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For many people, the reason crime fiction is so popular in Scandinavia — and subsequently why our screens have been dominated by Nordic noir in the past decade — can be traced back to one tragic event that took place back in the s in Sweden. The unresolved death of Olof Palme, the controversial but popular Swedish prime minister who was shot in the back at close range late at night on a central Stockholm street on February 28, , still haunts the nation. But if you were expecting that to translate into any uneasiness on the We Got This! Moreover, We Got This!

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For many people, the reason crime fiction is so popular in Scandinavia — and subsequently why our screens have been dominated by Nordic noir in the past decade — can be traced back to one tragic event that took place back in the s in Sweden. The unresolved death of Olof Palme, the controversial but popular Swedish prime minister who was shot in the back at close range late at night on a central Stockholm street on February 28, , still haunts the nation.

But if you were expecting that to translate into any uneasiness on the We Got This! Moreover, We Got This! In a world where conspiracy theories, be they about the true shape of Earth or the latest terrorist attack on the West, are being given more oxygen than ever, We Got This!

Cake will soon be delivered to celebrate. This being Sweden, there are plenty of open sandwiches being nibbled behind the scenes by hungry crew members, many of whom are clad in the fashionable knitwear one would expect a Swede to wear to stave off the cold and look great while doing so. The key creative team working with Musarra includes co-writer Santiago Gil Veni Vidi Vici and Oscar-nominated director Patrik Eklund Instead of Abracadabra , who is adept at combining eccentric characters and dark comedy.

The death of the cat lady is a key plot point in the first season of We Got This! Upon seeing a poster advertising a reward for the safe return of the missing Rio, George tracks down the cat and sets off to pocket some cash by returning it to its owner. But George is too late, and the cat lady is no more.

Musarra was living there with his Swedish wife, whom he had met in New York, and his very young children, whose arrival soon led to a move to Sweden in Venice Beach was fun, but I had people selling crack outside my front door.

Musarra discovered the case to be a hotbed of fascinating theories and unbelievable characters, which he initially considered developing as a mockumentary before eventually evolving it into a TV series. However, due to the subject matter, no broadcaster would touch it. Musarra spent more than seven years pitching the show, to no avail. But then, around the time culture-clash comedy Welcome to Sweden came out in , Musarra noticed a sudden and important shift in the Swedish TV industry.

The trailer does an impressive job of making the show feel fully formed, getting across its mix of offbeat humour, tension and intrigue. Helped by the existence of the trailer, Banijay Group-owned Jarowskij came on board as part of its strategy to grow its slate of scripted projects with international potential.

Fast-forward to late and the team is preparing to shoot for three days in Atlanta, Georgia, close to where Musarra grew up before he moved to Boston, New York and then LA, prior to settling in Europe with his young family. Returning to the States will be bittersweet for Musarra, whose father died around the time We Got This!

The experience has bled into We Got This!. The crew make sure a fire extinguisher is on hand in case one of the many candles on set falls over, while anyone bringing an open sandwich onto set is quickly admonished. The camera will follow a priest walking towards an open casket, which viewers are meant to presume will contain the cat lady but in fact contains an old man with a bushy beard, eyes closed and deathly pale.

Suddenly, his eyes open. It encapsulates the dark humour that runs through We Got This! As a result, she expects We Got This!

But things like Killing Eve have proved audiences react really well to something darkly funny. With filming completed around the cemetery, and the celebratory cake quickly devoured by cast and crew, everybody packs up and heads to a nearby dive bar adorned with football scarves for iconic teams such as Juventus and Leeds United. But We Got This! Swedish star Josphine Bornebusch speaks to DQ about her acting career, branching out behind the scenes, creating dramedy Love Me and how she juggles her multiple roles on set.

As an actor, Swedish star Josephine Bornebusch has amassed numerous TV appearances, first in drama Rederiet and comedy Playa del Sol, as well as several film roles. After cutting her teeth writing a script for Solsidan in , she starred in, wrote on and produced Welcome to Sweden, about an American who quits his job and moves with his girlfriend to her native Sweden.

She then created, wrote, directed and starred in Love Me. Love Me tells the story of Clara Bornebusch , a successful doctor searching for love, while also focusing on her father Sten, who is looking for a way to handle his grief, and her younger brother Aron, a hopeless romantic.

Bornebusch also wrote and directed the dramedy. Produced by Warner Bros International Television Production Sweden, it first premiered on Scandinavian streaming service Viaplay in October last year and was renewed for a second season that will debut this autumn. Season one will also air locally on pubcaster SVT this spring, while Dutch broadcaster NPO has become the first international channel to pick up the series, following a deal with distributor Eccho Rights.

Bornebusch is now prepping her next original series, country music drama Harmonica. Here, she tells DQ about her acting career, taking her first steps behind the camera and why Love Me is a show she would want to watch.

What kinds of projects are you attracted to as an actor? I think every actor is looking for new characters to play. New challenges, new takes. That definitely applies to me. Which roles have you enjoyed most in your career so far? But also Clara in Love Me, of course. I wrote that role for myself, so the lines are very close to how I speak. Characters that are truthful are the ones I like to play the most.

Solsidan ran for six seasons. Why do you think it was so successful? It originally aired between and but came back in What was it like returning to the series for season six after four years away from the small screen? Well, we did a movie in between so it feels like we never really had a pause. After so many seasons together, it feels like a family reunion every time we meet. Have you always had ambitions to write, direct and create your own series?

I think I have, but it took a while — many years, actually — for me to admit it. I guess I was scared. How did you come to write your first script for Solsidan and what was that experience like? What did you learn from developing your first series, Welcome to Sweden? But I also learnt this is what I want to do! I have the best job in the world, and I hope I can keep on doing it for the rest of my life.

What were the origins of Love Me? I wanted to make the kind of series that I wanted to watch myself. So I tried to make that kind of show, since I felt it was missing. At first, I started developing a show about the Clara character. After years of working with her as a sole main character, I got the idea to add her father and brother as main roles. After that, I really found the core of the story and it all fell into place.

How would you describe Clara? Clara is an almost year-old obstetrician longing to have children of her own and to find a man to start that family with.

What are the themes or issues you wanted to talk about and how did you tackle them? Fist of all, the show is about love — what it feels like to long for it, to get it and also to lose it. We also have storylines about the loss of a family member and the grief that comes afterwards. I wanted to tackle these emotions in a natural and authentic way. Sometimes, for example, you laugh in the deepest sorrow as well as feel ambivalent when faced with love.

How do you combine your roles of writer, director and actor? Or do you keep them separate? But then when I go on set and I get to direct and act, I change my mind and think that stage is even more fun.

Writing comes first and is, most of the time, finished before shooting, so that part is not so hard to separate from the rest of the process. I can then go to the monitor and watch the playback just to check it is what I thought. What are the biggest challenges in juggling different roles? The biggest challenge is during pre-production. When we have a rewrite that needs to get done at the same time as working with location scouts and attending all the meetings, I do sometimes get the feeling that it would be great to have a clone!

Your latest project is Harmonica. What can you tell us about it? Harmonica is about married couple Harry and Monica. They were top of the pops in the s, but their life as the country music duo Harmonica has been out of key ever since, as well as their deteriorating marriage.

In an effort to salvage their failing financial situation, the couple embark on a nostalgia tour of Europe with their old band, which brings their problems to a crescendo but also offers them a chance to find harmony together at last. Harmonica is a six-episode series co-written and co-directed by me and Jonas Karlsson. We start shooting this month. Why was this a story you wanted to tell? Where do you see your future — acting, writing, directing or a combination of all three?

As long as I can have this luxury of getting to write, direct and act, I will definitely continue to create this way, where I get to do the different roles for the same project. Swedish thriller Heder Honour is breaking new ground in front of and behind the camera. DQ was invited to Stockholm to spend the day on the set of this women-led project. Swedish law firm Heder is under attack. And unfortunately for Maria Nohra — who plays officer manager Leila in this Viaplay drama, also titled Heder Honour — she is the one left to clean up the mess.

The unorthodox invasion is the latest wave in a rising tide of threats and obstruction against the staff of the all-female company, which positions itself as a voice for victims of sex crimes, with lawyers who fight for justice for those who need it most. Holm is similarly relaxed, his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows and headphones around his neck, as he talks to members of the crew.

It has a heavy drive forwards.

Girl Meets World - S 3 E 11 - Girl Meets the Real World

Luckily, Netflix has so many to choose from you'll never have to leave the house again if you don't want to. Here are some of the best teen movies on your fave streaming service…. Jodi has always been self-conscious about her height, but when she gets involved in a love triangle with the new, hot foreign exchange student, she realizes that she is so much more than her body and she begins to find herself. Watch Now. When a snowstorm hits a small town on Christmas Eve, a group of high school students are brought together, and by the time the snow clears, everything has changed.

With everything going on in the world right now, no one is turning down a reason to laugh. You gotta laugh sometimes, friend. And thankfully, Netflix has a large list of options for funny movies to watch when you just need to cheer yourself up.

Where To Stream. Netflix Developing Film About U. This story has been shared 3, times. This story has been shared 2, times.

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Sometimes you need a good cry—and the appropriate cinematic choice to take you to that point. Below, find the saddest films you can stream on Netflix—just make sure the Kleenex are in reach and you remove that mascara, because these flicks are guaranteed to bring on the waterworks. After her own daughter goes missing, a woman takes investigations into her own hands, leading police to unsolved cases of murdered sex workers. This Academy Award-winning coming-of-age drama takes viewers through three stages of the main character Chiron's life, as he deals with sexual identity, endures physical and emotional abuse, and reaches adulthood in Miami. As a single father struggling to make ends meet, Chris Gardner battles with losing his home, navigating a new career, and keeping his son in good spirits amidst the chaos of life. In the wake of World War II a writer from London visits the island of Guernsey, whose residents are still dealing with the after-effects of their wartime Nazi occupation. Em and Dexter meet on the night of their college graduation and instantly form a bond which follows them for two decades. See how their relationship evolves as they meet up once a year, every year for twenty years. They navigate their feelings for one another, and your heart breaks in the process.

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It's been a stressful year, but at least you can count on Christmas movies on Hallmark, Lifetime, and Netflix to come through with the holiday cheer. After all, what's more relaxing than watching an overworked woman fall in love with a Christmas-tree farmer? So decompress with all of our delightful holiday content right here. Whether you are looking to get a megadose of the holiday spirit or just need a quick escape from family time, gift wrapping, or any other slightly annoying seasonal activity, Netflix has got you covered with enough Christmas movies to occupy you from now until the New Year.

This post is updated regularly to reflect the latest movies to leave and enter Netflix. With propulsive energy, an amazing soundtrack, and beautiful cinematography of the heart of America, this is a fascinating movie that deserves a look.

Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu.

Komplet liste over indhold på Disney+

Girl Meets World — Copyright Disney. The Disney Channel series Girl Meets World will be shortly departing from Netflix permanently after being available on the streaming service for several years. The three seasons of the Disney Channel show are all due to depart from Netflix on February 19th ,


By Peter White. The global TV drama market is booming with international networks and worldwide SVOD platforms moving into original, local scripted production in an unparalleled way. Foreign dramas and comedies are increasingly starting to play in the U. Deadline looks at some of the international series and projects that might either be eyed for remake potential by U. Beforeigners is a high-concept sci-fi drama that sounds like it could have come from the mind of J. The show follows a new phenomenon that starts happening all over the world: people from the past appear.

The Best Christmas Movies on Netflix to Watch Now

Get the latest film- and TV industry news from the Nordics e. The story tells of four partners in a law firm whose reputation is suddenly at stake. This was your first experienced as co-creators on a TV drama. How was it and what did it mean for you? Julia Dufvenius: For me it was extremely important. However, what was unusual is that as soon as I was cast, I was invited to discuss my character, the overall plot. It was refreshing for me to have a say.

Mar 20, - Two young girls fall in love as they come of age in this intense and As a single father struggling to make ends meet, Chris Gardner battles with losing his In the wake of World War II a writer from London visits the island of.


15 Amazing Teen Movies on Netflix to Watch With Your BFFs







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