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How to find friends on bible app

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Both of these Bible reading with friends options are fantastic options! One is free, one is paid. One offers a specific plan each month, one lets you choose from a variety of plans. One lets you digitally highlight and take notes, make graphics and compare translations while the other has a printable Scripture Writing Plan and printable worksheets with reflections questions and prompts. Almost one year ago I was in desperate need of some Bible study friends!

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Bible apps can come in all shapes and sizes. Some focus on study, others focus on notes, while others focus on a great reading experience. While other apps may offer a slightly better reading experience or better study tools, The Bible App offers the most features of any while still providing a great experience all around. The Bible App is also completely free, with no advertising and no in-app purchases. They also offer a great Bible App for Kids.

We spend an inordinate amount of time sorting through hundreds of apps to find the very best. Our team here at The Sweet Setup put together a short list of our must-have, most-used apps in These apps work on iPad, iPhone, and Mac. And they range across several different categories but are mostly focused on productivity.

They will help you get the most out of your devices and your day. When the iPhone App Store first launched in , we had no idea what we were wanting in a Bible app.

Eight years later, we have a very good idea of what we want. In fact, many pastors even use iOS devices for large portions of their study. We polled our readers via social media to ask what they felt was the most important criteria. We are also considering study material options commentary, cross references, etc , audio Bible options, note-taking with sync , and social integration.

Does the app follow iOS design standards? Does it provide a great experience from initial launch, reading, and displaying any extras it provides? Is it updated to include iOS 9 features?

Does it provide an easy way to access what you want without needing ten taps? While I love the English Standard Version, there are a lot of great Bible translations that are great. Does the app provide versatility when it comes to translation options? This is a must-have feature. My iPad is WiFi only, so I need the option to be able to download my preferred translations offline.

In the era of podcasts, a lot of people love to listen to the Bible. Do any of these apps provide this feature? A lot of apps support the ability to take notes and have them sync to other devices. We felt like this was an important criteria to consider in our review. Bible commentary and cross-reference materials are important for in-depth study. Do the apps offer this material built-in for free or for an additional purchase?

Do these materials integrate into the study experience? Do the apps offer an easy way to share a verse or a snippet of a commentary? Does the app sync bookmarks, settings, notes, and other personalization options? In a multi-device world, syncing of data is a must have feature. I have multiple Bible apps on my iPhone and iPad. For the best reading experience, I prefer NeuBible. From a design perspective, it finds a nice balance of simplicity for new users, but also provides depth for long time users.

On the iPhone, the navigation is at the bottom, which makes it easy to use for Plus users. On the iPad, it puts the reading experience front and center. The navigation menu can found be by tapping on the menu icon while reading. It features an iOS 9-style split screen to keep the Bible on the right, but bring up the home menu on the left. YouVersion offers some great font options including San Francisco , and also offers multiple themes including a low light option.

YouVersion has clearly taken pride in not only how it works, but also how it looks. YouVersion includes 1, translations in languages 48 in English. This is all for free as well. While the app is free, if you find it useful, I would recommend considering a donation to help continue development. YouVersion also offers the ability to download most of its translations offline so you can read while away from WiFi or LTE.

Many Bible apps include built-in audio versions. YouVersion is no different. I love listening to the Bible while I read as I feel it helps my mind stay focused. It even includes the option to slow down or speed up the reading by factors of. One of the things that really helps my Bible study time is using the HEAR method of journaling through scripture. This method was developed by Robby Gallaty as a way to help understand the passage.

The H stands for highlight the passage you are reading. The A stands for application how does this apply to me in based on the context of the explanation? The notes I take in the YouVersion app sync seamlessly with the web and other platforms. This feature makes it easy to use on the web, iOS, and Android. On the iPad, you can also view two translations at a time in order to see how the wording is different in each. Still, I would like to see the option of adding commentaries as well even as an in-app purchase.

If YouVersion only got one thing right they get a lot more , it would be social integration. You can easily share verses on social media along with a built-in community on Bible. You can allow friends to see where you are in your reading plans, and also see where the community at large has written about a particular verse. The app also includes a built-in social image generation for sharing verses with friends and on social media.

One aspect that I do wish YouVersion would improve on is syncing your settings. Overall, YouVersion is hard to beat. The NeuBible app was developed by Quiet Pupil. It only includes nine translations, and many of them are in-app purchases. A recent update also added an incredible looking iPad app. NeuBible is free, and it includes various in-app purchases for new themes and new translations. Crossway offers a really nice iOS app as well.

It includes commentary by 95 Biblical scholars from 9 countries and nearly 20 denominations. If you own the physical copy , you can create a free account to unlock the study materials inside the app. The app includes a nice design and has decent font choices. It includes note syncing and audio Bible support. I love this app. The problem for a lot of people will be that it only supports one translation. Among pastors, Logos is extremely popular. The desktop versions are extremely powerful.

Possibly the easiest way to explain it is as having a full-time research assistant at your fingertips. You can build an extensive library of thousands of books Bible translations, commentaries, and other reference material that can work in tandem with your study. You can open the passage in Logos and then open up any book in your library to where it talks about that verse.

It comes with 70 free books, the ability to create private groups, and the ability to download your content offline. It has also been updated to work with split-screen on the iPad, and it also supports split between the Bible and commentary resources inside the app.

My main complaint with Logos is that if you are not doing sermon preparation, it can be overkill. Because it can do so much, it becomes quite confusing if you simply want to do a little reading with basic commentary.

Logos is free on the App Store and has options for in-app purchases for additional resources. The reading experience is fairly nice lots of font options , and it allows you to add in commentary in a split screen like Logos.

All of your information syncs with their Mac app as well. You can get a handful of translations for free, and there are multiple commentaries you can purchase.

Accordance , like Logos, is a very serious Bible study tool. It does support split screen view on iOS 9, so the developers are keeping it updated with modern iOS features. It can be downloaded for free on the App Store. If the Faithlife Study Bible app looks familiar, it should.

It only comes with the Lexham English Bible, but others can be added through in-app purchase. You can download the app for free on the App Store. It has not been updated for the larger screens of newer iPhones, but it is still functional. One advantage it has over other apps that include audio Bibles is that it supports offline downloading of the audio.

It includes dramatized versions in over 1, languages. You can download Bible. I found the app to be pleasant to use.

How to add friends or block users on Android

As noted in the policy below, the English language version of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will govern your relationship with YouVersion. While the English version will govern, you can also use an automatic translation tool like Google Translate to view the documents in your language. Any further translation revisions will be posted on this page. Our lives are full with family, work, social commitments, and more.

Bible apps can come in all shapes and sizes. Some focus on study, others focus on notes, while others focus on a great reading experience. While other apps may offer a slightly better reading experience or better study tools, The Bible App offers the most features of any while still providing a great experience all around.

Download now! On over million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the free YouVersion Bible App. Customize your Bible App experience. Access everything when connected, or download specific versions to use offline. Explore the Bible with your closest friends.


Within seven years, it had been downloaded million times. In , the Bible app reached million installs. The app offered 1, versions of the Bible in 1, languages in , up from 1, in That collaboration among Bible translation agencies, led by major donors, has inspired givers and revolutionized the industry. There's incredible momentum around this effort that we know won't stop until every person has Scripture available in their heart language. Last year, Bible app users shared verses million times and highlighted, bookmarked, or noted them 1. In other words, every second an average of

YouVersion Community Creates 1 Million Prayers During First Week of New Bible App Prayer Feature

Christian Android apps account for hundreds of millions of downloads on the Google Play Store -- and too many are data devils. Sometimes developers of religious apps take the edict to be "fishers of men" too far, and sometimes the faithful put their faith in the wrong apps. As public focus on the security of apps on the Google Play Store intensifies following years of data leaks , adware infections , security scandals and malware contagions , little coverage has been devoted to one of the most commonly exploited types of Android app: those aimed at believers. Religious apps have long been dangerous, malware-laden territory. A widely profiled white paper from security research firm Proofpoint analyzed more than 5, unique Bible apps for Android and iOS.

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Bible Reading with Friends

I can complain a good bit about technology and the hold it has on me some days but we are living in a pretty cool age when the Bible is at our fingertips any given moment of the day. I have always loved reading different versions of a verse to get the deeper meaning but this changed the game for me! When you click on the verse, hit compare and you will see that verse or verses if you click more in a bunch of versions.

W hen the YouVersion Bible app first added streaks and perfect weeks last year, I was a little sceptical. In the world but not of it … remember?! I left America on Wednesday evening and got to London on Thursday evening and at some point — while I was million feet not entirely scientifically accurate in the air — there was evening, and there was morning — the next day. So by the time I went to bed and woke up, my day streak, along with my heart, was broken. The funny thing about this is that it almost happened a few days early. What had initially started as a great tool to encourage me to read the Bible more consistently, had became a bullet point on my bullet point list of reasons why I am such a good person.

My Top 10 Favorite Girly Devotions on the Bible App

Which Bible app do you use on your phone or tablet? There are several Bible apps available for our phones, tablets, computers, etc. So, which one is the best? But, think I have found what may prove to be the most useful Bible app that I have personally seen. I tend to keep, for testing, over apps on my iPhone at all times. I am confident that when I recommend an app that it is truly useful.

Dec 28, - * Add notes to passages: Keep them private so only you can see them, or make them public to share with friends. * With a free YouVersion.


9 tips to make the most of the Bible app


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The best Bible app for iPhone and iPad


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