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Girl meets world fanfiction riley ignored

Author's notes: This is currently a one shot, but I have ideas to continue it, they just aren't coming out right into words at the moment. A month since Riley had realized that her best friend was secretly harboring feelings for Lucas. A month since she had decided that she'd rather keep both Maya and Lucas as friends than lose them both to inevitable drama. A month since she had started dating Charlie.

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You don't know how much it means to know you like the story. I'll be continuing with no doubt. You guys are amazing! She was going to introduce her to the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of your parents not being there when you needed them. This was the next school day after the incident with Riley and Lucas, which was last Friday. Though reassuring Riley through texts with support, Maya refused to go to her house.

She felt bad having to look Riley straight in the eye, knowing she was the cause of Lucas's rejection. Maya, honestly, had no idea what to expect on Monday, but Lucas to be avoiding Riley.

She was stupid for expecting Riley to have recovered, even if it was a little. No, Riley had been crushing on this boy for months on end by now.

How could she think Riley was all better? She hadn't buzzed in at Riley's house like she normally did each morning. She made sure to avoid her at all costs on the subway. She must have done a very good job because she didn't see Riley anywhere.

She entered the school, found her locker, grabbed her bag out of it and made her way to Mr. Matthew's class. As always, some students were already there, but Cory himself wasn't. She sat at her desk in the front but couldn't help hearing a distant chatter in the hallway near the door. She was only able to make out a few words, however. Yes, she was the cause of this rumor to even start, but she had to attempt to convince herself that she wasn't in order to be a true friend to Riley again.

So she pushed anything that she'd done in the past week out of her mind, stood up, and treaded over to the group of girls. One of the girls that Maya recognized to be on the cheerleading squad gave her a disgusted look. Aren't you Riley's best friend? Like Lucas," a blonde girl said. Poor guy! Once in her seat again, Maya began thinking of how the rumor could have gotten around.

Sure, she did want Riley to feel how she had to feel, but she didn't intend for it to go all around the school. Remembering what the blonde girl had said about someone on the baseball team telling a cheerleader, she concluded—very thoroughly, at that—that Lucas had told Billy, Billy had told the baseball team, the baseball team had told the cheerleaders, and the cheerleaders had told, well, everyone.

Maya felt worse and worse as more and more people filled the room. She was scared of what people would say about Riley, of what people would do to Riley. Her innocent, bubbly best friend could turn into a closed-off, exposed target. Maya shook of the feeling and knew that as long as she stayed uninvolved with Riley, she wouldn't feel as bad. Maya pictured a miniature angel popping up on her left shoulder and a devil popping up on her right.

Just don't get involved. You did say Riley had to fight her own battles sometime, right? Now she has to learn to grow up, just like you had to so early. The devil's voice rang in her ears as she nodded. Get involved, not being involved would be selfish! A monster. That's who does that. You're not a monster, Maya, so don't become one. Immediately, all chatter was silenced. Everyone was staring at Riley—well, everyone except for Lucas.

As if wanting her dad to come to make it all stop, she turned back towards the hall, hoping to see Cory standing there with open arms. Her eyebrows curved up in sadness as she turned back into the classroom, finding her seat and sitting down. Farkle, sitting behind her, hadn't been talking to her. Maya figured Lucas must have told him all about the moment last Friday. Farkle probably made a vow not to speak to Riley.

But, he still slowly and carefully removed the sign that read "slut" from Riley's back, so quietly that she wouldn't even notice he did it. Riley felt eyes on her back, but she tried her best to ignore them, staring in a straight line towards the front of the room.

The laughter and feeling of staring stopped suddenly when Cory entered the room. This is just going to be a lecture. Though this occurred quite a bit in history, I'm going to start by talking to you all about it first. Because this not only happened in wars, but it happens every day, in life and friendships around us. The day played out very roughly for both Riley and Maya.

Riley was followed by some laughing groups of girls, which she just blatantly ignored. Maya was shaken for the entire day because of Cory's lesson. He was so thorough in his thoughts and opinions, and it made her feel like the guiltiest person on the planet. She had betrayed Riley, after all, and for some reason, she was only worrying that Cory knew what she'd done. She shrugged it off as the final bell rang, signaling the leave of the students.

Maya slowly packed up, found her locker, and, as she did daily, shoved her bag into the locker, picking up her homework folder and making her way towards the exit. Nearby, however, she saw Riley and Lucas chattering near the front door.

She stopped in the middle of the hall to listen. Maya told me to! It's because I've liked you for so long and she said I had to have the courage! Maya would never be able to forget Riley's scarred expression. Her eyes grew wide and teary, her mouth was agape slightly, and she was shaking.

Maya shook her head, now fully realizing her mistake. She approached Riley, now more sympathetic than ever. Her tone wasn't angry, nor sad—it was hurt. She ran out of the school in a rush. He was the one to rush after Riley, leaving Maya a shocked, broken mess. She shook her head, covered her ears, and ran to the girl's bathroom for a few minutes of cover.

I'm sorry if there are any spelling or grammatical errors of any sort, I just wanted to get this chapter out to you guys as quickly as I could! Please tell me your thoughts on this chapter! Also, what couples would you like to see in this story? Story Story Writer Forum Community. Neglect, rejection, loneliness She never understood how Riley could always be so smiley, and she wanted nothing more than for Riley to feel the pain that she goes through.

Maya plans to make sure Riley's just as damaged as she always is, without realizing that her actions towards Riley are turning her into a monster herself Maya was going to put Riley through more. Maya dealt with it, so Riley should too. She was thinking of a way to make it so, that is, until school started on Monday.

Maya ignored it. It was then that Maya realized what an awful best friend she was. These girls were talking badly about her best friend, and she was letting them. Why, did something happen? And it would be all Maya's fault. But how could she be uninvolved? It was her best friend! Both creatures disappeared from her shoulders as Riley entered the room. Instead, laughter was heard behind her. She didn't seem to notice it was there in the first place, after all.

Who could be so awful—" Riley stopped speaking as Lucas stared at Maya. Maya knew she was in trouble then. Riley followed Lucas's finger to Maya. Maya was set on going after her, but Lucas's glare stopped her. Once she saw that it was empty, she cried. Chapter 1 2.

Notes: Barring any complications, the second part of this will be up within the next couple of days. When her mom slides next to her on the bed, Riley automatically shifts her position to lean against her. It's easy for Farkle to say that there shouldn't be secrets among friends—it wasn't his heart, feelings and relationships the secret was meant to protect.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to the fandom -only the plot, some places and some original characters that I use. I'm from England so some of the things related to America is pure guess work on how I think things -like travelling- are done in the US. Nothing has been the same since Texas.

Summary: Riley didn't think her best friend and her boyfriend would betray her like this. Notes: This hurt me to write…so sorry for this. Riley and Maya were as close as sisters and Riley practically knew the inside of Maya's closest, including her bra collection. This bra was one of Maya's favourites and Riley was questioning why it would be under her boyfriends bed.

She's tired of sharing beautiful, warm, butterfly-inducing moments with Lucas and having to feel guilty immediately afterward. She's tired of going about her day, just doing whatever it takes to get through, and turning the corner to find him sharing mirrors of those moments with Maya. It would hurt no matter who it was, but she thinks it probably hurts more because it's Maya. Because Maya deserves every happiness in the world. Because Maya is her best friend and practically her sister so who is Riley to be getting in the way of that and potentially taking it away or to protest Maya finally knowing what she wants and actually being willing to try and get it? Because Maya is her best friend and practically her sister so who is she to decide that what she wants is the very same thing that Riley has? So Lucas wasn't hers.

I do not own Girl Meets World or the characters. The only thing I own is the plot. Lucas Friar has been cheating on me with my best friend for years. I can't believe either of them would do that.

You don't know how much it means to know you like the story.

Official HeroesOfOlympus. Heyyyy ya'll! HeroesOfOlympus here.

That was all she asks for of her friends was a little honest. But what did she get? A big ole nothing but hurt. She didn't mind the fact that even though they were suppose to be on a break from the triangle Lucas and Maya started dating.

Lucas finally made his decision on which girl he wants to be with. Like the girls already knew, they both would end up hurt somehow. It's just Riley never thought in a million years that she would have a second choice either, especially with a guy completely different from Lucas. She knew why he was here; she already knew what he was going to say. That he didn't choose her, he chose her best friend.


Jun 4, - Lucas finally made his decision on which girl he wants to be with. She continued dancing with all her friends and ignored the absence, until it.








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