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Our members share their dating experiences and ask us the tough dating questions. My name is Chuck from Bolder Colorado. I am a year old Divorced Dad with three kids, 13, 10, 8. I have been divorced for a couple years and I am starting to date again and have a few questions about Divorced Dad Dating. Are there any "Pros or Cons" on dating younger women? I have found on some of these internet dating sites , that I am attracting a wide range of ages of women.

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Old enough to be her dad, too

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FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Should I be creeped out by my dad's relationship? It was not an easy break-up, and my dad was pretty devastated in its wake. While it was wrenching for me to think of my dad being alone in his mid-sixties, I cheered myself knowing that my dad, being a very smart, handsome, together guy with a whole lot of awesome qualities, is definitely a catch and would almost certainly end up with someone terrific.

I always pictured him being with some fun, free-spirited woman, probably a widow, someone who could match his intellect, stand up to his occasional bull-headedness, and win the hearts of his kids. My dad is now dating a woman nearly 30 years younger than he. She and I could have been classmates. He is, quite literally, old enough to be her father. My dad and I are close in every aspect but this.

The added layer of ickiness here is this: when I was very young my parents divorced in no small part because my dad fucked the babysitter, who was not above the age of consent at the time. To complicate matters further, today the girlfriend e-mailed me for the first time, and in it she included a few suggestions for what to get my dad for Christmas. Emotionally, it creeps me right the fuck out that 25 years ago she and I could have shared a locker.

Other important facts: I live on the opposite side of the country as my dad, so while we talk regularly I only get to see him once a year or twice a year at the very most. I hope. I know that ultimately dating decisions belong solely to my dad, and I really want to be supportive of him.

Am I wrong here? Should I just get over myself and just be delighted my dad found someone he loves? Or is it totally creepy that my dad is dating someone less than two years older than his own daughter? Please help me find clarity and peace here, hive mind. Okay, that is awful and gross - no disagreement on that.

But the woman your father is with is not an underage babysitter. She's not even a naive twenty-one year-old. She's thirty-six. Don't conflate the two. That's all I have to say about it. As much as it may gross you out, who your dad chooses to have a romantic relationship with is his choice, end of story. He's your father and he's rebounding. You're going to, to a certain degree, have right of refusal on his mates if they get serious and I don't think you have to be so reticent about expressing your approval or disapproval with him.

I wouldn't let his girlfriend know your concerns but I definitely would say something to your father about the age difference. If he assures you it's nothing serious ie, he's not planning to marry her then you probably should just let it go.

And fwiw, this seems to just be the way men roll at his age. Even as they age past their forties, men seem to still be only considering women in their 30s as eligible. The babysitter thing is a little disturbing but this woman is a woman, not a teenager, so it seems his tastes have changed a bit. Yeah, that babysitter point is awful - but that was how long ago? Probably two or three decades ago? The thing is your dad was acting very poorly back then, but he is a different man nowadays, and the new woman isn't your babysitter - so you really should just take that comparison right off the table - it doesn't have any bearing on this situation to anyone but you.

James Woods was dating a year-old when he was 53 and said, "If you ever bought a dog, what did you buy? You bought a fucking puppy You don't buy a year-old German shepherd. You buy a nice young puppy -- what are you, crazy? Indeed, it's sort of its own cliche, isn't it? Your dad was distraught over his divorce. This younger woman makes him feel better in a way that a more mature partner would not.

He is able to tell himself, "Yeah, I still got it. Sure you should secretly hope that your dad settles down with someone his own age So what? Let your dad do his thing. He is a grown up and so are you. You can deal with this. What predilection? While it was gross of him to fuck the babysitter, being with a 36 year old has nothing to do with that.

In fact, considering the fact that he's been with at least two women presumably his own age your mother and former step-mother , the indication is that he has pretty diverse tastes, so to speak. Really, let go of the ageism. These two people are consenting adults and this woman is trying to reach out and forge a friendship and you're reacting like a snotty teenager. You mentioned that you thought about turning it around and asking you dad what he wold think if you started dating a year-old.

You may want to consider what you would think if you fell in love with a perfectly charming year-old gentleman and your father told you that your relationship creeped him out. I think the odds are fairly good that would justifiably tell him to suck it up. You've got a wonderful opportunity here to demonstrate grace. Don't pass it up. I agree with all of the other commenters, especially because not once in your post did you mention anything about this woman other than her age.

Oh, and the fact that she is actually trying to a make your dad happy at Christmas and b get you in on it. Did she insinuate that she's trying to be your stepmother? Don't go all cutesy with the "stepmommy" crap; she knows perfectly well how awkward this must be. How do you think she feels? YOU need to grow up. Anybody coming out of a divorce, at any age, deserves to have someone around who makes them feel alive again. If you imagined people around you like your boss, or your friends, or in this case your father having sex all the time it would drive you crazy, wouldn't it?

It's a little unfair to raise objections about age, and it's really unfair to drag the babysitter incident into it. As far as Christmas presents go, it seems a little inappropriate and insensitive for this woman to reach out to you in this context.

The best thing to do is to shift the subject away from your father and maybe see if there is some other Christmassy-bonding thing she would like to do that is politically neutral. Or not. Since the relationship is relatively young six months ,it may be unwise to start bonding too much.

Being friendly, but observing boundaries, may be the safest and nicest thing to do. I agree that even if it's kind of gross, it's really your dad's business who he dates and, basically, you just have to suck it up and act with as much grace as possible. However, and this is a big however, the email with Christmas gift suggestions would really have bothered the hell out of me. I mean, you haven't even met her. She's not even an acquaintance, let alone a friend or family figure.

As someone who's worked through all variety of healthy and less healthy responses to the people my divorced parents have dated, that would just drive me bonkers. I'd probably be tempted to respond in the snidest, snottiest way I could, but obviously that's a terrible idea.

Your current reaction is much more sensible. Still, just as it's your dad's business who he dates, it's also up to you what kind of relationship and boundaries you have with her, so your response to her is important.

Indeed, be pleasant and bland. Thank her, but make it clear that you've got tons of ideas for what you plan to get him. Resist any urge to be unpleasant, but also make sure that you're laying the groundwork for a relationship with her that makes you as comfortable as possible without unnecessary weirdness festering and distancing you from your father.

It sounds to me like you are handling this okay. If my dad was dating someone my age, that would be kind of creepy to me, too. But it's his life so you just have to deal with it and secretly judge him and be annoyed. You're really not going to be able to change his mind on this and trying too hard can only be wrong.

Stating once that the age difference is a little off putting to you and you need some time before meeting her would probably be fine. I would be so grossed out and confused and feel icky, too. I totally hear you. That's okay. I am sort of surprised that everyone is all, "grow up," because it seems natural to feel weird about that AND to compare the situation to the horrifying babysitter debacle, because the babysitter was probably closer to your age, then, too.

How about this: I always pictured him being with some fun, free-spirited woman, probably a widow, someone who could match his intellect, stand up to his occasional bull-headedness, and win the hearts of his kids. Is she fun? Can she match his intellect? Stand up to his occasional bull-headedness?

Forget winning your heart for now. Try to find out if she is these things on your "wish list for Dad's new lady.

Older Men Who Date Younger Women And How It Affects Your Children

Tricia was a real beauty, a stunning redhead. On a quick glance, she looked no more than Her figure was outrageous; her grooming impeccable. Only her hands and a few tell-tale wrinkles on her neck revealed that she was closing in on But Ted, himself 25, loved Tricia's wit, generosity, and great looks.

Hello All! The phenomenon of older men with younger women is not something new, and it appears to be increasing in our society with time. With this being the case, what is the effect on the adult children of these men?

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My Dad’s New Girlfriend Is Younger Than Me

Sunday mornings are not a good time to phone my father. Since he has been dating Lisa, who is 19 years his junior and two years my own, his weekends are less about catching up with old episodes of All Creatures Great and Small - it now seems incredible that he actually did this - and more about partying. Hence the Sunday-morning hangovers. Actually, I'm not being fair. It's not as if there's been a rapid transition from a slipper-and-pipe pop to a playboy dad. Since I was in my early 20s I'm now 36 , the majority of his girlfriends have been younger than me. It's just that there are periods, generally in between, when he does opt for a simpler life. Do I mind that my father dates women who are what many people would consider to be the "wrong side" of his daughter's age?

Family Matters: My Divorcee Dad Is Dating A Woman My Age

As that gap gets closer to 20, things start to look a bit more off balance. Some people have fake online relationships. Never had an argument. In complete love. Sharing an age gap close to 20 years or more?

This is Ask a Cool Dad, in which our resident dad who is also cool fields questions from readers about how they, too, can navigate the difficulties of parenthood without looking like a square.

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Should I be creeped out by my dad's relationship? It was not an easy break-up, and my dad was pretty devastated in its wake. While it was wrenching for me to think of my dad being alone in his mid-sixties, I cheered myself knowing that my dad, being a very smart, handsome, together guy with a whole lot of awesome qualities, is definitely a catch and would almost certainly end up with someone terrific.

Daughters refuse to meet dad’s girlfriend who is the same age as them

A little while ago, my father called me from the opposite side of the world to tell me he had a new girlfriend. My dad has never been a typical parental figure. He has friends all over the globe and from all sorts of places. He'll fly overseas at a moment's notice, calling from the airport to say a quick goodbye.

I asked her how her sisters, her former stepmom, and how her father were all doing. While going down the list of loved ones, she shared a bit of information with me that raised my eyebrows:. You know he lives in Florida now. She has a kid and everything. Not serious enough to walk down the aisle, though. As it turns out, he told my BFF that he had no plans to marry again, but rather, he was just happy enjoying the company of this beautiful young woman who liked having him around too.

My Dad Is Dating a Woman My Age—and It Has, Weirdly, Inspired Me

Some say that a streak of gray brings and old boy to his spring day. For most middle-aged men, dating women young enough to be their daughters is just a phase. However, you should not exclude the possibility of true love. Be that as it may, you should know how to act around your father's young sweetheart. Don't get creeped out. Of course, it is really weird when your father's new girlfriend is your age or even younger than you.

I asked my dad how old Jenny was and he said 21?! I'm 23! What kind of dad wants to date a girl May 10, - Uploaded by Share My Story.

Or dating as a single parent, dad or mom. Red Flags, we like to call them. And perhaps our unfinished healing might keep us from starting the dating process again. I will admit that getting back out there, for me, as a man, initially was about sex. Today, I think sex can get in the way of learning if you like the person.

My dad called me this morning to check in as he does every few weeks. The vibration of the phone sandwiched beneath one free-wheeling breast and my rib cage woke me from a deep sleep. The clock read 12 PM. I wanted to avoid a lecture for my laziness disguised beneath the thin excuse of insomnia.

Multiple studies suggest the key to a long and prosperous life is not eating beets and drinking sad green juices all the time, but rather something much more enjoyable -- dating younger women. It's for your health, after all. Hold onto your dicks, my dudes. One of the woes younger women tend to deal with when it comes to dating are men playing games with them.





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