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One day last August, I opened up my personal email on my laptop, as I do every day. Try freeing up space or purchase additional storage. For some time, I had watched the blood-red text at the bottom of my screen, tallying the number of accumulated gigabytes in my basic and free Gmail account. This gradual creep taunted me, daring me to ignore the hint at my own risk. And ignore it I did, receiving dozens and dozens of emails a day while rarely bothering to delete, let alone read, most of them.

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Don’t Reply to Your Emails

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Last week, I posted a message on Facebook about having successfully emptied my inbox. I was surprised by the number of comments I got in return. One friend said that she had "no words to describe the level of my admiration and jealousy.

Back in the day, I used to be fairly diligent about sorting email. After writing for Ars for a while, the volume of email made that a much tougher task. Fortunately for me and others in my boat , Apple got serious about indexing in with the inclusion of Spotlight in Mac OS X With all the contents of Mail. Relying on Spotlight to keep track of one's mail can become inefficient, however, and I recently got disgusted with my inbox and decided to get organized.

It took a couple of hours to get from 2, to 50, where I happily resided for awhile. Going down to zero took another 15 minutes or so. Right now, there are four items in my inbox, all of which should be dealt with by day-end.

Yes, the combination of indexing and search make dealing with a jam-packed inbox less painful than in the past. But having a barren—or at least minimally cluttered—inbox makes me more productive. It's easier to find things, and seeing a small handful of messages is far less stress-inducing than having four-digits worth of email staring at me. If you've been battling a bulging inbox, here are five tips that may help you win the war.

They worked for me. In order to slim down your inbox, you'll need to dedicate some time to the task. Shut off your IM clients, turn your phones on mute, and dive in. It's important that you be as undistracted by external stimuli as possible. If necessary, stay late in the office or do it at home after everyone has gone to bed. I tackled my 2,plus messages at pm on a Wednesday night.

I woke up the next morning tired I had messages in my inbox from last year and earlier, and with stuff that old, it's pointless to spend time looking at each message to decide what to do with it. With stuff more than a month or so old, it's safe to assume that if it was important, you dealt with it.

If you're not comfortable just nuking it, then archive it. Most email clients now offer an archive feature; there are also third-party apps that can do it as well. Now that you've dealt with the old stuff, here's how to avoid putting yourself in the same situation in the future.

It's quite simple. As soon as you reply to or forward a new email, delete it. If you get a reply, it's likely to have the original email quoted. If not, there's always a copy in your Sent Items folder.

If you really feel attached to a particular email and don't want to delete it, move it to a folder. Whatever you do, don't let it fester in your inbox after you've dealt with it. It will attract friends. There are times when you can't deal with an email right away.

You may be swamped with work, or you may need time to craft a flame so elegant and articulate that the recipient will curl up into a fetal position upon reading it. That's fine. Here's my rule of thumb: If I think I'll be able to get to it in the next two or three hours, I'll leave it in my inbox and delete it after I get around to replying.

If it's going to be longer than that, it becomes a to-do item. Needless to say, the majority of those don't require my immediate attention, and I've set up some rules and smart folders to handle those. With CES coming up next month, I'm being bombarded with emails from companies looking to connect at the trade show to all PR firms and companies wanting a piece of me at CES: I'm not going.

So I have a rule that sends any email with CES in the title or message body into its own mailbox. Then I can tackle them at my leisure. I've got a couple of other smart mailboxes set up that are quite useful.

One is set to capture any emails received during the last two weeks that have attachments. Another one has everything I've sent in the last 24 hours.

If you've got other suggestions that have led you down the road to inbox bliss, I'd love to hear them. The five tips I just outlined worked well for me, and life is just a wee bit less stressful with a sparsely-populated inbox. You must login or create an account to comment.

Skip to main content Enlarge. Welcome to , filled with new newsletters , new launches , and new resolutions. In case "decluttering your digital life" sits among your goals in , we're surfacing a classic Ars guide to achieving inbox zero. This piece originally run on December 14, , and it appears unchanged below.

Eric Bangeman Eric has been using personal computers since and writing about them at Ars Technica since , where he currently serves as Managing Editor.

Chronological Insightful Highest Voted Funniest. This might of real help to me, considering my current inbox sits at 25, messages Declare bankrupcy. If the number is unbearable just mark all of them or all of them older than one week as read and move away. When you are at inbox zero keep your inbox zero. Last edited by satai on Sun Jan 07, pm.

After all, if they're that important, they'll be read eventually. It's not as hard as people seem to make it out to be. Step 1 is just to move everything except the most recent stuff into your archive, since you're already using your inbox as your archive anyway. Step 1: Select all emails Step 2: Click 'mark as read' If it was important, they'll nag you about it again sometime in the future.

Edit: Also, make sure to use a separate email account for signing up for things of course. Edit 2: I just realised that whoever owns dj gmail. Every January, move inbox into a new folder with the previous year number. You're clean for a month! Well I kinda have like over 23, emails on gmail so that would take me a very long time to empty.

In the history of that inbox probably ever deleted emails so basically have almost every email since I opened it. I'm honestly quite confused. Why would one ever delete a read email? Honest question. Sarty wrote:. I have been at zero for a couple of years. At the moment, I use rules to move mail on which I'm cc'd to one folder, emails from my boss to another, and notifications to another.

I also created action, archive and hold folders. I also created one step buttons to move mail to action, hold, and archive folders. This setup allows me to sort incoming emails quickly and efficiently, typically by only reading the subject line. LeopardSeal wrote:. I have 3 email accounts Something I need to read A few I need to respond to later Last edited by NinjaNerd56 on Sun Jan 07, pm.

I try not to even archive. I always delete financial emails promptly. No sensitive data sits in my email. It's bad enough that I have to use it to authenticate at financial sites. But if I delete the mail that says where I authenticate, having access to my mail for a short time gets you nothing. An inbox or archive full of five-year-old messages constitutes a large internet footprint. I'm a little surprised by the default assumption that one's inbox should be regularly zeroed out.

As a matter of personal policy, I keep all of my emails. I also use gmail, which is free, has more storage than I need, and provides excellent search. Because of that, I don't feel the need to delete my messages from the inbox, nor characterize them by moving them to other folders. Google's search is good enough for me to find what I need when I need it. I don't even have to manually guess what folder a message might be in when I go to find it. Even if they were in folders, I'd probably be typing in a search anyway to get to it more quickly, so folders are pretty useless for me.

On the rare occasion I want group multiple threads together, I can tag them, which is semi-equivalent to moving them to a folder, but even better in the sense that a single message can live in multiple folders, i.

But I almost never do that.

Why I refuse to give my boyfriend my social media passwords

Are you an Arabic speaker? Try the Android Gmail app in Arabic and tell us what you think. You can search messages in Gmail by email, date, size, or other keyword in your Inbox, Spam, or Trash.

I was drowning in email. Spending hours a day, it seemed, roiling in an unending onslaught of info turds and falling further and further behind.

You're not alone. In fact, millennials have admitted in surveys they check their email while they walk, talk, workout, socialize and while they sit in bed. Some even admit they check their email while in the bathroom. This obsession could be harming their health and killing their relationships, according to a recently published study in Academy of Management Proceedings. Researchers surveyed full-time employees and their partners about their companies' expectations regarding electronic communications.

5 tips for blocking spam from your inbox

Top definition. Inbox Me unknown. Phrase used by those too stupid to say "email" that don't know the difference between a noun and a verb. An instant indication that you are dealing with a moron. I don't want to know you". Inbox me unknown. A person who is too stupid to use the word 'email' or 'message' and simply refers to the folder the message arrives in, rather than the method of transportation. If you see or hear someone use this phrase, it is best to remove all technology from that persons zone of influence and prevent them from using it again. Cutting off their fingers is extreme but may well be acceptable for the good of humanity as a whole.

Five Gmail features to get you out of your inbox and back to work

When I separated from my ex- husband, I did not make a huge announcement. There was no change to my Facebook status and I did not post anything exclusive to the fact. Still somehow, my inbox was full. Full of men who wanted to just say hi, or just say that they thought that I was beautiful.

How do we show respect to our husbands? Here are a few ways you may want to try…99 to be exact.

What could they click on? The New York Times published a piece saying that teenagers are giving each other passwords to their social media and the passcode to their phones as a sign of their devotion to each other. It's a sort of modern-day giving of a class ring, if you will.

Search in Gmail

The day after Christmas, I spent seven hours sifting through more than 2, unread emails I had accumulated over the previous month. Like many other people, I intended to begin with a fresh inbox and zero unread messages. Hundreds of articles have been written on how to achieve Inbox Zero. Products such as Polymail , Mailstrom , and Superhuman were all built to help make our inboxes more manageable.

When I separated from my ex- husband, I did not make a huge announcement. There was no change to my Facebook status and I did not post anything exclusive to the fact. Still somehow, my inbox was full. Full of men who wanted to just say hi, or just say that they thought that I was beautiful. Flattery gets you everywhere.

Zeroed out: Five steps toward restoring inbox sanity

My boyfriend has been visiting family for several weeks in a Level 2 country midlevel risk, according to the CDC. His company is asking him to quarantine when he returns, and my company is asking everyone to work from home. I want to see him very badly after his travels and I would possibly be willing to risk it versus waiting another two weeks to see him , as I can quarantine myself too, since I have to work from home. However, I have roommates and don't want to put them at risk. I don't even know if I should put myself at risk, but I miss the physical aspect of our relationship and the coronavirus is spreading in Boston anyways. Is it stupid to see him before the two-week period is up? But I have some opinions.

Someone from Oakwood, Georgia, US posted a whisper, which reads "Please get your man out of my inbox ".

Last week, I posted a message on Facebook about having successfully emptied my inbox. I was surprised by the number of comments I got in return. One friend said that she had "no words to describe the level of my admiration and jealousy. Back in the day, I used to be fairly diligent about sorting email. After writing for Ars for a while, the volume of email made that a much tougher task.

Ample storage space and extreme searchability are two of the driving factors behind Gmail's popularity. However, it's easy to abuse those luxuries and find yourself buried in an inbox thousands of messages deep. Here are New Atlas' tips for achieving an immaculate inbox so you can find what you need, when you need it.






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