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But Lucas sees a lot more to them than that - he sees honey flecks in them, and rich dark undertones. She walked up to the two of them them, putting her arm around each of them, a smirk playing on her lips. Although Riley put an arm around Maya, smiling. Riley and Lucas stared at Maya in confusion. Lucas held her hand, clutching it softly and Riley loved the warmth he welcomed her and how he made butterflies erupt in her stomach whenever he touched her. When the two of them become roommates at Quincy University, whether by randomness or some kind of fate, it seems like a terrible, terrible mistake.

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Girl meets world maya and lucas fanfiction harry

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Story Author Community Forum. Bio Fav: Stories. As for the others, they'll do anything to get a story, shot, or information, and they mean anything. What will this mean for Riley and Farkle's relationship?

XP AO3! Lucas Friar's hardest chemistry test, and she'll receive a surprise of her choice if and only if she succeeds. Lucaya smut. Don't own GMW. Thank you. Love, Taylor. Doctor Lucas Friar is the only doctor who knows how to treat Maya in the psychiatric unit because nobody else will pay attention to her. What happens when Maya grows a backbone? I don't own GMW nor anything associated with such. Please read and review! And be honest with me. Many Happy Accidents? AKA the most depressing Lucaya fic I've written and also one of the shortest.

In this, Maya has mixed feelings and signals after her first unprotected sexual encounter with Lucas. It's okay to cry. Just read and review. It's Saturday morning, and Farkle wakes up with morning wood. Isadora is more than happy to help. Read and Review!

I don't beta my work. I might turn this into a series of one-shots! Rated M for sex, alcohol, and some violence. This time, however, she could use some help. You know what to do. When Smackle gives herself to Farkle, she gets confused because the first time is never magical.

Smarkle BDSM smutfic one-shot. Disclaimer: I do not own GMW or the characters associated with such. What are Maya's reasons and intentions?

TW: Smut. Disclaimer: Don't own GMW or characters associated with such. Desktop Mode. Sign Up. Terms of Service.

Farkle and Lucas

Story Author Community Forum. Bio Fav: Stories. As for the others, they'll do anything to get a story, shot, or information, and they mean anything.

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Hey guys so i love the show girl meets worldso i decided that i would make a farkle and maya fanfiction, i know everyone likes lucas and riely fanfictions but nobody has ever really read one about farkle and maya, so here it goes. Maya hart i s the deuteragonist in girl meets world like riley maya is also in seventh grade age 12 she goes to john quincy adams middle school she is best friends with riley. A description of tropes appearing in girl meets world this is how riley and maya react in girl meets maya's mother, when farkle begins to take off his. Farkle, maya and riley is the friendship pairing of farkle minkus, maya hart and riley matthews in season 1, farkle's relationships with the girls were more romantic on his side. You are reading girl meets all grown upwell, we'll see a girl meets world fanfic on hold fanfiction riley matthews, maya hart, lucas friar, and farkle mincus are all grown upwell almost.

Riley and lucas kiss. Perfect Chapter 1, a girl meets world fanfic

They have a scene with just the two of them without Riley and Maya. As much as I like Riley and Maya, I want to see more scenes like that. Farkle and Riley had devised a plan to finally get Maya and Lucas to confess their feelings for each other, they both decided that they would get the other two to drink a love potion that would make them announce their love for each other. Riley giggled and highfived Farkle when she watched the two blonds sip at the spiked coffee that she had given them before she walked away. His brows furrowed as he thought hard about all the ingredients in it knowing that he got it right. I mean, I tried it out on myself and it worked. The brunette shoved her face into an open menu as the two walked up to Farkle and her, the blonde laughing and taking the menu from her hands and kissed her cheek and her hand like she normally did. Do you feel different? Thats weird.

I Thought You Were Smaller — Want

Farkle flew to the door when he heard the doorbell. Which, of course, took awhile, since his house was so big. Today was the day. The Red Planet Diaries finale and, possibly more important, the first sleepover Farkle had ever hosted.

Originally posted by 80smileven.

Prompt: Can you do a story where they are soulmates in a world were u get your soulmates name written on your wrist when you turn 16 and them getting together and finding out they are meant to be? Once upon a time, there was a magical place where finding your soulmate was easy and you and your soulmate fell in love at first sight. He lived in a world that was the complete opposite to be exact. Maya had come to him at 2 in the morning, wanting to show him the initials on her wrist.

Fandom Imagines — Farkle x Reader

Hey guys and gals, this story is about Lucas and Farkle getting together during a heated game of strip poker. There's not much of a plot, it's basically just them doing work, and things turn So yeah, this story contains boy on boy, don't like then don't read.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Lucas and Farkle - Stand By You

This story is rated M and this contains gay sex. I don't want to get reviews saying "Gay is wrong and how dare you make so and so gay" I don't own, work for know anyone who owns, works for Disney and Disney's Girl Meets World in any way. Farkle was the first one to enter his History class for the first time of the new school year. The class was taught by Mr. Cory Matthews.

Lucas who was just scrolling through his phone while lying on his bed look lazily over to the unexpected intruder. I came over to yell at this big idiot for making Riley cry! She thought that maya knew and was hiding it from her. Lucas nodded but inside his heart began to race and his nervousness grew. He was about to face the problem they had put off for a long time. I just think that whatever was between us, was forced.

lucas & farkle are in love its so painfully obvious, Everyone must get on the Larkle train, i mean do what you Aug 26, - Uploaded by heroesaxdvillains.

The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory Matthews is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series. At the start of the series, Riley is 12 years old and in seventh grade.

They have history class together and sit near each other. Similar to Riley and Maya, the two are very protective of each other and make up for each others' shortcomings while also being polar opposites, Lucas being a more athletic person while Farkle is more intellectual. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Summary: Farkle is shutting Lucas out, and Lucas doesn't know what do to. I was having severe Larkle feels blame LadyofDecember on tumblr for that and I just needed to write something for them. Anyway, I hope this turned out well Lucas faintly remembered being warned that junior year of high school was a bitch.





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