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Girl meets world fanfiction riley gives up

Just yesterday her friends abandoned her, because they all wanted to jump out into adventure in high school grounds. Riley didn't agree with their way of venturing out into an unknown place, if the seniors said to go down to a void hole for their own good-then they should do it…right? You passed out from crying," Maya stated. Her best friend of eight years spent the whole night crying on her shoulder blaming herself for something she had done, when in terms, Maya agreed with Riley. She wanted to play it out safe-unlike Lucas, Zay, Smackle and Farkle.

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Well, we've all been witnesses of ship wars, haven't we? I got caught up in one earlier, so I'm really mad at what they said about Rucas. But, I'm giving you a short story about my take on what should happen after Texas, even if it doesn't fit in with your conclusions.

So, here we go. I brought her to Texas with me the second time I went so I could show her around some more. I brought her to my old tire swing that I fixed up the day before today. It was out by a lake behind my old house. The sun was setting and the lake was sparkling.

She was looking at the lake, soaking in its beauty, and I could tell. She was looking off into the distance, watching how the wind blew the water in the lake.

She sat down and rested her head against the rope. I lightly pushed her as she watched the sun set. Then, I pushed her higher. The branch that the swing was on went out into the middle of the lake, so it was pretty long. If you swung out enough, you could jump off and into the lake. I smiled at her innocence. She could be so oblivious sometimes, but that's one thing I love about Riley. I saw the smile tugging at her lips. Soon, the sun went down, and I stopped pushing Riley.

We walked over to the old picnic table that my dad and I built before I moved to New York. Riley sat on one side, and I sat on the other. I sighed, because I knew she was going to ask that question sooner or later. I did at first. Then, the feelings that I thought were romantic were actually more of a brotherly sisterly feeling," I told her.

Riley looked down at her hands, which were now folded, something she did when she was thinking or upset. That question stung. I've never thought of Riley as a little sister, but Maya was actually like my little sister. She smiled since the first time she's been here. I loved her smile.

See, there's another thing I love about her. I knew what I wanted to do. I walked over to her side of the table and sat down beside her. What are you doing?! Do NOT throw me into the lake!

I laughed at her. Soon, I made it to the lake and tossed her in. She came up in a fit of rage. Well, that plan backfired. She was being a Gloomy Gus. She turned to me with something lingering in her eyes. Tears were lingering in those beautiful chocolate orbs of hers, and I caused that.

I caused those tears. Maybe I want to get away from you," she said as a few tears came out of her eyes. Then you go and date my best friend behind my back. Now, you're telling me that you never had feelings for her?

Who does that, Lucas? No one should have to endure that kind of pain. Watching you and her laugh and kiss was enough, but when you told me that you never really liked her, then why did you date HER, Lucas?

I flinched back, but when I saw the tears, I started running towards her. She turned away. Then, she started running towards the house. She stopped and turned around. I chased after her, knowing what I did to her was wrong. As soon as I reached the end of the path, I saw my mom tell Riley something and hug her. Then, Riley went inside. I ran up the porch steps and faced my mom.

I knew she was disappointed in me. I mean, I thought I liked Maya until I actually started dating her. Then, the feelings started making themselves clear," I explained to my mom. She shook her head and looked down quickly, then looked back up at me. She was the best thing that ever happened to you," she said as she went inside. I sat down in one of the rocking chairs and concentrated hard on the post in front of me. I had broken Riley Matthews' heart and soul.

No wonder she wasn't herself last week. I stayed there for about ten more minutes before I got up and walked inside. When I did, I saw Riley emerge from the bathroom with her hair wrapped in a yellow polka dotted towel, a yellow tee shirt, and white fleece pants.

I think the reason she likes yellow is because it makes her happy. Story Story Writer Forum Community. She hates me because I made the stupid mistake of dating her best friend behind her back. I broke her heart, I broke Riley Matthews' heart. But I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough. I won't give up on Riley Matthews.

No matter what. Then, I scooped her up in my arms. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Well, we've all been witnesses of ship wars, haven't we? I got caught up in one earlier, so I'm really mad at what they said about Rucas. But, I'm giving you a short story about my take on what should happen after Texas, even if it doesn't fit in with your conclusions. So, here we go. I brought her to Texas with me the second time I went so I could show her around some more.

Sorry guys! There haven't been any updates or responses because I was working on this little monster piece. But I'm done soooo yeah :.

Summary: How can Riley make the world her own when everyone else seems to be deciding how she should feel? A look inside Riley's head, based on spoilers for Yearbook and Semi-Formal. Disclaimer : I haven't actually been able to get the links to Yearbook to work, so this is all based on spoilers and analysis in the tags. I've seen Yearbook now, but this was written largely before I had seen it so really only focuses on the scenes I found on Instagram beforehand. This story will end up being Rucas, so read at your own risk.

Author's notes: This is currently a one shot, but I have ideas to continue it, they just aren't coming out right into words at the moment. A month since Riley had realized that her best friend was secretly harboring feelings for Lucas. A month since she had decided that she'd rather keep both Maya and Lucas as friends than lose them both to inevitable drama. A month since she had started dating Charlie. It's a been a month since Texas and Riley is wondering if it will ever stop feeling like her world is dangling over the edge of a gaping abyss that's waiting to swallow her up. Lucas and Maya are still circling each other in a dating-like fashion. They go to Topanga's on their own and to the movies. Maya takes him to an art exhibit and Lucas brings her to a concert when an indie artist he knows from Texas comes to town. They haven't made anything official yet, but they've kissed and they hold hands and gravitate towards each other and it's so obvious that they care for each other that Riley simultaneously can't bear to watch and can't look away.

This story will consist of one shot song fics based off the songs on the album. If you know the album I am talking about, the stories will not go in order, but rather as I find the inspiration to write the story. I hope you enjoy the first one based off her song Looking at Stars. This one takes place in the spring semester of their senior year.

Maybe Riley should have known that once those words were spoken, more specifically towards her, that things would start to change. Not that they haven't already.

Homeroom bell rang and the junior high students rush into the school with everyday similar to the last; at least that's what it seemed like to Riley. She walked beside Maya, neither spoke, and Riley played with her hair so her waves fell over her shoulder; Maya could always read Riley's facial expressions. With arms linked the two girl walked toward Cory's classroom to begin the school day. However feet from her father's classroom Riley stopped then unlinked from Maya.

Summary-Riley finally breaks, but she didn't expect the reason she would break would be because her of her parents and best friend. I just want to say a quick thank you to 3 people: imaginarybird for helping me out of my funk. I want to thank grizbehr for helping me to write some of the paragraphs and lastly I want to thank laurabelle for reading and for encouraging me

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They're the mistakes that as hard as you try to unravel, can't be taken back. You can forgive, forget, move on, but the imprint of those moments have altered things enough that it changes the very fabric of what you started with. She opened her laptop and read through her opening paragraph before returning to her writing, "And you start to wonder if what's left is even worth fighting for. She knew that she wasn't fighting for Lucas, she was waiting for the right decision to just come to them. The decision that would keep all three of them from getting hurt.

Nope I don't own anything and Yep this is more than a one shot. Enjoy :. Riley was livid. She was beyond furious and more than anything she was butt hurt. Here she was 15 years old, walking the empty streets of New York alone trying to get home. There were so many things wrong with the situation as it is without adding to the fact that it was two in the morning. How was it that she was out alone at 2 am anyone could ask. Well it all started with a party blast that was sent out to the entire school earlier this morning.

Sep 29, - He walks up to Riley and tries to give her a hug, but she deflects it. No one expects Girl Meets World to be anything more than Riley's online.

I own nothing recognizable. Enjoy the read! She's twelve when she goes tumbling into his lap for the first time.

That was all she asks for of her friends was a little honest. But what did she get? A big ole nothing but hurt. She didn't mind the fact that even though they were suppose to be on a break from the triangle Lucas and Maya started dating.

Hot feet! Fire in the middle! Warm as a griddle!

Lucas finally made his decision on which girl he wants to be with.

I just can't help it! Rucas is forever my favorite ship on this show and I can't stop myself from writing stories about them. This one will be a little different from what I usually do. Lucas is a single dad and Riley is a kindergarten teacher. All our favorite characters will still be in it!

Summary: What if they all made a "time capsule" before they entered high school with the promise to open it before college? It was cluttered with boxes and Riley looked in them to find her best friend. She did find stuffed animals and other items that Maya had collected over the years. It looked like she was moving out, but Riley knew this was Maya's version of redoing the bay window. Do you know where she is? I thought we were going to go out together to shop for school. Said something about needing a new sketchbook or the sky would fall.

They should have seen how she was acting. They were her friends, her confidants, so they must have known something was up, right? Especially Maya or Farkle, even Lucas, so why haven't they?

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