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How to look for a summer job

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Usually, summertime is a period for holidays and relaxation. But, if you are a teenager, college student or graduate, you might be looking for a summer job. The first step to getting a summer job is determining why you want it. Are you looking for a job that pays well, or to get experience in your field of interest? Some of the most popular sectors for summer work are construction, childcare, landscaping, sales, hospitality, government, retail, food services including restaurants, bars and cafes overseas teaching and starting a business. Step two is figuring out what type of job you want to take on.


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Spring Semester Timeline for Landing a Summer Job

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When you're looking for a summer job, it's a good idea to start your job search early. The earlier you start applying for summer jobs , the more choices you'll have and the more likely you'll be to find a job that's a great match for what you want to do this summer. Here's how to search for and apply for summer jobs, along with the information you will need to apply, job search tips, and advice on where to look to find a terrific summer job.

If you are younger than 18, in some states, you may need to obtain working papers in order to legally be able to work. Get them now, so you will be able to start work as soon as you get the job.

The best place to find out if you need working papers is your school guidance office. If you need working papers , the counselors can give you the form you will need to complete or tell you where to get it. Before you start applying for summer jobs, get a list of three references ready to give to interviewers. If you haven't worked before, neighbors and acquaintances may be willing to write a personal reference for you.

Teachers, professors or academic advisors, volunteer leaders, coaches, can also provide a personal reference. Baby-sitting and volunteer references are fine if you haven't worked before. For many summer jobs, especially those in retail and hospitality, you may not need a resume.

You'll be able to complete a job application to apply. For others, you'll need to write a resume and cover letter as part of the application process. Review these examples and tips for writing summer job resumes and cover letters to get started.

Before you apply for a summer job, it's a good idea to take some time to decide what you want to do. Not only will you end up with a summer job that you enjoy; you'll also save time job searching because you can target your search to focus on the jobs that are a good match for your interests.

Are you interested in working with children? Take a look at camp counselor positions or summer tutoring programs. How about working on the beach, at a park, in the mountains, or at another outdoor job? There are many seasonal positions available at resorts and amusement parks. Consider interning at a museum, at a zoo, or at some other organization related to your career aspirations.

There are lots of options for summer jobs, so the first step is to decide what type of summer job you want. If you're a high school or college student, check with your high school Guidance Office or college Career Services Office and ask how they can assist with your job search. These are typically city, state, or nonprofit summer programs that run between June and August. Participants are matched with entry-level summer jobs at local organizations, and provided with work experience and career advice.

Networking really does work when you're looking for summer jobs and it's not hard to do. Talk to teachers, family, former employers, coaches, friends, parents of friends - anyone and everyone you can think of - and ask if they can help you with your summer job search. Networking is still the best way to find a job and most people are glad to provide advice, assistance and job leads. There are a variety of sites that list summer job openings. Search the job boards that focus on summer jobs and summer camp jobs first.

Then search the job sites and use the job search engines by searching for "summer jobs" as a keyword, along with your location. Also, check the local sites - local job boards and the online help wanted ads for your newspaper. Many employers who hire for summer jobs only advertise locally. In many cases, you'll be able to apply for jobs online. Depending on the job and the organization you are applying to, you may need a resume, and possibly a cover letter, or you may simply have to fill out an online job application.

For some organizations, you may need to apply directly online via an applicant tracking system. In other cases, you'll be asked to email your resume and cover letter to apply for the summer job.

Either way, it's important to follow the instructions when applying for jobs online or via email. You may need to fill out a profile, upload or email your resume and cover letter, and take an employment test, as part of the online application process. Are you interested in a summer job at a local amusement park, beach or park, or at a retail store in town or at the mall? One of the best ways to find this type of summer job is by applying in person. So, plan on spending some time visiting potential job sites and filling out job applications.

Applying for a part-time or summer, non-professional job as a teen is a little different from applying for a full-time professional position.

They should dress neat and tidy for interviews. Business casual is usually appropriate. For example, khakis and a neat tucked in polo shirt would work well.

Your shoes should be moderate and you should avoid extreme hairstyles or colors. Make sure you dress appropriately, are ready to complete an application, and are prepared for an on-the-spot interview.

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Do be sure to ask your reference giver, ahead of time, if you can use them as a reference. Write a Resume and Cover Letter. Check out Summer Youth Employment Programs. In many locations, you can find and apply for positions in your local area online. Networking to Find Summer Jobs. Search for Summer Jobs Online. Apply Online for Summer Jobs. Apply In Person for Summer Jobs.

How to get a summer job

Summer is slowly approaching, and if you are hoping for a good job this summer, you better start searching! Looking for a job is easy, but securing one is not. Here are some tips for looking for a summer job. Stop waiting and start looking for a job early.

Information for high school, university and college students, ages 15 to 29, looking for work this summer. Student loans, grants, scholarships and bursaries.

You may be wondering how to ask for a summer job without feeling intimidated, especially if there is no indication that the company is hiring. Jobs are scarce today, and the competition is stiff. In order to secure work for the summer, you should have a resume written and up-to-date. Include your work history if you have any, along with any relevant skills or qualifications that make you a suitable candidate for the job. Tell your friends and family members, and search online as well.

How to score the best summer jobs

Eric, Student. The stress of school is usually far away, the weather is warm, and the days are longer. Typically, the hiring season for summer jobs can start as early as December and can go all the way until April or later, depending on the position. Government jobs or positions that require you to travel will be posted earlier on. Local employers, like camps and golf courses, will probably wait until the spring to hire. In my experience, most jobs can be found by searching online. You can use websites like Indeed, Workopolis, LinkedIn to search for jobs near you or in specific career areas. I found my summer job through my sister who had worked there during university. She helped me get my foot in the door because she knew it would be a good fit for me and that I would do well at the camp. Different levels of government will also post summer student positions.

Tips for Getting an Internship or Summer Job

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Because summer positions are temporary, the hiring process is often a bit different from what you'd find with most jobs.

Have you secured your summer job? To get the process started, follow our tips below. Remember, thousands of other students will be looking for work in your area, so make sure you make this task a top priority in the upcoming weeks. Keep looking for opportunities, using your networks, and thinking creatively.

Everything You Need to Know About Summer Jobs

Updated: March 29, References. Nowadays, lots of people are looking for summer jobs, not just students. Whatever your circumstances or age there is a summer job out there for you. In order to find the best summer job for you, you will need to consider what kind of job you want to do, what skills you have, how to find available positions and how to apply.

By providing your email address, you agree to our Privacy Policy , and you give College Ave Student Loans permission to contact you. College Ave respects your inbox and will only send periodic emails. Explore your resources and keep an open mind. It can be a great chance to try something new and earn extra cash. There are lots of options when it comes to summer jobs.

Summer jobs for students

By Josh Dehaas January 9, And as surprising as it may seem in January, most employers who hire students for the summer are already recruiting. That means you better get your job strategy ready. Start your search by asking friends and family if they know anyone who might hire a student. Summer jobs matter more than you think You may be tempted to return to that retail gig you held in high school. Resist the urge. Head West!

Start looking now. We often find that summer workers wait until the last minute to start searching for a job. But employers want to have their hires in place by.

A summer job can be beneficial for many people, especially those who are unemployed during the summer. For young people, it is a great opportunity to get some pocket money, but also invaluable exposure to real-life situations that only hands-on experience can bring them. In this article, we will provide tips for finding a summer job and the top summer jobs that anyone can apply for.

10 Summer Job Search Tips for Students

When you're looking for a summer job, it's a good idea to start your job search early. The earlier you start applying for summer jobs , the more choices you'll have and the more likely you'll be to find a job that's a great match for what you want to do this summer. Here's how to search for and apply for summer jobs, along with the information you will need to apply, job search tips, and advice on where to look to find a terrific summer job. If you are younger than 18, in some states, you may need to obtain working papers in order to legally be able to work.

How To Ask For A Summer Job

And again, although some jobs will involve working on the landscape crew, landscaping companies may also hire extra people to answer customers' questions and schedule jobs. They'll hire people to work onsite but may also need help behind the scenes. Of course, look for the jobs online, and send in an application. That'll help you make a connection so they know who you are beyond what you look like on paper.



How to Find a Summer Job


The Summer Job Hiring Process


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