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What to look for in a christian girlfriend

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Question: "What should I look for in a Christian girlfriend? Instead, the Bible talks about principles for marriage. Dating today is a way for men and women to evaluate one another as potential spouses. What this means is that a Christian girlfriend should be, first and foremost, a potential marriage partner. A Christian man should be seeking a woman to spend his life with, not just someone to have fun with. If a man is not ready to get married, he should not be pursuing a Christian girlfriend.

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Godly Dating: 7 Things Healthy Christian Couples Do

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Through tears and laughter, a relationship fixated on true love is one that will last. God calls us to love our partners just as He loves us- unconditionally. Dating is a very fragile thing. So how do you know what to be aware of when dating? A good partner is one who does everything from the heart and is unafraid to be honest with you. A guy should only go for a woman who is authentic.

Love is shown through appreciation. Random acts of kindness go a long way in developing a relationship. A woman who lets you know you are worth her time is one worth dating. Patience is key in any relationship. Relationships are bound to have rough patches, and blaming the other person does nothing. Guys should look for a woman who will wait out a storm instead of blowing it out of proportion.

In a committed relationship, everything is out in the open. Whatever secrets you try to hide will only come back to haunt you later. A guy should seek out a woman who trusts him and whom he can trust. In relationships, we need to realize that we are no better than anyone else.

No one is perfect. The goal is to see past the flaws of others. A godly woman will love her man in spite of his wrongs. We are called to always put others before us. By human nature we are arrogant and selfish, but when we sacrifice our desires for the sake of someone else, we become more like Christ. Guys should be on the lookout for a woman who will put her partner first. We are all created in the image of God.

When women treat men with contempt and refuse to listen to the opinions they are entitled to, a red flag should be raised. God created relationships for people to build each other up in faith.

Guys should want a woman who will encourage them to reach their full potential instead of holding them back. God makes all things, good and bad, work together for our good. A woman who adopts that mindset is ideal. A woman should always be willing to do her part in a relationship. Instead of treating love like a chore, she should be excited about serving her partner. When one party is passionate about the relationship, the other will be as well.

Most importantly, a guy should be looking for a woman who is holy. Someone who walks along the path of righteousness is someone who will lead her partner in that very same direction. We were not meant to be alone in this world, but rather to share our lives with someone who will help us become better people.

Whoever we choose to date has the potential to shape our futures. Great… Too bad there are no women like that.

I think its easier if I just remain single forever. Because I am tired of women. Notify me when new comments are added. Total 4 Like 3 Tweet 0 Pin 0.

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10 Things Every Christian Guy Should Look For In A Woman

Although the Bible does not have a specific rule for dating or criteria for Mr. Right and Ms. Right , it does list the qualities you should look for in a relationship. Being called a Christian is just a brand name and dating a non-Christian unbeliever is discouraged in scriptures. The following list can help you decide if you should take it to the next level.

Dating can be a winding, emotional road. So learning how to be a good Christian girlfriend can not only help us navigate our dating relationships, but also how to treat one another better in a general way.

Through tears and laughter, a relationship fixated on true love is one that will last. God calls us to love our partners just as He loves us- unconditionally. Dating is a very fragile thing. So how do you know what to be aware of when dating?

God’s Best: Biblical Qualities of a boyfriend or girlfriend

There is a folk tale of an elderly king somewhere in the heart of Africa. He had only one son, whom he adored. When the time came for the young man to find a wife, the king reminded his son she needed to be a woman qualified and capable of one day serving as his queen. So the young man began his search for such a woman of beauty and character. He believed most young women would put their best foot forward if they knew he was the prince, so he chose to disguise himself as a peasant farmer. The beautiful ladies he saw around the palace regarded him with disdain, so he went on. Farther out he came across some young ladies who would stop to speak with him, but they were silly or rude, clearly not fit to be queen.

5 Traits Men Should Look for in a Godly Woman

The Christian church has a surplus of two things: Beautiful, godly women and year-old boys with beards. As a result, we are witnessing church-wide extended adolescence, the general acceptance of mid-life singleness, and a silent increase of pornography use. Now before I start, this article is going to upset three groups of Christian readers. First, the immature men. In a culture being overtaken by an ungodly form of feminism, men are increasingly feeling intimidated.

Posted by Diane Hawkins.

I am writing this post for him and myriads of other young men like him—young, single men that I have conversations with almost daily about life and relationships. I know that God does not call every man to marriage, but for the many that he does, it is a good thing that they find a godly wife. Outside of salvation in Jesus Christ, a godly wife brings more joy and happiness to a man than anything else on earth.

How To Find A Godly Man In A Godless World

Marriage and betrothal is the only kinda thing you will find in Scripture. A Christian man should be seeking a woman to spend his life with, not just someone to have fun with. If a man is not ready to get married, he should not be pursuing a relationship of this nature. As a man looks for a girlfriend, the most important quality he is looking for in her as his potential future wife and the person who will have a great deal of influence in his life is salvation; Does she love the Lord Jesus Christ, and live in obedience to Him.

Romance is often a defining part of any teen's adolescent years, but sometimes it can be pretty confusing. Scratch that—it's really confusing—especially during times in our lives where we may feel pressured to either find a girlfriend or face complete social ridicule. When all the guys around us seem to be in a relationship already, nobody wants to be known for not having a girlfriend. While it's true that most of us are living in a culture where dating different girls is as normal as choosing tacos or burgers, a Christian man should put a lot more thought into the woman he chooses to date. What's the first thing we should look for in a girl? What's the first thing that should draw you to her?

How to Be a Good Christian Girlfriend

This is a question I asked myself for many years. Oftentimes, I ended up looking in the wrong places, leading me to draw the wrong conclusions. Been there before? Being a girl in this day and age is hard , let alone trying to be a girl following Jesus. Anyone else feel the struggle? As young women, we are constantly being targeted and lied to about our worth, which heavily impacts how we perceive relationships.

Nov 16, - Dating often isolates us from other Christians in our lives. The closer we become with a boyfriend or girlfriend, the more removed we are from.








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