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Things every girl needs in her makeup bag

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Curating a makeup bag seems simple, but it's really not. You can't just throw your favorite products into a zip-up kit and call it a day. Because chances are, not everything you put in there will be used. Imagine carrying excess baggage all day! Hence, everything you pack must have a purpose or two! This means leaving those seven lipstick options and that full bottle of foundation at home where they belong.


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10 Products Every Woman Needs In Her Makeup Wardrobe

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Take it from me ladies; the makeup world is complicated! There are so many products that do so many things, how do you ever know what you actually need? This could be a number of things depending on your skin type. You may just need a tinted moisturizer in your makeup bag to even out your skin tone, or a foundation for extra coverage.

A brightening concealer in your makeup bag will help you conceal and highlight at the same time. A dusting of setting powder will help set your foundation to last all day. Have a bronzer in your makeup bag for a simple contour, or just to add color to the face.

A bronzer can work for all seasons, and again, has so many uses. You can even use it as an eyeshadow to keep your makeup bag at only 7 items! Mascara is a MUST in your makeup bag! A couple coats of this miracle product and your eyes open up dramatically!

For every day, a little bit of mascara goes a long way and can be all you need. Having a solid, filled-in brow really helps give shape and structure to the face. I also use my brow powder as eyeliner at times. I hope this list helps you put together your first makeup bag or downsize to just the right amount of things you need! Once you have these 7 items together, you can start to add other things like shadows and liners if you want to.

These are great! I have combo to oily skin so I would just add blotting strips to my bag. And most of the time I like to carry a lip color as well as a balm.

Clearly I have trouble keeping the items in my bag limited. I really love your tutorials and the way you describe very clear and simple the make upsyou love to used. It feels great to go and buy what I really want to try just by watching your videos. Your defiantly amazing sona :. This must have is great. I always have a lip color and mascara! I like the idea of adding the bronzer color to the eye for a soft brown in the fold! I Think a shimmery eyeshadow does miracles too as an all-over-the-lid-shade or in the inner corner of your eyes or even as a highlighter..

A must have for me is also a blush and an eyeliner. This is perfect timing! I am going to college soon and I need to narrow down my make up collection before I go! What makeup bags do you really like? Also I saw on snapchat that you got a lot of new tarte products and I would love to see your review on them! Congrats on going to college and best of luck with your studies. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Love your tutorials, recommendations and style. I have a question on the brushes you used in this video, specifically the double ended brush you used when you blended in your concealer. It looks so soft. What brand and number is that brush? Hi Diana, thanks for the love. Thank you so much for the video and blog! Thank you! Lots of love from South Africa? Hey, thanks Sona for this video! I love it! I wanted to keep a small make up bag that can easily be switched from purse to purse!

Awesome suggestions. I was wondering if you could do a brushes video? I just have basic ELF brushes. I wanted to know which brushes are the essentials. Love your videos!!! Hey sona! I love your videos! Your amazing and talented. Any recommendations on morphe brushes that you can use for the Bronzer, concealer or highlighter and contour?

Or any other good brands? Real techniques are pretty amazing brushes and very much affordable you will love them also a little bit more high end I know Sona uses a lot of the sigma brushes?? Thank you for the list! I like to keep rose water mist in my makeup bag to refresh my skin throughout the day. Hi Sona! I love your videos and the looks you do are amazing. I was wondering if you could recommend any drugstore alternatives or just products that you believe are really great from the drugstore for starting off.

Just wanted to say that I love your YT videos and blog. I watch every single video and read every single blog post.

I love your makeup tips and your fashion sense! Following you has been amazing! So glad I found you when you started your YT channel. All of your pieces work beautifully into your wardrobe! Love you so much Sona!! Hello from Greece! I really enjoy watching your videos! Just started following you and love your look! What is the double ended brush you use for foundation and your concealer? This is wonderful!!!!

I feel that there is so many products available which can sometimes be overwhelming and expensive. This article is perfect just what I was looking for. Looking forward to putting my makeup bag together. Thanks for sharing!!! I love your posts. Can you please do a post of your favorite products for ladies with dry skin? Loving your videos! What amazing tips. I am having the hardest time with concealer under the eye.

It either creases, looks cakey, shows too many fine line or just looks like nothing happened. What can a girl do? Does the loose powder cause the lines to show up more but without it how do you set your make up? How do you stop the makeup from going into blotchy cakey look but still get awesome coverage? You could do a whole video on concealer, its the one thing we all need and need it to be done right. Hey Sona, Loved the video on this blog post. Do you have a recommendation for a matte bronzer like this for those with darker skin tones mac NC50?

I was thinking one of the MAC pro sculpting powders maybe in the shade definitive. Hi sona this Huma khan from Pakistan. I love this video seriously sona ,,, Kindly keep it up. I have oily skin, whenever i do make up i end up getting too much oil on skin it shins nd looks really bad. What can i do to stop this??? This must-have is great.

I always have a lip color, mascara, and eyebrow kits! I have combo to normal skin so I would just add blotting strips to my bag. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

9 Things Every Girl Needs in Her Makeup Bag

I'm not messing around—there are some things that are just mandatory when it comes to what's in your makeup stash. Here are my 5 must-haves for every single woman on the planet:. A good eyelash curler. Watch Petra show you why here.

Only choosing the right product can give you the appropriate look on your face. Products that you can take anywhere easily.

Style gurus who preach the gospel of closet staples are right: The perfect trench, a well-fitting pair of jeans, and a little black dress pull together a wardrobe like magic. Naturally, the same principle works for your makeup bag. Having an extensive cosmetic collection is fantastic, but what every woman REALLY needs are the perfect beauty basics; the products so versatile and essential that you reach for them again and again. Consider these the Little Black Dresses of cosmetics.

7 Things Every Girl Needs In Their Makeup Bag

Have a makeup bag spring clean and take it back to basics; before trends come and confuse everything, you need your staples nailed. These products are the bare essentials for a polished look, lending you the perfect canvas to play with colour pops. Primer, hey? That little liquid so many of us skip, yet if we took time to smooth it on, our makeup would anchor down. And who doesn't want their face base to hold on for that extra mile? Especially as these magical creams lend skin benefits, too. A no-brainer for makeup fans, a face base is a must, and with so many to choose from, there is something for everyone. If you want high, flawless coverage, foundation is for you, while a BB cream is subtler and lightly veils your pores. Best of all, it's fuss-free and can tuck in your handbag too, so you can whip it out while you're on the go and give your skin a fix.

20 *Essential* Items to Stash in Your Makeup Bag

If your makeup bag is overflowing and you fancy streamlining your beauty routine, then listen up because we've asked Good Housekeeping 's beauty team to reveal the makeup essentials that every woman really needs. To make shopping for makeup a little less overwhelming, we asked our beauty team to share their ultimate recommendations — the products that have earned a place in their makeup bags and are truly worth every penny. Here are the 10 must-haves that you should have in your makeup bag To create the appearance of fresh, radiant skin, you need a sheer foundation. And, if you need an extra dose of coverage, then simply add in concealer.

If it's your first time messing with makeup, then odds are you're about to encounter a ton of WTF moments. First, you have to choose the right products, which means finding a foundation shade that truly matches your skin color and getting a concealer that doesn't slip off your face.

Take it from me ladies; the makeup world is complicated! There are so many products that do so many things, how do you ever know what you actually need? This could be a number of things depending on your skin type.

What Every Woman Should Have in Her Makeup Bag, According to Makeup Artists

Have you ever wondered which products a makeup artist would grab in the beauty aisle if you let them shop your beauty routine for you? These are highly saturated in color and come in matte and satin finishes. Plus, the ultra-lightweight gel formula is hydrating, which is something we could all use during this cold season.

After acquiring the makeup basics, it is that much easier to add playful or trendy makeup products to your collection and incorporate them into your beauty looks. So, keep scrolling to see my list of makeup essentials for your face, eyes, and lips , as well as essential tools for applying and storing your makeup. Foundation is probably the hardest part of your makeup routine to get right, as you not only have to consider the type of coverage you want i. Even if you would prefer to buy foundation at the drugstore, I still recommend getting matched at a higher-end store first. This will give you a better idea of which shades to look for.

The 12 makeup bag must-haves every girl needs


Nov 27, - Season after season, trend after trend, these are the tried and true essential makeup products that you need to stockpile in your makeup bag.


Makeup essentials every girl must own


5 Products Every Woman MUST Have in Her Makeup Bag






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