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That look you give that guy ukulele

Eels Tattoo. Eels 3 Speed. Eels A Daisy Through Concrete. Eels A Good Deal. Eels Accident Prone.


That Look You Give That Guy

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. A Tuner that helps you keep your ukulele in tune so that it sounds great! The most extensive Chord library available - any chord, any key, every possible variation, everywhere on the fretboard!

The most complete Scale library - generate hundreds of different scales and modes across any key. Fully searchable video library featuring over lessons and playlists from The Ukulele Teacher himself with new videos being added every week! And a new Chord progression tool with a built in metronome to help you master changing chords smoothly and easily! This is the ultimate ukulele practice tool! Connect with the Ukulele Teacher via all his social media channels.

Not sure how to use a feature? The Ukulele App is constantly being worked on and improved - and we still have lots of big ideas for the future. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve the app, please email support theukuleleapp. Reviews Review Policy. Thank you for your patience and massive apologies for not resolving the issue some users had with a black box showing in some screens.

Unfortunately life happened and we let this issue slip away and for that we're really sorry. Happy to report that this issue is now fixed and we're also proud to announce the next big update - the strumming pattern practice tool. Use this to practice every strumming pattern you'll ever need! Registered users already have full access to this amazing new feature!

View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Ukulele Tuner and Learn Ukeoke. Tune and learn to play thousands of uke songs with the best ukulele teacher.

JSplash Apps. Ukulele chord library with suggested finger positions and audio for every chord. My Ukulele Chords. Smash Highlights. Compose, discover and play chord progressions for your ukulele. Ukulele Tuner. Ukulele Tuner and Chords. OKMatrix Ltd.

50 Romantic & Easy Ukulele Songs

We are constantly improving the quality and accuracy of our song sheets with timing dots, measure bars, tablature, etc. If you like our song sheets and use them for personal enjoyment or in your own ukulele clubs, let us know! Easy songs are green. Newly added songs are red.

Also baby-themed, nappies! Or diapers, depending which English you English. Today, we get started with the patriarchy, the world of and for men, and how this impacts female contraception.

Some of my Ukulele Friends. Moore Bettah. Tim Sweeney -- Cape Cod's ambassador of the ukulele. Big Island Ukulele Guild. Ukulele Guild of Hawaii.

La Boîte à chansons

Ukulele player Nani Johnson is just starting to put the past behind her and settle in on Kauai with her loveable but crazy Mom, her hot new boyfriend, and regular gigs at both the Blue Hawaii Wedding Chapel and the Aloha Lagoon Resort. But unfortunately her island life proves anything but relaxing when a dead man shows up carrying an ID that says he's from Nani's hometown. Now it looks like Nani and her mother are the main suspects. Can Nani stay out of jail long enough to unmask the real killer…or will the police pin it all on her? Welcome to Aloha Lagoon, one of Hawaii's hidden treasures. A little bit of tropical paradise nestled along the coast of Kauai, this resort town boasts luxurious accommodation, friendly island atmosphere While mysterious circumstances may be the norm on our corner of the island, we're certain that our staff and Lagoon natives will make your stay in Aloha Lagoon one you will never forget! Nani majored in ukulele, at Juilliard no less, and now spends her days playing it in Hawaii. Life is good, even if her mom is somewhat wacky. Ok, a lot wacky.

Two dogs, one ukulele, and the extraordinary man who played it

Have you picked up the ukulele in hopes of wooing someone? Dozens of romantic hits between the s and today are easy to play on the ukulele. Click here for the chords. It might not be the most romantic song on the list, but it definitely deserves a listen. It works perfectly as a ukulele song!

There are lots of them out there - do your research online then do your local music shop a favour and buy one from there. Start off with a cheap one and get an idea whether you like it or not.

This week she talks with a group of women who all picked up the ukulele after they retired. Cyndi Buckles , 75, a retired secretary who lives in Des Plaines, Illinois Dianne Rogal , 72, a retired government administrator who lives in Des Plaines Linda Trytek , 66, a retired preschool teacher who lives in Deerfield, Illinois Carol Wiemer , 77, a retired nurse who lives in Northbrook, Illinois. Linda Trytek: I was looking for something fun to do in retirement.

Issues and Songs

Nani Johnson thought she had it made when she moved from Kansas to the resort town of Aloha Lagoon, Kauai. In spite of her certifiably crazy mom, Nani is determined that nothing will stop her from becoming a ukulele virtuoso! Unfortunately her Julliard training doesn't help her break into the local music scene due to some heavy competition from the Terrible Trio—three hostile, local musicians. The only work she finds is a few bar mitzvahs and gigs at the kitschy Blue Hawaii Wedding Chapel.

Hey guys, if you'd like me to write a humorous, personalised and unique ukulele song for yourself or a friend or family member, then why not book me on Cameo? It's a great way to cheer yourself up, it keeps my creative juices flowing, and it's another cool way for us to connect with one another during this lockdown. And the last guy I did it for seem Book me today and I'll get back to you within 48 hours often way less! Shipping up the last batch of ukes for now in preparation for a trip to the post office tomorrow. Not to mention all the old favorite perks like songsheets with every lesson and more.

5 Steps to Ukulele Fame

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. A Tuner that helps you keep your ukulele in tune so that it sounds great! The most extensive Chord library available - any chord, any key, every possible variation, everywhere on the fretboard!

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Near Death is book 2 of a 4 vampire-novel series that throbs with danger, treachery, betrayal, cruelty and dark, sultry romance. In a world where the undead are wary of and competitive and view humans as only prey, amazingly, three Blooddrinkers from different eras and cultures are able to form relationships. But change breeds more change as their individual stories unfold, blending and escalating, adding pieces until the horrifying picture becomes clear: both species are in danger of extinction!

The Ukulele Queens of Deerfield, Illinois







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