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Girl meets world riley and lucas kiss fanfiction

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AN: Two updates in one day!? What am I doing with my life!? I don't know about you, but I have been severely disappointed with the lack of Rucas moments since Ski Lodge part 2. Seriously, can they go on a date?

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Girl Meets World Fanfictions

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Core 6 sitting around the fire, theme instrumental music playing, fades out, zoom in on kids:. Smackle : How about we engage in some young adult recreational activity. Lucas sarcastically : Yeah, cause that always goes so well. Smackle : Maya I have never played this game. What are the rules? Is there a manual? How do we keep score?

Maya chuckling : No Smackle, nobody wins. And no manual or game pieces either. Ya just ask someone to pick truth or dare and if they pick dare, you make them do something crazy or funny.

If they pick truth Zay : Well it sounds like a good one to me! Riley laughs : Okay, uhm, truth, I guess? Maya: What? Just sayin… : Sits back in chair, half eye roll, pretends to file nails, crosses legs:. Smackle : The questions are meant to be personal, am I correct? And a first kiss is a very personal moment in a female's life. It is very intimate. It is a milestone. Some have concluded that a young person's first kiss will ultimately determine the way they will-.

Riley Half jumps up from the floor : Lucas! My first kiss was Lucas. On the subway. After our first date. Maya : What? I'm just sayin, we were all there, and technically Lucas wasn't your first kiss. Technicallyyyyy your first kiss was-. Maya : …Farkle. Your first kiss was with Farkle, remember?

He was soooo excited you got him to try a new thing, even though he was toootally terrible at it. So he kissed you. On your face. But it still counts! Did ya really think I'd let you forget about that, honey? But when you really chronologically break it down to the propensity of-. Zay : Oh man, this is so much better than I thought it was gonna be. Smackle : Farkle I know I am not very physically affectionate with you when we are together but I have always imagined our first kisses were to be with one another.

Now I am coming to find out that you have shared a kiss with another woman?! How could you have not told me of this? How could you lie? It meant nothing. Riley Breaking silence awkwardly, too loudly, grandiosely : Well the important thing is it didn't mean a thing to either of us.

I mean I barely even remember it. Farkle slightly annoyed : Yea, right. You said that already. To either of us. Zay : Cause they keep sayin it meant nothing, but that's makin it look a lot like it meant something. Farkle getting more extremely agitated : Guys, no need to feel uncomfortable.

Like we said, it was nothing. Right Riley? It meant absolutely nothing? Riley Flippantly, obnoxiously, but also increasingly agitated : Nothing. Zay Breaking silence : So I guess that's why we don't play games in this group of friends. Riley Somewhat unconvincingly, way too softly, avoiding Lucas' gaze : We told you, nothing….

Farkle looking at Riley, breaking silence : You know for my entire life, I have believed that science could justify everything. That no matter what the situation, there is always a rational, systematic explanation. But now, we're growing up and it's like I can't keep up with all these changes. There are all these feelings I can't seem to reason with. No matter how hard I try to solve the equation, I can't come up with a logical explanation for all of it.

It's like everything I thought I knew, no longer exists. Riley understandingly : I know what you mean. These changes are tough, Farkle.

I mean I always thought that life was about becoming a Princess, getting more excited and unicorns and rainbows and-. Riley chuckling, punching him softly : Okay, maybe. But I've always had this vision of how things were meant to be. I was supposed to find my prince, my knight in shining armor to ride in on his white horse and come swoop me away. It was supposed to be perfect. Farkle shoulder nudging her : …You did get to ride away on a white horse though. Riley : I've always had the same idea of what a perfect relationship was supposed to be like, ever since I will little.

That's what having Corey and Topanga as your parent's will to do you, I guess. And now all those fantasies I used to have growing up are actually happening for me and I'm supposed to feel happy about it.

Like it's just supposed to be simple and easy and I'm supposed to be happy. But it's not simple at all, Farkle. Exasperated It's actually really, really complicated. It still just feels like…like…. Riley Ponders on this for a minute, somberly replies : Yea, maybe that.

Farkle Nodding :. I think about Isadora Smackle and how wonderful, beautiful and brilliant she is. On paper she is my perfect counterpart, she should be everything I need in order to feel fulfilled with someone. Farkle : It's like I said. All calculations point to her being my perfect match.

But there is a mystery variable I can't seem to account for with all of this. And it's throwing everything off. Riley : The variable. The thing you can't account for, Farkle. It's love. It can't be defined by science. I think it just happens. We can't pick and choose who we fall in love with, no matter what they look like on paper. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Mainly to get a good grasp on writing for each of the different characters. Core 6 sitting around the fire, theme instrumental music playing, fades out, zoom in on kids: : Lucas and Zay on couch, Maya on chair stage left, Smackle and Farkle on couch stage right, Riley on floor center stage by coffee table: Smackle : How about we engage in some young adult recreational activity.

Everyone : Ohhhh. Riley hesitatingly : Maybe we shouldn't… Lucas sarcastically : Yeah, cause that always goes so well. Zay : I think it would be a great time. Did I miss something? Maya : Nah, he's right! C'mon Huckleberry, whaddya so afraid of?

If you are feeling up for it, could you write something where it is Lucas and Rileys first time making out but Riley can't stop laughing anytime Lucas goes to kiss her neck or something. I feel like that is something Riley would actually do until she got used to it. Lucas climbs through the Bay Window and walks up behind Riley as she stands in front of her full length mirror playing with her hair. Lucas leans his head forward and uses his nose to nudge her hair away from her neck.

It was a surprisingly cool night. Aprils in Texas can go either way, with a dash of showers here and there. But that night, it was perfect.

Alright, folks! Here's my entry to Cowgirlangel's Rucas Challenge! I had to make some changes to the originally planned plot to account for time- balancing this and Unexpected Ties was a challenge in itself, plus my obligation to Kayla and Keep Your Eyes Open. Nonetheless, here it is!

Core 6 sitting around the fire, theme instrumental music playing, fades out, zoom in on kids:. Smackle : How about we engage in some young adult recreational activity. Lucas sarcastically : Yeah, cause that always goes so well. Smackle : Maya I have never played this game. What are the rules? Is there a manual? How do we keep score? Maya chuckling : No Smackle, nobody wins. And no manual or game pieces either.

Author's Note- Welcome to my first ever Fanfiction. Let's see what their future hold. Today was the 4-year anniversary of Riley and Lucas's relationship. Riley was extremely excited to have her romantic evening with Lucas, she had it all planned a candlelit dinner in the moonlight. Riley quickly got dressed in a dark purple sparkly dress, a black jacket, and a nice pair of black flats to match.

AN: After being a long time reader, this is my first real attempt at fanfiction.

I am so so so sorry about the whole "Logan" mistake! I was writing two stories and they got a little mixed up.. Lucas burst into Riley's room, visibly upset, and saw the crying girl.. Lucas's anger muted a bit when he saw his bestfriend and crush so sad.

The four best friends entered the dimly lit basement of Lucas's house. There were a couple soft, cozy couches on the carmel colored carpeted flooring. The walls were a dark brown color, making the room seem light-less. On the right was a smaller room with what appeared to be a bed inside and some lounge chairs.

AN: Hi! So I wanted to write a story like this for Rucas because it seems there aren't any or enough of them. Disclaimer: I own nothing. WARNING: there is smut in this first chapter, and this chapter only, if you don't like smut I will have a little indication of where it starts and ends so you can read those parts. Please continue to read my later chapters if you don't like the sexual stuff in the first one, there is nothing else in the rest of my story. They had decided to study at Lucas'.

Riley Matthews and her best friend, Maya Hart, stood by their lockers, getting ready for class. Riley had just finished brushing her hair and grabbed her textbooks. Maya was perusing through three DVD's she had concealed in her bookbag. Sparkle Princess 4. Even though she and Riley were seventeen years old, juniors in high school, and Riley had now been in a serious relationship for the past two years, it still amused Maya how innocent and childlike her best friend could be sometimes. At that moment, three guys came towards them. Sparkle Princess 4! I love that movie!

Mar 11, - Lucas pushed Riley gently up against the wooden door and continued to kiss her with such hunger and thirst for her. Riley gave it all back.

Drunk Lucas. Riley snuggled deeper into her cocoon of blankets as she pressed play on the movie she was currently watching. It was a little after nine on Friday and usually she would be asleep but she was rewarding herself for turning in all her assignments on time. She could have gone out but that really wasn't her scene.

Like a long, long while and I've recently watched the season finale of Girl Meets World and now I'm totally shipping Riley and Lucas, although I didn't feel like they had a proper first date. So without further ado, I give you Riley and Lucas' date after their kiss in the subway. Riley cupped Lucas' cheeks and placed her lips onto his but before Lucas could process what was happening, Riley had already ended the sweet kiss.

Everyone had left Riley's house after her birthday festivities had come to a close at 10 just like she had requested so pleadingly while her best friend Maya planned her birthday. Maya had also some how convinced Riley's parents to go on a holiday over the weekend of Riley's Birthday claiming they"needed a vacation" and "there was no cheaper time to do so". She had also told Cory and Topanga that Amy and Allen would supervise the part which they would but only the party not afterwards.





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