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Hello guys, here I bring you my new story, I swear it will be better in the next chapters, I think this was an intro and i don't like it so much but oh well. I put some spoilers that i've seen from Season 3 but nothing too revealing tbh, just some quotes. Indeed everything stopped, but not for good. It was now September and since June they had been dealing with their feelings and honestly Maya was tired. She believed that High School was for change and she wanted nothing more than to change this mess they were in.

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Hello guys, here I bring you my new story, I swear it will be better in the next chapters, I think this was an intro and i don't like it so much but oh well. I put some spoilers that i've seen from Season 3 but nothing too revealing tbh, just some quotes. Indeed everything stopped, but not for good. It was now September and since June they had been dealing with their feelings and honestly Maya was tired.

She believed that High School was for change and she wanted nothing more than to change this mess they were in. She still liked Lucas, Riley still liked Lucas and Lucas liked both, it had become awfully uncomfortable, until the point were Maya decided to not sit in front of Lucas like when they were in Middle School so Riley didn't felt either bad or jealous.

Maya gave some careless brushes to the white canvas, trying to get her mind off things but it was hard with everything going on.

Maya believed that he should have choose one of them by now, but he was even more confused and Riley apparently didn't wanted to move, she wanted things to remain the same, she didn't want the triangle to end.

But Maya knew that it was because her best friend was honestly afraid of the other getting hurt. But Maya was done with it, since the beginning of High School Maya had been getting farther and farther away from Lucas and Riley, she had decided that she was the one in charge of her life.

Maya walked to chemistry class through the hallways of her new school, hell it was nothing like Middle School, everyone was more independent, tougher and even more rude sometimes.

As she approached to her classroom she saw a glimpse of Lucas and Riley in their literature class, she sighed and looked at them for a second. As time passed she saw how maybe Lucas seemed more interest on Riley than in her and she didn't ignore it, her best friend and the guy she liked seemed meant to be. It hurt her to the bones but it was truth, she saw them and she wonder why she let her feelings out in the first place, she had conceal them so good the last few years that everything was fine.

It was Lucas and Riley, Cory and Topanga, they were meant to be and Maya felt so stupid for falling for Lucas, he was her best friend prince and Maya? She didn't had anyone. Maya was in her locker, trying to get some books out, waiting for Riley and Lucas to come by, she had made her choice and she wasn't changing her mind.

She felt how someone was approaching, although she wasn't seeing she knew how her clumsy friend walked, she didn't need to turn around, she could easily tell by the sound of her heels. I haven't seen you since History class! You wouldn't believe what Lucas did! He totally left Mr.

Maya stopped Riley as she closed her locker with force, Riley jumped scared by the sound. But Maya simply looked at her with sadness and disappointed.

She wasn't mad that at the end of the day Riley was keeping the guy or that the guy preferred Riley, it did hurt a bit, a lot if she was honest. But Maya was sure it was for the best, at the end of the day nothing good came to her.

Both girls stared at each other for a few seconds before her other friends arrived. But things would not turned out in favor of Farkle or Maya, because the persons they loved, loved each other.

Zay was known for being too honest and very intelligent, he always knew what was happening. Maya rolled her eyes, run a hand through her hair and turned around to look at Lucas who was examining them quietly. It would be hard, but at the end High School drifted people apart, right? And Maya wanted nothing more than be as far away from the thing that would cause her heart to break into a million pieces. Maya and Riley were sitting in the bay window quietly, Maya felt the tension in the air, she felt how her best friend looked at her quickly but drifted her gaze when Maya would look back.

Maya was about to tell Riley that she was nothing to be afraid of, at the end of the day the things would turn all right for her. But her actions were stopped when Lucas entered the bay window, he had a worried look too, both Maya and Riley opened the space in the middle he always occupied. It was time to get her heart broken, Maya breathed deeply and she thought this is going to hurt. It has been months Lucas and you still have both of us at the edge.

And Lucas? Lucas had a panic and livid look on his face, it was like panic in his factions but his sea-foam eyes seemed like fire. Maya couldn't be more mad, she had seen them, she had feel them, she knew they were in love and know Lucas was trying to deny it? Maya turned around to face Lucas with rage. Maya then faced her best friend that was still looking at both of them, Maya walked towards her and grab her hand and put her next to Lucas.

Maya felt a sharp ache in her chest, she diverted her gaze. She then proceed to walk to towards the bay window, she got out and turned around a second to see the happy couple smiling at each other. A tear fell from Maya's eyes and she turned around and walked away from the apartment, she wanted to do nothing else than to forget.

She was cleaning the counter while Maya was lay down, her face in a pout, there were some people in the Diner, usually families but no one in the countertop. She caressed Maya's hair and Maya sighed. I'm not an idiot, I've seen the way he looks at you and he likes you too.

Maybe he's confused about his feelings. There are plenty of guys that would want you. You're beautiful and kind, maybe a little bit tough but when they get to know you, they'll see. Go out with other guys and get distracted, It will be good for you to know someone else. She still didn't wanted to look at the guy but she felt the heat on her cheeks, Maya was totally unaware that the guy was listening and maybe even looking at her.

Katy giggled and Maya looked at her with killer eyes but with a nervous smile. Maya looked at the guy that was sitting next to her, he had this dark black hair, his eyes were a dark brown, the dark brown Maya liked to use when she painted wood in her painting, she had this charming half smiled that made Maya blush, he was piercing her with his eyes that had a singular spark.

Maya breathe and tried to canalize this new goal she had. The guy then took a strand of her hair and look at it. The guy let go the strand of hair and smiled with a charming smiled, he looked at her up from down, like he was mesmerized with her. But then she realized she was being stupid, this was her chance and she needed to be herself, she took a deep breath.

She opened her eyes and she saw the money of the milk shake in the counter table, she turned around and Jordan was gone, she smiled. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Now that they are in High School the triangle mess hasn't been solved and neither Lucas or Riley are doing anything to change that.

But now Maya is tired from it, she wants change, she wants to move on and that is when she meets Jordan.

Will Jordan be able to be the wake-up call that Lucas needed to realize that he loved Maya? Leave your reviews so I know what you guys think! Thank you! I do not own GMW. The only thing she missed is that Lucas looked at her when she turned around. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Hey babes! I'm new to writing for the GMW fandom, but I love Lucaya they deserved better and when my sister talked about this story idea I knew I wanted to write it. So I did. She seems to think I got the characterization pretty spot on, so I hope you all think so as well. In this story, they're in their junior year of high school, so a few things have changed.

Maya and Lucas were sitting by the window currently discussing the love triangle. Lucas felt slightly relieved yet uncomfortable that they were talking about this. Thst meant that this whole love triangle businesses could be over.

Maya sighed deeply as she pulled a pillow to her chest to hug. She was on the floor in her bedroom, lights off, allowing the numerous illuminated business signs around her apartment building to cast their glow throughout her room. Her mother still occasionally offered to get her curtains thick enough to prevent the light from penetrating when closed, but, after so many years of having it, Maya doubted that she could manage without them. They were her version of Riley's nightlight, and watching the shadows play on her walls was oddly soothing.

Maya knew that she was being a bit ridiculous. Since when did she of all people primp her appearance in the bathroom after school? She never cared if she was a bit sweaty, or if her hair was askew after her playing with it throughout the day. This afternoon though was different. It had found her sniffing at her tee-shirt to ensure that she had indeed showered properly after gym and running her fingers through her hair in an effort to tame it, before finally giving up on that entirely and settling for a simple braid that she secured with a random rubber band that laid next to the sink. She couldn't believe that she was doing this, she thought, even as she gave herself a final one over while wondering if maybe she should try to snag a bit of lip-gloss or something off whoever came in next. That wasn't her. She didn't do glosses or make-up, not even when a raging pimple made its appearance in the centre of her forehead. She wasn't one of those girls, which begged her to wonder why she was even in the bathroom checking up on herself in the first place. It was Emily's fault she ultimately decided, as she swung her recently acquired backpack onto her shoulder.

It had started off as a normal day. I was on the train headed to me and my best friend, Maya's favorite store, Demolition. I was sitting on the bench, waiting for my stop while looking through the pictures on my phone. Probably half of them were pictures of me and Maya, goofing around.

I do not own Girl Meets World!

A combination of road works and a fairly serious traffic accident delayed the club's return to the city. Indeed, it was nearly one on Monday morning when the road-weary students and their chaperones stumbled out of the bus and into the care of their parents and guardians. It was a foregone fact that none of them would return to the school for the remainder of the day, so it was not until Tuesday that it became evident how deeply rooted the issue with Maya from the weekend truly was.

Maya felt her heart plummet as she met Lucas' level gaze. She narrowed her eyes slightly, searching his eyes for any sight of mirth, or even deception, anything really that could reassure her that he was not serious about what he had just said. She found no sign of it. Searching Lucas' face Maya saw nothing but complete honestly there, and she forced herself to purse his lips into something resembling annoyance in order to mask what she was truly feeling.

Zay never moved to New York in this story. Riley does find out about Lucas' past. He tells her. Zay will still be involved in this story though. Everytime else pretty much stays in line with the show expect that. This is my first fanfiction for GMW.

Amongst other people, her best friend Maya Hart sat in the stands watching her swim. Maya Hart had competed earlier and lost and was still in her swim team outfit but didn't change because she didn't want to miss a second of Riley competing. Maya watched with so much eagerness to see her best friend win. And then she saw it. Riley won. Many people jumped up and cheered for Riley but none louder than Maya.

May 4, - If the universe was telling her to step back, then she would. Maya leaves with her mother to Hollywood after Katy gets a role in an upcoming tv.

Her best friend Riley Matthews rolled her eyes and gave her a small smile before copying her best friend's actions and sat right next to Maya on the couch. The girls sank into the couch and closed their eyes, enjoying the silence of the apartment. School had ended for summer vacation a few hours ago and both girls couldn't wait for carefree, fun summer days and nights. Just as quickly as they sat down the silence was soon broken by Auggie Matthews, Riley's six year old brother, burst through the door followed by Topanga Matthews, Riley's mother. They were carrying bags of grocery and Riley and Maya raced over to help them.

Maya turned her head as she felt a gentle touch on her arm. She smiled easily at her date before reaching up to tuck an errant strand of his silky dark hair back into place. Shane had left her for a minute or so in order to dispose of their empty cups; she had offered to go with him, but apparently disposing of their garbage was part of his duty as her date?

A little while ago, I crossed the threshold of followers on tumblr and held a one shot give away. The winner was cowboy-and-city-girl , who requested a story where after the now infamous scene in the season 3 promo, Riley breaks down and tells Lucas everything. There were a few other requests as well, but I don't want to spoil it for you. Riley isn't sure how any of this happened.

It's Wednesday and Maya Hart is sitting on the park bench, sketching. She had pretty rough weeks since she started high school, trying to adjust herself to the new environment of high school because it is totally different than what she expected.

I will start by saying that English is not my native language so be patient with me here! So this fanfic will be what I wished season 4 would be like. I believe the series would be like this because of the previous history the authors made with Boy Meets World, so this fanfic follows some parallels to continue the history. Also, I was very inspired by Nothesc fanfic "From Texas to Graduation: a Lucaya history" and Yuniesan so I will actually pretty much follow her doings, I have talked to Yuniesan, and I will post the links to her story here in the parts that I imagine the same and I will write only the changes I made. Guys, I have talked with Yuniesan.

Maya walked the halls, alone. She hated that word. Ever since Riley started dating the guy she likes, Lucas, life hasn't been quite right for her. It's lonesome. Farkle started dating that girl, Smakle or whatever, from the debate team.

Aren't you ready to go? Maya just stared at her for a moment. Riley's brows furrowed.

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