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Hello and a happy Friday to you all. Well, this is it. It's the fortieth chapter. Only ten chapters left. I made a little typo in the last chapter saying only twelve chapters left, it was only eleven chapters left.

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Hello, everybody. I saw that my story has gotten reviews. Thanks for reviewing it and let's keep the reviews going and I'll keep the chapter coming. Before you start reading the new chapter, I was thinking of another pairing that I haven't thought about adding to the story and that you've haven't read about before. Okay, now I know that all of you are saying, "Sean, Auggie and Ava are too young for that. How could write a chapter about them?

Well, I am going to do something for Auggie and Ava. Auggie will be 17 and Ava will be I'll explain everything when I get started on it. Anyway, it's update time. Since you read an extremely steamy chapter that involved Riley, Lucas and Missy and you've all been waiting patiently for a Rucas chapter, I am bringing you a Rucas chapter and it will have all sorts of Rucas cuteness to it.

Riley Matthews entered the apartment with her handsome boyfriend Lucas Friar. The two had a really fun night, aside from the fact that Riley got into a fight with a Lakers fan that was bad-mouthing the Knicks and her favorite player Carmello Anthony almost got kicked out of the Garden. That's what happens when you mess with a Knickerbocker. Riley entered the apartment wearing her favorite Knicks hat, her navy blue and white polka-dotted dress with a red sash around it and black studded cowgirl boots.

Riley was also holding an orange foam finger with the words " 1" on it. Lucas closes the door behind him and sits down on the couch while Riley gets him and herself a can of soda. What was up with that guy? You shouldn't bad-mouth the Knicks at the Garden. He's lucky that he wasn't from Boston. So, I slugged him right in the face for calling me that. If Maya was there to see that, she would've jumped out of her seat and applauded for me and joined in with me.

I never thought of hearing you curse like that before. You never curse, you're only Thanks for getting me this foam finger. Lucas smiles back at her and takes another sip of soda. I have the whole place to myself. But dad gave me strict rules like no parties and such. Lucas puts his arm around Riley as they both watch an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Riley turns to Lucas and looks at him. Lucas tucks Riley's hair behind her ear and turns his head and kisses his beautiful girlfriend on the lips.

Riley kisses back, this time the kiss became passionate when she deepened the kiss. Riley began to feel Lucas' tongue licking her bottom lip just begging for entrance.

Riley lets Lucas inside her mouth as their tongues start a heated battle of dominance. Riley starts to moan into the kiss as Lucas starts to pin his tongue against his. He could taste the spearmint gum in her mouth that she was chewing after they both left the Knicks game. Riley could feel the heat rising beneath her. The two break the kiss and stared into each other's eyes. Lucas smiles at Riley and picks her up bridal style and carries her to her bedroom. The room was dark with the moonlight shinning through the window.

As they both arrived in Riley's bedroom, Lucas gently lies Riley down on her princess-themed bed. Lucas takes off his shoes and socks and removes Riley's cowgirl boots. Riley wasn't wearing any socks. Lucas lies down next to her as Riley climbs on top of Lucas and straddles his lap as they kissed again. Riley began to unbutton Lucas' green and black plaid shirt and began to kiss his toned chest. Lucas moans softly from the feeling of Riley's tongue licking around his nipples.

Riley stares into Lucas' green eyes while she continues to lick down his body. Lucas' hands reach behind Riley's dress and began to unzip her dress. Lucas leans up and kisses Riley's neck while he pulls the shoulder straps down to reveal her exposed torso.

Riley and Lucas switch places, Riley was now on bottom and Lucas is on top of her. Lucas pulls Riley's dress down her body and throws it across the room along with his shirt. Riley was now left in her red floral bra and matching panties. Lucas climbs back on top of Riley and continues to kiss and suck on her neck. Riley moans softly as Lucas sucks harder on her neck.

Lucas proceeds to leave a trail of scorching kisses down to Riley's bra-covered breasts. Lucas unhooks Riley's bra and stared at her bare breasts. Lucas latches his mouth onto one of Riley's breasts and starts to suck on her luscious light brown nipples. His hand move down to her panties and began to use his fingers to rub her through the fabric of her panties. After finding Lucas' belt, Riley began to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his jeans and took them off quickly until he was left in only his dark blue boxers.

Lucas continues to flick his tongue on her erect nipples and rub her through her panties until he felt her juices leaking through the fabric. After focusing on Riley's breasts, Lucas kisses down Riley's stomach and lick around her belly button for a few minutes. Lucas kneels in between Riley's legs and starts to lick her inner thigh and nibble at it. He wanted to worship every part of her. Lucas moves his mouth closer to Riley's toes and began to lick her pretty toes.

Riley began to giggle for a bit as Lucas licks the sole of her foot. Lucas takes Riley's toe in his mouth and began to suck on it. After worshipping Riley's toes, Lucas removes Riley's soaked panties and leans in to lick her wet slit. Riley and Lucas made eye contact with each other as Lucas continues his oral assault on her.

Lucas runs his tongue against Riley's perineum and moves his tongue down to her puckered little asshole and lick at it for a couple of minutes.

Lucas looks directly at Riley's delicate little flower and uses his fingers to spread it open. Lucas shoves his tongue inside Riley's pink pussy, getting it deeper inside her as deep as he could and tasting her. Lucas pushes his tongue in and out of Riley's pussy and felt her juices leaking on his tongue as Riley starts breathing heavily. Riley grips the sheets of her bed tightly, her toes started to curl and her moans begin to intensify as she bucks her hips into Lucas' face, causing him to rapidly lap at her pussy.

Lucas pushes Riley's legs back as Riley held them up for him. Lucas licks his index and middle fingers and slips them inside her to feel her wetness. Riley grabs Lucas' hair as he starts to suck on Riley's clit while pumping his fingers in and out of her faster and harder until she cums. Cum just for me.

Riley's body began to shake violently as she starts to ride out her intense orgasm. Her sweetness spilled out all over the bed and all over Lucas' face and finger. Lucas brings himself up to Riley and starts to kiss her passionately. Riley could instantly taste herself on Lucas' mouth and tongue. Riley quickly removes Lucas' boxers and stared at his fully erect cock.

Riley, not having any experience at this, takes her hand and wraps it around her Texan boyfriend's cock and slowly strokes it up and down after examining it. Riley licks the tip of his dick and licks up and down on his shaft. Riley licks down to Lucas' balls, making Lucas groan as he felt the sensation in his body building up. Riley continues to stroke his cock while lapping at her boyfriend's balls.

Lucas watches as Riley gently sucks on his balls. Her mouth teasing him was driving him crazy. He wanted to feel Riley's mouth wrapped around his cock and her tongue licking around it. The brunette teen takes Lucas in her warm, wet mouth and bobs her head up and down.

Lucas throws his head back, closes his eyes and moans in delight as he let the pleasurable sensation run through his body. Lucas opens his eyes and made eye contact with Riley as he held her head from behind to play with her brown hair. I just want to keep looking at your pretty face. Riley swirls her tongue around the head of Lucas' dick and her sucking gets faster as Lucas bucks his hips towards her mouth.

Riley began to finger her pussy harder as Lucas heard how wet she was. Lucas pushes her head back off of his cock and saw how nicely coated it was with Riley's saliva. Riley lies down on her bed as Lucas lines up the tip of his cock in front of her entrance. Lucas slowly slips the head of his cock inside Riley's soaking wet vagina and hears Riley's whimpers of pain.

Lucas continues to push deeper and deeper into Riley and starts to thrust slowly inside her.

Hello, my friends and welcome back. Before we begin, I would just like to say thank you for reviewing this story. My story now has reviews. Again, thank you for reviewing this story and supporting this story. Well, it's update time.

Hello, everybody. Before we begin, I would just like to make a quick announcement. Does anybody remember the character Elliott Matthews?

Aloha, my fellow readers. The great James Stryker here giving you some good news. Remember when I said that this was going to be the last chapter of the story? Well, I've decided that I will bring you fifty-five chapters of the story. I hope that you're all happy about the good news that I've brought you.

Aloha, my fellow readers, the great James Stryker here giving you a little rant. I have a personal bone to pick with one of the writers who reviewed my story and it really disappoints me and look here I'm not disgracing the name of the Girl Meets World fandom. And by the way, this story is fiction. Do you know what fiction is? It means it's not real. I know that Riley and Maya would never do that type of thing. And there's no need to petition against me.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Hold up. Cause I remember him only wearing the brighter colors, and turtlenecks in the first season, and a little bit of the second season. And that would make both of them either 13 or 14, and that concerns me a bit.

Hello, everybody. I saw that my story has gotten reviews.

Hello, my fellow readers. It's me, sean. In case you didn't know, it's a collection of erotic one-shots about your favorite pairings from different shows. It's the same as some of my Tales of Love stories.

Hello, my friends and welcome back to this steamy and erotic story. Now before we begin, you've all heard the news that after I finish working on this story I'm planning on doing a Corpanga edition of Girl Meets World: Tales of Love. That is some exciting news for all of you Corpanga fans and I am very happy that you all love the idea for a Corpanga edition of this story. Also, it's update time.

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Greetings and salutations, my fellow readers. Boy, I have been really busy with this story all month and this is the twenty-ninth chapter. How great is that? Anyway, it's update time. In the last chapter, Maya has gotten her birthday surprise from Josh and Lucas. In the new chapter, you're getting a Rilaya chapter.


Can you do a corpanga one when Cory takes topanga's virginity on a boy meets world episode like the one when topanga has to move to Pittsburgh and Cory.








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