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Gifts to get friends from india

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Everyone knows going to India means you have the opportunity to bring back some amazing traditional items and more! If you go to an Indian grocery store in the United States, most of these things are now available too. Also Read - Wow! Here are some gift ideas for your non- desi friends that are perfect for birthday presents, anniversary presents, or even congratulatory presents. If you go to any open market in India or the Indian store, there are so many beautifully decorated purses from elephants to floral patterns that are often adorned with bright jewels.


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32 Awesome Gifts that Foreign Travellers can Take Home from India

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Souvenirs are the concoction of emotions that you take back home either for yourselves or for your loved ones. These objects make you relive and share the milestones of happiness you achieved during your travels. As simple as it seems, we understand that buying souvenirs can be a tricky task in itself.

As a result of which, in the heat of the moment you end up over thinking and buying something completely different from the idea in your head. Also, for a country as diverse as India, shopping is always a hustle. Is that something you want to avoid on your India travel? Trust us; they are completely worth it. Ladakh Tour to India.

Pashminas are made out of 3 kinds of goat wool and are best known for getting softer over time. There is a reason why it is one of the most unique gifts for travelers. The clever color palette, fine craftsmanship and feel of this handspun fiber make this item a star gift to take back from India.

There is no other perfect way to tell your loved ones that you care, count us on that. This makes up for a perfect honeymoon gift for wife, what do you think? Shopping in India and missing on beautiful jewelry is like drinking coffee without a good creamer, boring and incomplete. Whenever in India make sure that you get these beauties. Why Shopping in Delhi your ask? The range here spans from precious stone jewellery to cheap metal jewelry.

Do you want something minimalistic yet gorgeously made as your souvenir from India? Or do want a gift for a foreign friend that embraces history and has a cheeky edge over anyone on this planet. This invincible art of the Mughal era which includes white thread embroidery on pastel color clothes is one of the most amazing things to splurge on. Gift this to someone who loves simplicity and elegance. Trust us; its one of the best travel gifts for her and there is no better way to tell them that you adore them just the way they are.

That is why we suggest you invest in sandalwood carving of Kerala. Trust us; its one of those gifts for travelers that makeup as one of the most appropriate executives travel gifts. These wooden sculptures capture the essence of the nation in the form of boxes, animal figures, figurative of dancers, ashtrays and much more.

Find these pretty little things on our way to Cochin , Trichur, Thiruvananthapuram , and Ernakulam. Madhubani is the patterned art form of Bihar that is famous for portraying a whole narrative either from history or from mythology in a single canvas sheet.

These paintings depict folklore and sometimes trace back history to cater to the artistic pleasures of its seekers. So, add color to your life and learn more about Bihar here.

Marian May. The Blue pottery of Rajasthan is that sprinkle of royal feel that you can add to your dining experience to feel like the royalty you already are. They look dead- gorgeous and feel absolutely fantastic in whichever place they are displayed in. Chanderi sarees are the finest example of handloom in India, whose history dates back to Vedic times.

This gorgeous silk-cotton handloom proudly boasts its deeper roots with nature in its design. Phulkari, as the name suggests, is another form of embroidery that is much popular for its vibrant colors and flower-shaped structure. Unlike Chikan, Phulkari has been always about colors and high spirits. Do you have a friend who has a nag about embroidery or whose spirit animal is as vibrant as the colors of this craft?

Then we suggest you gifting them these and be the person who brings best travel gifts for her. You can see this art blooming in all its glory in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh. Here, scents of distinct flavors are prepared with no alcohol and sold in fancy bottles. We bet that it will definitely draw your attention at its very first sight. A perfect gift or not, that you have to decide, for all that we know the aroma is heavenly.

Aipans are decorative designs that you will find in every household in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. These designs are the symbols for prosperity and are always made on a red background to attract a fortune.

By the same token, these folders with Aipan on them define how beautiful, the people here are, as they share their good luck with the people who visit them. The Warli painting style is one of the oldest art forms whose existence dates back to 10 th Century AD. Famous for its tribal patterns and depiction of daily life, Warli paintings are the perfect pieces of decoration for any monochrome color scheme. In the same token, you can buy these in paper or in cloth depending on how you want the background texture to be.

Do you want to know about many such about Maharashtra tourism? Then, click here. If you are a history buff or even if you have a friend that is, then gifting them the treasures of Indian history and mythologies will be beyond perfect. You can start off by buying them some insightful spiritual texts or can gift them the Vedic books on politics, philosophy and what not.

Stuck somewhere? Then, just buy the famous Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata to enlighten and entertain them at the same time. So, if you are looking for gifts for someone traveling abroad , then look no more and buy it in the first place. Take back a year old art form that still uses natural dyes to decorate its handwoven marvel.

This beautiful handloom piece is available in many forms including in sarees too. This beautiful visual treat is indeed an assortment to pamper yourself and your loved ones with. So, get yours at Gujarat. The salt marsh of India, Kutch has many alluring crafts attached to its name. The most beautiful of which is its block embroidery.

It looks very boho, sleek and vibrant all at the same time. Although the options of the craft items available are many, we highly recommend buying the embroidered cushions here. This color-popped cutesy cushion will definitely bring a vibrant and positive vibe to the ambiance. Take back this amazing piece of craft to your place and see the magic work.

Ashley Van Haeften. Bidri items are tagged as one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship in India that are the amazing as Indian traditional gifts for foreigners. Its years old origin and process that involves a lot of hard including carving, boiling, polishing and what not, makes this metal marvel a treat for the eyes. This jarring masterpiece is a phenomenal gift as anybody will be happy to receive it. Painting of Gods and Goddesses illustrating the rich culture of India is all that Tanjore paintings of Tamil Nadu are all about.

These alluring pieces find their roots in the 16 th century and feature various Gods in golden embellishments. Screams to us as an awesome thing to buy, what about you? The best part is that these sometimes comprise of precious stones too.

These artists have a great importance in society because of carving God and godly sculptures. Shopping for these items in West Bengal will make you fall in love with this art. Road trip gifts for guys decoded! Everyone does, right? So, how about the flavors of India handpicked from the greenish tea meadows in India? Calls out for a mesmerizing concoction of flavors altogether? Yes, it does and you can carry this flavor back to your country from the authentic tea gardens of India.

Still, buying the local tea from the place you are traveling adds a new flavor of experience to its taste. India being the motherland of Ayurveda can gift you the benefits of the science of life in a complete nutshell. Furthermore, taking back its wonders to your home for a lifestyle change for you and your loved ones seems like a smart choice.

India and spices are synonyms. Whether you are a fan of Indian cuisine or not, you cannot deny that the best quality spices are grown in India.

A good handloom carpet is an ultimate trophy that you can take back and proudly boast in your living space. It will royalitfy your ambiance and will give your apartment cozy vibes. Not even covering the ears, the Himachali cap is known to give the right amount of warmth in this cold paradise.

So, take this color blocked woven wonder for someone who loves winters and is always found in the snow. We can guarantee it will turn out truly one of the best travel gifts for him.

Enjoying these gifts for travelers? Then, read more about Himachal tourism here for some better insights on regional gifts. The ultimate goals for travel gifts for couples! The art of puppet making in India dates back to the time of the royalties. Bringing them back to your abode is probably the best remembrance you can have of this plush estate.

Exploring the state, you find these softwood puppets almost everywhere decorated in the colors of the rainbow. So, buy them to blend the hue of India into your living space.

The colors of India is what draws me to this country. Planning my trip for next year and definitely hope to pick up some souvenirs.

23 Amazing Gifts

India is a land of rich culture and heritage, diversified in religion and provinces each state has something unique to offer. Indians specialized in handicrafts, intense labor, fine craftsmanship, freshly grown foodstuffs are unraveled to find elsewhere in the world. With all the local resources Indian tend to create a blend of artistic souvenirs which has an essence of India in its every form. Spices have led to globalization. It was the main reason for Indians getting colonized by the British.

Shopping is an art and it is best developed in countries as diverse as India. Indeed a paradise for shoppers, India boasts being one of the most dynamic retail industries in the world. Ideal gifts to take home from India would be something that comes from its unique handicraft and handloom traditions.

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25 Best Indian Souvenirs That You Must Buy!

When you visit India, a riot of colors, smells and sights welcome you. India has the ability to touch you and move you in a whole new way that you never imagined possible. How then, can you ever do justice to this magnificent land in the form of a few small Indian souvenirs? In this blog, we listed the best souvenirs from India that make excellent gifts for your friends and family. These products are native to India and are difficult to find anywhere else in the world. Nowhere in the world do spices smell so fresh and aromatic as in India. There are lot of spices you will find but to name a few you can look out for Clove, Curry powder, Saffron, Ajwain, Fenugreek, Cumin, Cardmom, Tamrind powder and many more. Indian pickles are spicy, tangy and sweet all at the same time.

Best Gift Ideas : From USA to India

Updated Jan Matching Outfits New! These could be for mother-daughter , new born-father or newborn-mother , husband-wife or full family matching outfits. Stay tuned soon going to post an entire article on matching outfit coming soon! Honey Roasted Dry Fruits New!

Souvenirs are the concoction of emotions that you take back home either for yourselves or for your loved ones. These objects make you relive and share the milestones of happiness you achieved during your travels.

Ganesh statues are excellent gift ideas for India-lovers worldwide. The elephant-headed god is worshiped for good luck and success, and often adorns spaces in Indian homes and offices. Featuring intricate handwork on solid metal brass, this Ganesh figure is perfect as a gift or stocking stuffer.

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Mar 8, - Here are suggestions for the most unique gift items to shop which are the best souvenirs from India that make excellent gifts for your friends.








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