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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Boy, you grew up gorgeous. All Joshaya stories here! Bad, good, long, short, rated K, T or M; I don't discriminate. If I missed yours, feel free to PM me.

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Nothing Interesting — Stages Of Love... [Joshaya Series Fic]

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Shallow Pleasure Chapter One. I hope you think of me every painstaking second you're away, Joshua Matthews. Albeit, her voice laced with venom, and her eyes seeming to shoot daggers—killing him instantly presuming it were at all possible. The mere thought of her threat itself, suppressing any noise from him, whatsoever as he remotely held his breath.

Josh quietly sat, his eyes steadily gazing outside to the foreign scenery surrounding him. Momentarily, absent-minded of the harsh rain berating against the taxi's exterior, and sliding down the glass windows—the music emanating from his headphones withholding him from all other distractions as his body lazily leaned against the car door.

Traveling from one country to the next, the horrific events preceding his arrival openly vivid, despite attempting to forget about it. The taxi's wheels then abruptly coming to a halt, and Josh's body immediately jerking forward. Furrowing his eyebrows, he stared irritably at the driver, who nonchalantly held out his palm in acceptance of the cab fare. Josh grumbled, and reaching into his wallet, displaying his gratitude with a crisp twenty British pound.

Josh slightly bowing his head before exiting out of the vehicle, and slamming the door shut behind him. Soon listening to the tires screeching along the gravel pavement as the taxi drove off, looking closely at the quaint building standing straight ahead of him. Josh inhaled a breath, his hands hiding in the depths of his pockets as he began to walk forward towards the entrance.

He stood in the doorway, his russet brown eyes surveying the entire atmosphere of the tea shop, and the several consumers mingling with a friend, or simply sitting alone. Nothing more in front of them except a cup of something hot, and a pastry. Josh subtly pursed his lips together, blatantly seeming out of the place amongst the crowd of London natives. Just hours before had he still been living in an apartment in New York City until a misfortunate turn of events caused him to find anywhere else in the world to be.

Josh proceeded to linger in the doorway, an awkward look on his face when eventually a body mistakenly stumbled into his. He glanced over his shoulder, his eyes catching sight of a rather short woman with long brunette hair walking into the establishment with her child, and smiling at him apologetically.

Josh smiled. He hadn't been back to London in nearly fifteen years after visiting for a family vacation. Only ten years old at the time, the affair practically a distant memory.

He felt somewhat uncomfortable, howbeit his feet seeming glued to the floor as he struggled to leave anywhere else away from the front door, though now slightly more off to the side, and out of the way of anymore incoming patrons. Josh glanced at his cell phone, the time being two-thirty in the afternoon, indicating it still had been approximately nine-thirty at night back at home.

He was becoming anxious, certain this is where he was told to wait up, and slowly getting impatient. Josh tapped his foot repeatedly, his mind heavy, while using the spare time to contemplate to the adjustments of settling in a different country. A hand then lightly grazing his shoulder, Josh looking back, and a weight hastily lifting off of him. Josh smiled widely, a grin stretching across his lips from the sight of an old friend he hadn't seen in ages, and seeing as he held out a palm to him.

His eyes a beckoning hazel hue, and cheek stubble thin and profound, while his chestnut brown hair had bangs swooping to one side.

Hayes, standing at a height of 6'1", a few inches taller than Josh himself, and his grip firm as the two shook hands. Is everything alright back home? Did something happen? Josh quickly dismissed the interrogations. London is my home now.

He didn't want to admit the real reason for moving to England, and hoped Hayes would give him the benefit of the doubt, and not question him about it again, at least for a while. Hayes smiled, and patting Josh on the back as he wrapped an arm around his neck. Your belongings that you had shipped arrived here yesterday. They're back at my place now. Josh's lips parted. You stunting like that?

The last time I saw you, you were a scrawny little boy with glasses, and a crooked smile. Hayes chuckled, his cheeks blushing, embarrassed. My father's also a surgeon, so this is all courtesy of him.

You've accomplished a lot. I wish I could say all that. Josh softly rolled his eyes. Hayes briefly looked to him. Well, no need to fret. I'm happy to have you stay with me until you get going here on your own. The time after that fairly quiet, considerably. Josh not doing much conversing with all he had on his mind. Hayes then filling the air of the stiff quietude with the car's radio until finally parking thirty minutes later in front of a large and wide apartment building with plenty of windows, and chromatic yellow bricks.

The rain eventually subsiding a few minutes earlier. Josh stared in awe, the sight of the abstract architectural structure of the framework one to behold as he slowly stepped out of the car, his mouth ample as he stood with his head tilted up. Hayes sauntering up beside him, and smiling modestly. Josh gazed at him in disbelief. What do you mean, what? The only places I ever lived in were a cramped dorm room, a tiny apartment, and a bedroom in my parent's house, and neither can compare to this place.

Josh nearly breathless as he stepped through the door. The space white, modern, and simple with a balcony overlooking the street. Hardwood and tile floors, marble counter tops with a stainless steel sink and refrigerator in the kitchen, and a couch, love seat, and flat screen television in the living room. A plain, round glass table with four chairs sat in the dining area, and a hallway that most likely lead to the bathroom and bedroom.

The apartment had been a little cluttered with papers and textbooks as well as a desktop computer sitting in one of the corners evidently for Hayes' studies. Josh narrowed his eyes at Hayes, acknowledging his nonchalant attitude to him seeing his place first hand. He punched Hayes in the arm, causing him to flinch.

Josh groaned. All of your things are already situated inside. I will sleep in the living room on the pull out couch. Josh looked at him, displeased. I mean, this is your place, man. I don't want to kick you out of your own bedroom. Hayes' voice traveling to him as he walked, distancing himself. A king size mattress smack dab against the wall on the far side of the room across from the door.

A window to the left of it, and another flat screen television with cable stationed onto the wall, and a mini fridge in the corner. Hayes didn't appear like the spoiled type, though his parents on the other hand must usually insist on the best money could buy. A grin on his lips, and folding his arms behind his head, while looking up at the ceiling.

It was going to be challenging not to appear like a mooch and a scrounge when he was going to be living in a place like this for the next couple of months. Josh savoring every moment here there was. Hours later, and he didn't even realize he had gone to sleep until a sudden knocking aroused him. He blinked his eyes repeatedly, and looking toward the door just as Hayes materialized.

Will you be alright? He hadn't realized how jet lagged and tired he was until then. I'll be back once I'm all done with my work. Josh listened to his footsteps, and movements, and jingle of his keys until the front door finally closed and locked. Hayes displayed a lot of trust in Josh considering they haven't seen each since they were young, though still managing to keep in touch every now and again over the past few years once Josh going back to the states.

His stomach then starting to growl. Josh sighed, and lifting himself up, en route for the kitchen. He closely scrutinized the fridge and cabinets, both filled with more than enough options and varieties. Nevertheless, merely settling on a jar of mini pickles to snack on. He hadn't been too keen on making a mess, and having to clean it up afterwards, or serving up something heavy to eat since Hayes promised he had dinner covered.

Josh plopped down onto the couch in the living room, careful of Hayes's papers and books for law school, and turning the television on to something random, considering he hadn't been familiar with all their different channels.

He leaned back, one leg on the table, and crunching on his pickles as he ate right out of the jar. Although, not even fifteen minutes later, and he could hear keys outside the door. He shook his head, immediately taking his leg down, and setting the pickles down before standing up, and casually walking toward the door with his hands in his pockets.

He listened as Hayes seemed to be struggling to unlock the door, it sounding as though he even dropped the keys from his hands at one point. Josh calmly grasped the knob after unlocking the door, and opening it to reveal the silhouette standing in front of him.

Josh instinctively furrowed his eyebrows, his heart capsizing from the person he thought to be Hayes, though wasn't. His eyes widened, and his lips parted. Blonde hair.

Joshaya fanfiction

Shallow Pleasure Chapter One. I hope you think of me every painstaking second you're away, Joshua Matthews. Albeit, her voice laced with venom, and her eyes seeming to shoot daggers—killing him instantly presuming it were at all possible.

Maya felt a rush of relief when her phone pinged, signaling an incoming text. It took barely half a semester at NYU before Josh asked her out and they officially became a couple.

One minute everything appears normal, like there's not a single action humanly capable that could change the way things are happening. You start to believe perfection is a good thing, and that you could do no wrong. It's like being on cloud nine; your thoughts are free, your footsteps are lighter, and your eyes envision endless possibilities. You want to accomplish any and everything imaginably probable, despite the inevitable consequences.

Girl Meets World Fanfictions

So this is going to be a collection of different Joshaya one-shots I've written. I may post an actual story I've been working on, but haven't decided yet. If you don't like the ship, don't read. I don't need reviews like "It's creepy" "I hate them. I hope everyone here is a Joshaya shipper and will respect it. Josh is in town for his pre-college program and sees Maya out with a guy friend. When said guy friend takes things the wrong way and starts hurting Maya, Josh becomes protective and a fight breaks out. Josh was glad to be in New York for the summer, having two and a half months of doing what he loved at NYU. It would be good practice to get him away from home and be in school. He had moments of being homesick, but for the most part, he was having a good time.

This part is pretty Joshaya heavy. Keep in mind that this scene will come slightly in to play later, though, and it might get confusing if you do skip this part. Maya and Josh sit at the bay window somewhat awkwardly. Maya looks as scared as Riley was.

Riley lets out a snort as if her best friend would say yes after that. Suddenly the bell rings and the rest of the class floods into the room followed by Mr.

I've started writing a road trip fanfiction for Girl Meets World where Josh and Maya find themselves stranded in California and was wondering if it was okay to post. Here's an excerpt of the two on the road in a scene I finished awhile ago! She woke to a dull ache in her bones and fading sunlight flitting over her face through the car window, and looked over to see Josh sitting beside her silently, one hand on the wheel, gaze on the road.

I know you have a boyfriend now, but when I told him to choose you, I didn't think I was telling Lucas to take my best friend from me. Because Riley was always busy with Lucas. Maya had almost no one else, she was always with Riley, they were best friends. Maya looked heartbroken, she couldn't say it.

I hope you like it. This is just a filler chapter. With next chapter, will the stages start. Lucas Friar and Joshua Mattews. At 14, while Riley was contemplating wether she was ready to be in a relationship with Lucas, Maya was experiencing her crush crushing her with his rejection. At 15, Riley was officially taken, while Maya was trying to move on and be happy with her Single status, but miserably failing.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Maya finds herself waiting on the steps of Riley's apartment after a bad couple of days. Questions are asked when Riley's roommate and uncle, Joshua, shows up first. Maya talks Riley into crashing a college party with her, so she can keep the college girls away from Josh. The night doesn't go exactly as planned. She already loves you, you know.

Apply · Maya Hart & Joshua "Josh" Matthews · Maya Hart · Joshua "Josh" Matthews · Friendship · Romance · broken leg · joshaya · girl meets world - Freeform.








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