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Girl meets world lucas cheats on riley fanfiction

What happens when she returns? Is Maya and Lucas together? What is Riley doing? Where is Farkle in all this?

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Riley & Lucas - "How could you cheat on me" -- Girl Meets World (AU)


Lucas and Riley

Lucas didn't know what he was doing. They were supposed to be at a stop. He wasn't supposed to be with Riley or Maya. And yet, here he was. Sitting next to Riley, a little closer than friends should sit next to each other on a bench in Central Park, in broad daylight. He could feel the warmth from her shoulder pressing into his and her layers of tulle skirt was underneath his hand. It took everything in him not to lean in closer and breathe her in because she smelled like warm vanilla sugar and eucalyptus mint.

It was so essentially Riley, he wanted to capture it and hold onto it for the harder days that were ahead of him. Because deep down, in the most secret recesses of his heart it was her.

It had always been her since she'd fallen into his lap his first full day in New York City. Could you please stop doing whatever it is you're doing? Lucas moved away guiltily but was secretly elated when she looked disappointed that he wasn't sitting close to her anymore. He swallowed down the words maybe someday and went to get more cheesecake so he could clear her scent from his head and maybe try to remind himself that they were supposed to be just friends.

But neither of them had been able to sleep, so he'd made the trek across the city and crawled into her bedroom. They were sitting next to each other in the bay window, sharing earbuds and watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on Netflix and trying not to breathe because as innocent as it was, they'd both be dead if her parents caught them together. They sat together on the bench and Riley rested her head on his shoulder as the world around them erupted in shades of purple and pink.

Later on, when the gang met for pizza, they both pretended like they hadn't seen each other since the week before, when they had all taken a bus trip to Coney Island together. Riley looked at Maya cautiously and then smiled at him, the kind of smile that belonged to him and him alone. Are you sure the shirt isn't too much? Riley threw a glance at Maya and then lowered her voice. I don't want him to be a consolation prize but I want her to be happy and if he makes her happy then I'm not going to stand in her way anymore.

Who knows? Maybe they'll create their own kind of magic. They were still in the middle of their unspoken understanding. It would probably be that way until Maya's happiness had been secured. Riley was always putting Maya's desires ahead of her own. He wanted to give himself permission to be selfish and say how he really felt.

Maya would get over it. He could trust her to do the right thing for everybody involved. Even if it took a little longer than he would have liked. One rainy Saturday afternoon, Riley attempted making pulled pork, Dr. Pepper sauce, baked beans and vanilla sheet cake all from scratch! They wouldn't be back until late in the evening. It was the perfect opportunity for them to spend time together without the fear of Maya crawling through Riley's bay window and catching them together.

It wasn't like he was cheating on Maya. They weren't dating and he definitely hadn't made her any promises. But sometimes his stolen moments with Riley felt wrong. Because he wasn't evening things up with Maya later on. His attention was for Riley and Riley alone. Lucas tucked his arms around Riley and rested his chin on top of her head. I did it. After spending the summer sneaking around like we were doing something wrong, I decided to ask him for help.

I think he like Maya too. Even though he'll never say it aloud right now. I saw the way he was looking at her during family game night," Lucas answered. Riley pulled away a little bit. Yes, I would like it to be. I mean, I'm glad ," Lucas replied, stopping himself from throwing his arms around her and hugging her and kissing her. It was getting harder to control it.

He knows a guy," Maya replied dismissively. How long's it been going on? I'm not that kind of girl. Lucas and I like spending time together, we have a lot in common. But we're waiting. Riley looked like she was about to follow her out but Lucas stopped her and shook his head. She'll work it all out, Maya's a strong woman. You can't worry about her.

Concentrate on you Riley. Sometimes you deserve it. We've all talked about it to the point of exhaustion. We'll just have to wait and see what happens now. The next time he saw her alone was at Easter Sunday services at church. She was coming from the bathroom and tugging at her yellow floral dress and adjusting the blue belt around her waist.

He was getting a bulletin so he could follow the order of worship. She bumped into him and looked up, a startled apology on her lips. Oh, Lucas. I didn't know you would be here. This is about us. I promised we'd be okay and we're not okay. Are we? The first strains of "The Old Rugged Cross" started to play and Riley shook her head, backing away from him slowly. I'm sorry! The church is hosting an Easter egg hunt and then we're going home to have dinner and watch a rerun of the Passion on Fox.

I'll see you at school tomorrow! He watched her run down the aisle in her white Mary Janes and felt a slight pang in his heart as he watched her go. As he took a seat next to an elderly couple, he decided they were going to stop creating stolen moments and start making ones everybody could know about.

He went over later that afternoon. Auggie answered the door, a medium sized bright blue bunny on his shoulders. Riley looked over from the couch, blanching when she saw him. It was like Maya had a sixth sense because she had stopped talking to Josh and was staring at the two like she was waiting for something to happen.

Lucas saw Josh put his hand on Maya's knee like he was protecting her from what was coming next. Riley stood up and looked at the adults in the kitchen and then motioned for Lucas to follow her to her to the rooftop even though it might get them both into trouble.

Lucas almost took his shoes off and hid them because they were brand-new and he didn't need Mr. Matthews pulling one off his foot. But the comical aside, he needed to talk to Riley. She does," Lucas answered, going closer. I like Maya, I love her even. But only as a friend. You're the one Riley. I hope Maya will understand and if she doesn't, I'll stick with you.

I'll be your best friend. So, I think we should try something new. Standing up for us. I know you like me. I know you want to be with me. So, let's do it. Lucas cut her off by pushing her against the wall and kissing her on the mouth. It was chaste and as lovely as a spring breeze after a long winter. And even if I did, it wouldn't matter.

Lucas didn't know what he was doing. They were supposed to be at a stop. He wasn't supposed to be with Riley or Maya.

Story Author Community Forum. Bio Fav: Stories. These stories include issues such as eating disorders, homophobia, domestic violence.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It's the week before summer break and Maya Hart feels left behind because all of her friends are in a romantical relationship with someone and kinda segregate her. On top of that her feelings for a certain Uncle Boing, she has ignored for a few years, find its way back to the surface, stronger than before.

The two are very close friends and both share similar traits of caring and standing up for others. The moment Lucas and Riley share a smile on the subway, Riley is immediately smitten and develops a crush on him. However, as their relationship develops, her original small, shallow crush on Lucas, turns into a strong, and real relationship. Her feelings for him continue to remain the same throughout subsequent episodes although some episodes focus less on their relationship than others. For Lucas, it has been evident that he does return the feelings, but he is not as expressive as Riley is. Lucas and Riley went on their first date and shared their first kiss in the episode Girl Meets First Date. In Girl Meets the New World , their relationship is discussed, and they do date, however this was due to peer pressure, which leads to them breaking up.

Riley still doesn't want to talk with me. It hurts me but for now, I can't do anything with that. Even if we aren't friends now I still care about her a lot. Missy hates her because She is with Lucas. Missy wants Lucas Because he is the only guy in this school who doesn't want her.

Days went by, Lucas hadn't left Zay's apartment. He stayed in the guest room, curled up on the bed just thinking.

Maya groaned as she listened to her fiance curse the person at the door, cuddling further into his bare-chest before her eyes shot opened, "Oh my God! Maya quickly navigated herself through their living room and to the front door, wrapping the robe around her body due to dreadful coldness of winter. Her heart dropped at the sight of her best friend once she opened the door. One look at her best friend and she knew exactly why she was here in the middle of a freezing cold winter night.

Riley was still in love with Lucas but now he is dating Maya. Riley just break up with Charlie because she likes him but it isn't love. Riley now doesn't talk with Maya and Lucas often because they don't know about what Riley is feeling and she doesn't want to hurt Maya.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Lucas & Riley - I Choose You, and I really want you to choose me? I do.

Riley's eyes shot open as she looked around trying to figure out where she was at the moment. Reese's apartment, yes she knew by the windows, the lights of Manhattan pouring in between the blinds. Thirteen years, and dreams of him still haunted her, this one though really only the last three years. She slipped out of bed, stealing a glance at Reese's naked form twisted in the sheets. She knew the reason she still thought of Lucas, it was obvious she saw the beautiful, precious, reminder of him every morning across the breakfast counter, or at dinner, or tagging behind her at the stadiums whenever possible. Her wonderful daughter Alexis, his daughter and he didn't even know about her existence.

This story will have some mature content, so I'm warning you now that it will be coming. The characters are in their late twenties when this takes place. She stole you by the twinkling stars the fire light you were never mine. Lucas Friar gripped the steering wheel with an intensity that turned his knuckles white before he changed the radio station. That song, why did that song have to be playing today? It was almost ten years old for crying out loud.

A fanfiction based on Disney's girl meets world All credits go to Disney, this is Lucas is, well he's a man and Missy is a women and I'm, " I'm just Riley" I sigh.

Author's Note: Ok folks! It's time for the flashback chapter! Thanks to all who helped out because this was going to be a crucial chapter either it was the Rucas Flashback or Lucas' First Mission, the Rucas breakup won via knockout so here we go, the winner of your votes and damn were you guys clutch so mad love to you guys I present to you, the Rucas Breakup Flashback but first A little set up prior to the actual flashback, don't get mad at me I needed something to set this all in motion :.

My First Rucas Fic. I can do better I know I can, I can do better. I know I can but I hope you like it anyway.






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