boyfriend that is most likely going to brew up some trouble. This will give you the expert information you need to make sure you act sooner than later and avoid getting your heart broken. Nobody likes to go through that.

My Boyfriend Still Hangs With His Ex. What Should I Do?

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Exes and D'ohs. So what?

Personally, when someone tells me they're still friendly with their ex, I can't help but be a little skeptical. I know not all breakups are dramatic, Bachelor -worthy blowups complete with screaming and crying, but they still signify the end of a relationship. Therefore, it's difficult for me to understand how you can be just friends with someone whom you were once romantically involved with. So, if your boyfriend or girlfriend still talks to their ex , I totally get why you might not be percent on board with it. However, it is possible that your partner doesn't have any ulterior motives.

Is Your Girlfriend Still Talking To Her Ex?

A lot of women come with bad friends, a lot of women come with a job they don't like, but there's nothing more difficult for the male ego to deal with than a woman who comes with her ex as a best friend. For some reason or another, a lot of men can't fathom that another man was sexually intimate with their woman. And it's funny, too, because women are very aware of this. Our relationship didn't work out sexually at all, but we're still such really good friends. She does it because she understands the male ego and she knows that you're going to be freaking out during the course of the relationship.

May 13, - She has an ex-boyfriend that she pretty much considers family, and it was odd to me at first until I realised her family is all he has. So I told.

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Is your new girlfriend still talking to her ex-boyfriend? How do you feel about that?

My girlfriend wants me to meet her ex-boyfriend?

Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Forum Relationships Relationship Conflicts My girlfriend wants me to meet her ex.

Relationship Advice, When Your Girlfriend Wants to Hang Out with Her Ex-boyfriend

So me and this girl have been dating for around a month Im a freshmen at college 18 , and shes at junior at high school Better to meet him and act confident that she is now yours, that to put up a distance that you can't accept she has a past person in her life. Don't exhibit lack of confidence that you are now the dominant male in her life, and at least try to be okay with it.





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