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Best hair product for slicked back wet look

Whether slicked back hair is your regular look, or you're just thinking of pulling the move for a special occasion, like the summertime barbecue you're hosting this month, you need the right product in order to pull it off and not look like Eric Trump. For many guys, particularly those with fine to medium thickness hair, that product is a weightless water-based pomade. Think of water-based pomade like hair gel without the heaviness seriously, the canisters will surprise you with their weightlessness or the helmet effect hair gel has when it dries. A water-based pomade doesn't impart quite as much shine and grease as an oil-based pomade, and provides more hold than a matte-finished paste. So, in summary, you get shine and hold without crunchiness or oiliness. The other thing we love about water-based pomade is that fact that it brushes out and washes out easily.

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: The Slicked Back, Wet Hair Look TUTORIAL - Dulce Candy

How to Slick Your Hair Back

Slick-backed hair has evolved through the years: You can still wear it like a stock trader , or opt for a more casual-cool, less shiny finish. Same idea, less slick. Regardless of your intent, we wanted to know how to get long-lasting, good-looking results every time. Hair should be towel dried. Gently rub out the bulk of the water from the shower, but style it quickly thereafter.

Always style clean hair. So, start by shampooing it. Finish with a conditioner to restore hydration and stylability. Or if you prefer not to wash it every day since over-washing can dry out the hair , then at least rinse it with conditioner prior to styling.

This will give you a clean, soft canvas for the rest of the process. Do not overdose on the product. At most, you should not exceed a penny-sized portion. Use a wide-tooth comb. A wide-tooth comb will prevent tugging and pulling, and is more effective at detangling than a standard comb. Many combs come with two widths—the wide-tooth one is, obviously, the one with wider teeth and gaps.

Start combing from the ends, not the root. So, coach it into place from the ends, and then go into the roots when it requires less tugging. Let it rest. Once your hair is combed in the general direction you prefer, let it sit for a few moments, while you tend to your skincare or shaving regimen. Pick your product. The list of products below provides a good array of hold and shine, as well as different options that benefit different types of hair.

Overall, Ruggeri likes paste best, or a paste and gel blend for higher hold and medium shine. Gently pat the product into the outer layer of your hair. Let the product settle for seconds. Then distribute the product evenly. Run your hands through your hair, to massage the product all the way through. This will make it easier to distribute product and get a good comb through. Comb everything straight back. Next, take the comb and run it straight back from your forehead.

Comb it into its final place. Follow that natural part , and comb it back into its resting place. The more you touch it, the less slick the result. Zap it with hair spray. At this point, you can also finish with a light layer of hair spray roughly eight inches from the head , if you want added control over the style. As for the best hair stylers , you have a few options for the slick-back, depending on the amount of hold and shine that you want. This gives you more of a modern-day Suits finish, instead of an old-school Mad Men slickness.

Less greasy, really. Point the spray eight inches from your head, to ensure that the style holds all day. Here are a few suggestions for different hair types—since no two men will have the same results, based on density, thickness, and texture.

To slick back curly or wavy hair: Opt for a lightweight product, like paste, which will give you the right amount of control without compromising your texture. To slick back thin or thinning hair: Stick with something lightweight, to avoid any added strain on your hair. Again, pastes are typically a safe bet, since they are lightweight on application but that still provide enough hold. Creams will give you direction without hold, which might be a smart option for you, too.

To slick back thick, wiry hair: Have your stylist or barber texturize and thin the hair, which will allow it to lay flatter and cooperate with your styling. Use conditioner and leave-in hair masks to keep the hair hydrated and soft. Then, try something with higher hold, like gel or fiber, depending on the amount of shine you want.

You can finish with a hair spray for added control. Think about context Having slicked-back hair is a statement. Doing it in your casual clothes—or even your gym clothes—makes you look a little stodgy.

Try different products In addition to a being a statement hairstyle, slicked-back hair can also read a little intense. Which can be a good thing, when the context is right. So, if you like the general look on yourself, it might be wise to modify it for different occasions.

Use gel or pomade for really formal occasions. Use paste or fiber for more casual settings. Keep your edges clean You need clean lines with this cut.

That means you need to visit the barber once a month to keep a neat perimeter and neck. All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Pilot shampoo Amazon. Blind Barber conditioner Amazon. Byrd pocket comb Target. The Best Products for Slicked Back Hair As for the best hair stylers , you have a few options for the slick-back, depending on the amount of hold and shine that you want.

For high hold and no shine, use fiber Imperial fiber pomade Walmart. By Vilain pomade Amazon. V76 by Vaughn paste Amazon. Jack Black hair, face, and beard oil Amazon. Fatboy hair cream Amazon. Oribe hair spray Nordstrom. Related Stories for GQ Hair. Want more? Get the GQ Wellness newsletter. A weekly dose of practical advice from experts on healthy habits, happy relationships and fitness hacks for normal people.

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Slick Back Hair: 5 Ways To Get The Look

There is no more timeless hairstyle for the discerning gentleman than the slick back hairstyle. Made famous by James Dean and Elvis Presley in days gone by, and by contemporary style icon, David Beckham, this timeless and classic hairstyle has remained a popular style down through the years. And secondly, that the classic pompadour is one of the most sophisticated looks around, and looks equally great on the green carpet of a football pitch, or the red carpets of the global fashion weeks. As well as looking at the different slick back hairstyles and how they differ, we are also going to take a look into the best products for you to achieve this timeless, versatile look. The Slick Back style originated in the Edwardian era hairstyles of the poorer people

Slick-backed hair has evolved through the years: You can still wear it like a stock trader , or opt for a more casual-cool, less shiny finish. Same idea, less slick.

The best part is that learning how to slick back your hair is easy, versatile, and can work with a number of different haircuts. From an undercut or fade on the sides to long, thick, or curly hair on top, the modern slick back haircut is worth styling. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to get slicked back hair. Swept back hair has a long history as a formal hairstyle.

The Best Products For A Slick Hairstyle

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We use cookies to personalise content and ads and improve your site experience. You're currently shopping in the United States store. You can change the store from different locations below. Having trouble getting your slicked back style to hold? Here the Murdock barbers recommend some of the best products to keep your hair firmly in place. The classic, slicked back look is a simple but effective hairstyle sported by many a stylish gentleman.

The Hair Product You Need for Slicked-Back, Summer Hair

This proves two things. The slick back was arguably the most popular hairstyle in the first half of the 20th century think Jay Gatsby and Clark Gable as men lacquered their locks with hair products in the pursuit of a smart, controlled look. After waning in popularity in favour of shorter military haircuts , the slick back returned at the beginning of the current decade with the more contemporary undercut in tow before briefly dipping again when flowing locks made an appearance on the catwalks. The ease of styling rests solely on your hair type. The slick back look works best with naturally straight hair, not so much curly types.



How To Slick Back Hair


SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How To Achieve the "Wet" Slicked Back Hairstyle: SUPER EASY!


How to slick back hair: The ultimate guide


The slick back hair is a very modern hairstyle for men. To style the side parting slick back, simply apply Nov 1, - Uploaded by Slikhaar TV - Mens hair.








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