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Lucas who was just scrolling through his phone while lying on his bed look lazily over to the unexpected intruder. I came over to yell at this big idiot for making Riley cry! She thought that maya knew and was hiding it from her. Lucas nodded but inside his heart began to race and his nervousness grew.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World 2x12: Farkle, Riley, Maya & Lucas (& Cory) #2 (Maya: It's like you're my brother)


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Enjoy, xoxo. I need to leave right now. Zay stood up from the back of the class and saved him. He nodded his head, grabbed his books, and went to his truck. She wiped the tears from her eyes and opened the window to see her best friend with a pint of rocky road ice cream and 2 plastic spoons. She was quiet which was unusual.

Maya Hart was strong, and not the kind of person to cry over something meaningless. After about a minute she released from the hug and led Lucas to her bed. He picked up the ice cream that had fallen on the floor when she hugged him, and sat next to her. She shook her head, taking a spoonful of rocky road deliciousness.

They sat in silence for 20 minutes, Lucas was now lying on her bed while she was still sitting with her legs crossed. The empty ice cream container fell off the bed and she began to speak. Lucas immediately sat up and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. She looked into his eyes as another tear shed down her cheek. He grabbed her red splotchy face looking into her icy blue eyes and just stared for a while. He pushed the hair on her ear back with his thumb and grinned. He kissed her forehead.

She smiled and glanced at his lips, then back to his eyes before he noticed. In his arms, she closed her eyes and forgot about life for a while. How did we fall asleep! It felt like the longest 4 minutes for Lucas waiting on her to reply. She thought about Lucas and only Lucas until he actually mentioned her boyfriend. She opened her sketchbook and noticed the drawing of Lucas she had sketched a couple weeks prior, remembering what he said about being jealous.

Chapter 1 here. Chapter 2 here. Chapter 3 here. Chapter 4 here. The gang faces pressure to do the hazing traditions towards the freshman class, the same hazing they were put through the previous year. Riley stands up to it, her and her friends befriending the freshmen. Maya moves to a nice apartment with her mother and Shawn, but feels sentimental about leaving her old place. Riley excitedly helps decorate her new room.

Maya is really turning sixteen, and Riley is excited to help her plan the party. Maya is surprised when Lucas buys her an expensive paint set that she wanted. Maya and Zay, being pretty popular at their school, are invited to a High School party.

Meanwhile, Auggie and Ava have a slumber party. She ends up becoming friends with Hailey too, Maya saying that Riley is her real sister.

Lucas is hesitant, but he caves. It turns out that he has four younger siblings who he and his father take care of since his mother left.

Riley gets along well with his siblings. Maya has a talk with Lucas about how she understands his pain since they both had parents who left. Riley starts to feel bad about herself because she realizes that Maya is an artist, Lucas and Zay are atheletes, Farkle and Smackle are scientists, so what is she? She tries out and fails at many different clubs until she discovers her passion for activism.

They have a conflict when there is another fourth grade pair that rivals them for the best couple. The gang takes the PSAT. Maya is shocked to find out that she got a good score, while Smackle is shocked at how low hers is. Zay comforts Smackle, saying it was just a lack of studying. Lucas has a baseball tournament while his father is out in business. Riley is gone for debate club, so he asks Maya to babysit his siblings.

Maya struggles keeping them under control, going trough funny incidents, but they end up loving her in the end. Lucas sees Maya in a different light. The gang goes to their first High School dance. Lucas asks Riley with a poster, and Maya is asked by a popular and handsome senior. Farkle confronts Lucas, but Lucas wonders why Farkle is so heated about it. Lucas suggests that Farkle loves Riley as more than a friend. Auggie notices similarities between Riley and Farkle and his parents. Maya fears confronting her father again, but she also gets to see Hailey.

Meanwhile, Zay is failing Algebra. Smackle tries her best to tutor him. Lucas recalls how good Maya was at pitching is seventh grade and encourages her to try out for the softball team. Meanwhile, Auggie and Ava have a rivalry at their little league soccer practice. Maya and Lucas try to rekindle their friendship by going bowling together.

They set off on a hike, and Maya catches Smackle and Zay holding hands when she ditches the trail. This causes Riley to be suspicious of him having feelings for Maya. Lucas admits that he still likes Maya, so Riley and Lucas mutually break up. Once they tell everyone, Zay immediately helps Farkle come up with a grand gesture to win Riley over. Riley is hilariously oblivious. Cory tries to build his tent and a campfire, discovering his lack of camping skills. Riley ends up doing both with ease.

As night comes, The gang gathers around the campfire. Maya and Lucas are the last ones there, and they have a talk. Lucas confesses his feelings, and they look back to the Texas campfire before sharing a kiss. Riley says it is, confessing her feelings for Farkle.

Zay and Farkle put together a grand promposal for Farkle to ask Riley to the prom. Farkle wants it to be personal, so he invites Riley to his house.

Zay excitedly helps him set up candles and flowers. Riley comes, Farkle confesses his love, and she returns it. They share a candlelit kiss. Meanwhile, Maya and Lucas have a heated and playful argument over what movie to watch at her place. Maya and Lucas win King and Queen for the Sophomore class. Zay and Smackle are bored of dancing, so they team up to try to trick a strict chaperone in an attempt to steal the chocolate fountain.

They succeed. The gang stresses about their final exams. Riley hosts a study session at her house. Maya and Lucas procrastinate the whole time, cuddling and laughing on the couch instead.

Riley and Farkle go all out; flash cards, quizlets, the whole deal. Meanwhile, Topanga comforts Auggie about a bad grade he got on a math worksheet. Maya worries that Lucas and Riley, the two most important people to her, are smarter than her and will leave her behind in the future.

Lucas tells her how smart she really is. Maya Hart had been in a lot of scary situations in her life but this night was by far the worst. She walked home alone like she always does but this time they were doing construction on the main street so she had to take the back ally. The ally was terrifying. She only used it when she absolutely had to. Strange men that lurk around the city did dirty things back there in the dark. As she walked she kept her head down trying not to look at any of them directly as they catcalled at her.

Keep reading. Everyone thought they would graduate and get married, especially Riley. Riley was beyond into Lucas, and not in a cute way where they had little cartoon hearts floating around them, but in a way that their close friends were somewhat disgusted every time they hung out with the couple.

Maya hung out alone with Riley and Lucas all the time, she stopped finding it awkward after about the thousandth time they kissed in front of her.

She still cringed when they made googly eyes at each other for longer than four seconds though.

Maya and Riley

Hi again and welcome a new story, but this one is my first story for Girl Meets World. Ever since I found out about the open ending to the third part for Girl Meets Texas, I decided to spice it up a bit using inspiration from Sailor Moon R's episode But for thus one, Riley's the one who can't tell him why, just like in that episode, and just like in the third part. Otherwise we won't have a Rucas and Lucaya war by now. Days have passed after Riley told the truth to Farkle that she still loves Lucas, but she can't because she cares too much for Maya.

I'll still update my other books, this is just for when I get other ideas. I'll do a short summary before each oneshot as well. Maya feels her mind wake from it's unconscious state, her vision seeing nothing but blackness.

When Maya Hart was just six years of age, she told her mom she wanted to be a gymnast. Her mom laughed at the thought, brushed it off and told Maya she was going to be late to school. Or how about Kermit? How about when Maya's dad up and left her and Katy? He didn't have much faith in her.

GMW — Girl Meets New Years Fanfic

Author Note: This is a continuation of Kitchen Moment, but it's tone is very different. It was something Riley envied, but after the events of the past few twenty-four hours was starting to wonder if it had clouded her judgement, "It was fine, just watched The Avengers. What they failed to mention is the cut of age for kids was like eight. Let's get to school. Maya released her and out the window they went. They didn't talk much during the walk to the subway, or the subway ride. Something was different about Riley, she just couldn't tell what it was.

Boing! — My Best Friend (a Joshaya/Lucaya fanfic)

It held passion, desperation, and screamed out Lucas and Maya!!! It all started off with Maya hanging out with some girls after school. To kill time, Maya and Riley sat with other girls from their grade and conversed. Their conversation soon led to Truth and Dare. Tough as she may be, Maya was never one for truth.

Lucaya centric, but includes other ships. No hate except for Charlie hate.

They are known as Rilaya. Maya and Riley have been best friends for years, they're like sisters and are very close to one another. The Bay Window is their special place where they solve many of their problems and they hold many of their "meetings" with friends there. Maya and Riley are both willing to sacrifice their happiness for the sake of the other and are highly protective of each other and try to make each other happy.

You know i’ll make a woMAN out of you

Here are the twenty times Lucas Friar knocked on Maya Hart's window. Night 1: November 13 th of 9 th grade. The first night Lucas Friar had the guts to knock on Maya Hart's window was a night he would always remember.

Maya sunk to the ground as tears streamed down her face. She wrapped her arms around her bent knees as the chilly, autumn wind nipped at her skin. Her mangled hair blew around in every direction, revealing her makeup smeared face. Maya was just walking home. Lucas insisted he drive her home, but not tonight.

The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory Matthews is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series. At the start of the series, Riley is 12 years old and in seventh grade. She and her best friend, Maya Hart, explore school and life together while making new friends along the way.

Oct 26, - The Ski Lodge was sad and cold, almost like Maya herself. Maya interrupts, tears clouding her eyes. laya fanfiction girl meets world gmw gmw ff gmw fanfiction girl meets world ff girl meets world fanfiction lucas friar maya.

Enjoy, xoxo. I need to leave right now. Zay stood up from the back of the class and saved him.

Maya and Lucas were sitting by the window currently discussing the love triangle. Lucas felt slightly relieved yet uncomfortable that they were talking about this. Thst meant that this whole love triangle businesses could be over. But that also meant he would end up breaking one of their hearts.






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