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I'm so busy these past few days and work is stressing me out a lot. So I'm sorry if I update late. Thank you for reading and supporting this fanfic. It's such a shame that Tae's wings were cut. It would be great to fly with him like in my dreams. I saw the city below and the vast sky and clouds around me.


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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Prologue Chapter With awful parents and the need for freedom, what will big brother Jin do to save himself and his little sister? Warnings: Mentions of possibly triggering material. Originally posted by go2bedjungkook. You never could understand the two. How did they constantly rip at each other? How did they manage to cry into the night every time the sun went down? Your feet halted, hearing this argument.

With a bag in his grasp, he tugged you forwards. So, please let me take you with me.. Let me make a better life for you.. For us. That was seven years ago.. Seven years ago you had let Jin, your elder brother, sweep you away from the horrendous reality that you lived in, and he had kept his promise.

By working his ass off, with 2 part time jobs and college on his schedule, Jin had provided you both with a stable home, food income, and, most importantly, a happy environment. There was no fighting, despite the small disputes you and Jin wobbled over, and you both were happy.

Credit: juliehangart. Yes they are! BTS was on the radio. The radio freaking played Mic Drop ft. Next: Part 2. His face was lit up with a boxy smile. He crashed into you and gathered you up in a hug. His ears flicked before he smiled down at you again, his pointy canines poking his bottom lip. Yoongi walked into the kitchen yawning. His black ears flicked above his head as he approached the table. Taehyungs arms fell, and he looked over at Yoongi.

The two complied, focusing on the meal before them rather than bickering. The next character to enter the kitchen was Hoseok, your dog hybrid. His tail wagged behind him as he neared the stove. He peaked over your shoulder, practically drooling on you. He quickly complied plating his own food before the rest of the group ate it up. The sausages sizzled in the pan as they cooked. You felt gentle hands at your back, untying your apron.

He loved the activity ever since you taught him how. Soon enough he surpassed your skills, creating mouth-watering dishes that would make Gordon Ramsey cry. In thanks, you rubbed his dark fox ears. He leaned into your touch, fluffy tail swaying. Yoongi wordlessly pulled the chair out next to him for you to sit.

You had known him the longest out of all the boys and he always tried to look out for you. Sure, he was a hybrid, but he was also older than you, so he felt it was necessary. The black cat put food onto your plate before you could. Below the table you felt his long tail snake around your ankle. He was always very subtle in showing his love, but you found his subtly endearing.

The sliding glass door behind the table opened, momentarily pouring cold air into the hot kitchen. Namjoon closed the door, unraveling the scarf around his neck. Namjoon was a wolf hybrid. He always loved patrolling the woods around your house, feeling it was his duty to protect his territory. You looked around the kitchen table. Most of the boys were filling their plates for a second time. Jin still stood at the stove, humming lightly to himself.

It was quite the cozy scene, but something was missing. The hybrids all exchanged looks before looking back at you. Jimin was the newest addition to the group but had yet to warm up to everyone. It was understandable, given his past. You never meant to have seven hybrids living with you, but it just sort of happened. After your grandparents passed away, you inherited their estate, which included a rather large house nestled in a forest.

A free home whose mortgage was totally paid for was a blessing for a young woman like yourself. The morning you moved in, you discovered Yoongi. He was snoozing away in one of the guest bedrooms.

It turned out he had been homeless when he stumbled upon the empty house and made it his. The house was more than big enough so you let him stay with you. As time wore on, more and more hybrids showed up at your doorstep. They usually wandered into the woods, wounded and afraid.

Some, like Namjoon, kept their distance. Others, like Taehyung, curiously approached your home. A few days ago, you were out in the woods with Hoseok, when you saw a crumpled figure laying against a fallen tree. Huddled under a raggedy blanket was a calico cat hybrid, Jimin. You knocked on his bedroom door. Are you hungry? You opened the door slowly. The curtains in his room were drawn, darkening the room considerably.

However, it was easy to see the ball curled up on the bed. Jimin was asleep, his pink lips parted slightly. He was so cute you had to suppress a squeal. You sat on the edge of the bed and gently ran you fingers through his hair. Jimin and you got along fine, but he was wary around the rest of the group. You scratched behind his ears, earning a low purr from him. He flopped his head down in your lap and hugged your waist. Smiling, you pet him more. Much like Taehyung, he would cling onto you and beg for attention.

A rhythmic thumping sound caused you both to look at the doorway. There, Hoseok stood, his tail hitting the wood of the doorframe. He was doing his best to not rush into the room and attack the newcomer with questions.

Although he was restraining himself, his eagerness showed on his face. Jimin escaped under the covers before you could say anything. You stood and walked to the door, taking Hoseoks hands. You shooed him away, closing the door behind you. You chuckled and dragged him back to the dining room.

Jin helped you, plating a few extra sausages for the cat. You smiled at Jin before padding back into his room. His blonde head poked out from the covers. Seeing the food, he unfurled himself from the sheets and scooted to the edge of the bed. You sat next to him and handed him the plate. Jimin wasted no time in scarfing down the food.

The poor boy really needed some TLC. He seemed to lack sleep, proper nutrition and a loving family. You hoped you could change all that. Within minutes the plate was clean, and he set it down on his nightstand.

Bts Yoongi Ff Girl Meets Evil Part 3 Yoongi Is Hard Mp3 indir

It was Halloween weekend and, as per usual, your friends were dragging you along to another Halloween party in some sleazy club that you probably would never go to otherwise. A nice movie night in pajamas was more your scene. Someone had to keep these girls out of trouble and you guess it was going to be you. But then again, she had to be to get you to agree to things like this.

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Prologue Chapter With awful parents and the need for freedom, what will big brother Jin do to save himself and his little sister? Warnings: Mentions of possibly triggering material. Originally posted by go2bedjungkook. You never could understand the two.

GIRL MEETS EVIL (BTS fanfic) pt. 7

I'm so excited for their upcoming comeback! Anyway, here's the next chapter. I hope you'll like it, this series is nearing its end. Thank you to all the people who supported this fanfic. After my father disappeared with Tae, all the other demons vanished and all that remained were the wreckage and debris. When none of them tried to kill me, I searched for the dagger in my pocket but Yoongi quickly grabbed my hand, stopping me. I sobbed as I look into his eyes, I know he can hear what I'm thinking. I wanted to die, what's the point of living when I can't even save the one that I love.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.




Girl Meets Evil, the Best BR Fanfiction of ABO and mystery!



GIRL MEETS EVIL (BTS Fanfic) pt. 8


[gifs] unregelmäßige updates ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #fanfiction Girl meets Evil // MYG (x reader) "Seni seviyorum~" Jin Gif, Wattpad, Bts Reactions, Bts Bangtan Boy.








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