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Lord Krishna , who is none other than the supreme God Vishnu incarnated in the form of human in Treta yuga to restore Dharma. He taught us everything. He has inspired Arjuna in Kurukshetra war with his motivational words. He brought smile on the face of kunti, he brought happiness in the hearts of Gopikas and sages, he brought what all his devotees need with just his words.

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Baby Krishna

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Enter your keywords. Krishna quotes. These quotes will help you to meditate on Krishna and impart knowledge of Vedas in simple way. Prabhupada Quotes. This year Sri Krishna Janmashtami falls on August 24, Sri Krishna spoke the Bhagavad Gita to his friend and devotee Arjuna, during the ancient war of Mahabharata. Aug 8, - Explore vishnusundhar98's board "Krishna quotes in tamil" on Pinterest. Krishna Pendyala brings a deep knowledge about how everyone—from business executive to college student—employs judgment to make mindful choices.

Find the simplest collection of janmashtami quotations. While Krishna is busy with his endless pranks and mischiefs accompanied by his friends, Kamsa remains restless for he is aware that Krishna is his nemesis. He is the god of compassion, tenderness, and love in Hinduism, and is one of the most popular and widely revered among Indian divinities.

Jiddu Krishnamurti was a motivational speaker whose teachings have helped millions. Krishna Janmashtami is one of the popular Hindu festival. Krishna Quotes Find inspirational quotes from Bhagavad gita, Mahabharat, etc.

It is believed that the eighth avatar of Vishnu was born around midnight to parents Devaki and Vasudeva inside a cold dungeon in Mathura. Yadi prem ka matlab paa lena hota, To har hridya mein Radha-Krishna ka naam nahi hota.

This collection of inspiring quotes borrowed from the eternal text that contains the teachings of Lord Krishna is meant to lead one towards their actual goal. They are simply too many verses to quote. Here some quotes have been tagged as Krishna.

The promulgator of the concept of embracing the good and bad around us and thus rising to a higher level of consciousness, Krishnamurti was a revered speaker with the Theosophical Society. You are not your thoughts, you are the observer of and intelligence behind your thoughts.

Lord Krishna says that what is difficult about speaking is that we must speak the truth and never speak to offend some other being.

Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Serve Everyone. Like many of the Indian sacred texts, the verses of the Bhagavad Gita are arranged in a conversational format. Meditation is the ending of this space, the ending of the me. It gives us the message to keep doing our duty without worrying about the result.

By Ashwathi Mohan Last updated Mar 30, Bryant in: Krishna, Oxford University Press, Take a look at some drops of that knowledge to learn about love, life, and happiness. Lord Krishna has given multiple life lessons in the holy Bhagavad Gita. Words of wisdom by lord krishna that appeal to humankind even today. It is an annual celebration of the birth of the Hindu deity Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu.

Edwin F. I will liberate you from your sins. Described as a blue-skinned young boy playing a flute, he battled many demons and waged war alongside a man called Arjuna.

Jis par Radha ko maan hai, Jis par Radha ko gumaan hai. The book lays out a path of mystical devotion to Lord Krishna and describes the Hindu perspective on essential teachings such as reincarnation, moksha, and karma.

Embark on a spiritual journey with Shrimad Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, sweet kirtan, daily darshna, amazing videos, special article on krishna and make your day sublime. Lord Krishna Quotes on love.

Having heard unstinting praises of Krishna, then ruling over Dvaraka, from several visiting sages and others, Rukmini had decided that she would marry Krishna only.

But, it was Radha who was ready to even die for him if it meant saving her beloved Krishna. Narada was evasive and wondered aloud whether a devotee ever needed to have a reason to meet his idol. Send janmashtami wishes by sending krishna janmashtami quotes to your loved ones.

I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. It is the celebration day for the birth of Lord Krishna. Janmashtami, Hindu festival celebrating the birth janma of the god Krishna on the eighth ashtami day of the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada August—September. See more ideas about Krishna quotes, Hare krishna and Krishna.

It is celebrated every year to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. Remember God. Lord Krishna is the son of Mata Yashoda and Nand. See more ideas about Radha krishna love quotes, Radha krishna love and Krishna love. Lord Krishna is one of the most popular deity and is widely revered among Indian divinities. Thus the story of Krishna contains a double concealment - Krishna is both a god disguised as a mortal and a prince disguised as a commoner.

The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most famous Hindu scriptures. For many years the Krishna Consciousness movement has been growing. See more ideas about Krishna quotes, Bhagavad gita and Krishna. The Rajniti and Kutniti in Udhyoga Parva are quotable. We all have heard his childhood stories, his bravery and his attitude towards everything and how he sees things from a different perspective. Radha and Krishna were considered soulmates.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna: The. Listed below are a few of Lord Shri Krishna's quotes from the Mahabharat - the epic that is the pride of Bharat ie India. Sri Krishna is widely considered by Hindus to be an Avatar — a direct descent of God. Here are some KD quotes for you to download for your personal use. Krishna is the second person of the Hindu Trinity.

Krishna has 1 job listed on their profile. Shri Krishna as the name means He is the one who is capable of attracting everyone. Even Lord Krishna has same love on Radha devi. Here are 25 quotes by Lord Krishna that appeal to humankind even today.

Accordingly, the myths contain many metaphors of disguise, such as a spark within a pile of ashes or a mighty sword in its scabbard, and these hint at Krishna's dual purpose as the punisher of human deeds but also as a bringer of enlightenment. You can also share them on your social networks directly from this page.

Here are some inspirational quotes from the Gita to help you understand some of the basic principles of life itself. May Lord Krishna steal all your tensions and worries on this Janmashtmi! And give you all the love, peace and happiness. His life was a model for people in days past, the modern world and surely for those in ages to come. The number eight has another significance in the Krishna legend in that he is the eighth child of his mother, Devaki.

He was an ideal son, an ideal brother, an ideal husband, an ideal friend and an ideal king. Happy Janmashtmi! Arjuna is a great warrior. In Hinduism, Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu, the Preserver. About Krishna Know more about the birth of Krishna, His parents, friends, message, Vishnu incarnations, and all facts you would like to know about Him.

Our Janmashtami status in hindi and quotes messages will help you wish your friends and relatives a happy Janmashtami. This movement is a Western outgrowth of the popular Bengali bhakti devotional yoga tradition, or Krishna Consciousness, which began in the 16th century. Click here and download beautiful Radha Krishna Love quotes with images for your iPhone, iPad, laptop, mobile, tablet, and computer desktop. But we find in the Bhagavad-gita that dharma itself is meant to assist the real goal of life: understanding the eternal soul and its relationship with the Supreme Soul, Krishna.

We have partnered with leading insurance carriers to deliver insurance products to you. Krishna on the other hand was a King and had duties to fulfill. It is a small section of a larger epic work called the Mahabharata.

Make your mind one-pointed in meditation. Krishna was not one to be taken in by such talk and he knew only too well that Narada would never come to the point directly. Arjuna had fallen into despondence and Krishna presents yoga to him as an alternative way of being. Somewhere Janmashtami is being told on August 23 and somewhere it is being told on August He… January 14, Chanting is like asanas for the mind and the heart.

The article is a compilation of 16 quotes as told by Lord Krishna that are so powerful and insightful, theyre going to change your life. On the one hand Body is said to be perishable while the Soul is immortal which never dies.

Let me tell you, according to the belief, Lord Krishna was born on Bhadrapad i. Kirtan Wallah Foundation. During the Battle of Kurukshetra, Krishna gave Arjuna the immortal spiritual discourse of the Bhagavad Gita — Krishna taught a spiritual path of wisdom, devotion and discrimination.

10 Things About Love You Can Learn From Bhagavad Gita

You can be immersed in love wherever you are. It is also probably the reason why the love story of Radha and Krishna is more popular than that of Krishna and Rukmini or other consorts. In Chapters 7—12 of the Gita he teaches the path of devotion and love, bhakti yoga. Make your own love. We all have heard his childhood stories, his bravery and his attitude towards everything and how he sees things from a different perspective.

It is better to perform one's own duties imperfectly than to master the duties of another. By fulfilling the obligations he is born with, a person never comes to grief.

The epic of Mahabharata aids to emancipate people from various difficulties in life. Bhagavad Gita communicates knowledge on a wide range of subjects like truth, love, marriage, karma, life, death, and so forth. The eternal love of thousands of Gopinis and followers alike, Krishna has imparted crucial knowledge about love in Bhagavad Gita. Lord Krishna is the lord of compassion, love, and tenderness.

Krishna quotes

Enter your keywords. Krishna quotes. These quotes will help you to meditate on Krishna and impart knowledge of Vedas in simple way. Prabhupada Quotes. This year Sri Krishna Janmashtami falls on August 24, Sri Krishna spoke the Bhagavad Gita to his friend and devotee Arjuna, during the ancient war of Mahabharata. Aug 8, - Explore vishnusundhar98's board "Krishna quotes in tamil" on Pinterest.

Krishna Janmashtami Quotes: 11 Best Lord Krishna’s Quotes from Srimad Bhagavad Gita in English

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Love is one of the most spoken and least understood words in our daily vocabulary. Love is commonly equated with sensual enjoyment, but does such superficial titillation offer substantial satisfaction to the heart? The suffering of the stomach hungry for food is well-recognized, but the agony of the heart hungry for love is often overlooked.

Quotes by Lord Krishna from Bhagavadgita

Krishna Janmashtami on August 14 marks the th birth anniversary of Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Hindu God was born to Devaki and Vasudeva in the capital city of Mathura to bring an end to the chaotic and evil world order, making Janmashtami a significant occasion for the followers. Lord Krishna is believed to be all-attractive or the Supreme Personality of Godhead for its ardent devotees.

Find this Pin and more on lord Krishna by Priya. Baby Krishna. Krishna Love. Krishna Radha. Lord Krishna. Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

The Gita’s Secret Message Of Love


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