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Depressed because i cant get a girlfriend

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Hello world! Alright, now I know this sounds so stupid but I've been very depressed because I can't get a girlfriend. I'm 16 and I'm the ugliest guy and the biggest loser ever. I can't help it but getting together with a girl is all I can think about.

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Login or Sign Up. Depressed because of my love life with girls.. I hate myself. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I hate myself May 11th, , AM. Im 19 year old guy and mydating and love life Is the most depressing thing In the world for me literally I go through depressive and suicidal thoughts especially stuff like this because I know im not good enough for womens preferences today im not that attractive and dont have a six pack.

Never had a girlfriend because number 1 im too nice. But what happended to treating a girl with respect i was taught and told to do by my mom at an early age? It sucks cause im shy and suffer from anxiety too but I get to the point of serious consideration of taking my own life because I dont like or love the person I was brought to be I dont have offer anything this world or a significant other because lets face it attractive girls dont talk to guys like me they just dont.

I dont meet any of their preferences. Also nobody would care if im gone anyways the reason I say all this is to get it off my chest I refuse to tell family or friends because they will either not understand or think its completely silly but its not to me its a big deal to me! Im seriously try to mask my emotions but I find myself almost breaking down getting teary.

I dont how much longer I want to keep suffering in a loveless life Tags: None. May 11th, , PM. Hey there, Boy do I ever recognize those feelings. I was exactly in the same place when I was I wasn't a six pack guy either, not fat but not super muscular. I felt like because I was being too nice all the time that girls would look me over. It also sounds to me like you should maybe go see a doctor. You don't have to get your family involved, but it seems to me like it might be beneficial to you.

It's a hard step to take but everything gets way better once you do. But she and I accept each other for who they are and it's the best feeling in the world. Keep at it bud, you are worth it and you will find someone who is right for you. You got this! Take care. Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere. Comment Post Cancel. May 12th, , PM. I probably am not the best person to be saying this as I have only ever dated one guy but I will say it anyway.

Sometime, you will find a girl who will love you for who you are, and you will love her for who she is. I believe fully that attractiveness is who someone is, not how they look. All the others are like stepping stones, getting you to where you need to be. Keep your head up. I hope you will have faith in yourself.

In another light, I know it is not really a common perspective these days but I believe that being single is a really good way to find out who YOU are, to find comfort in being yourself and make it easier to find someone who really, truly makes you a better version of yourself. I know it can be hard, but try to appreciate the time you have now to be who you want to be. Also, the guy I am with the only guy I have ever been with is a nice guy. I love who he is on the inside.

If you love someone, they will be beautiful to you. I hope you will have faith in yourself and keep pushing on until you can find the right woman for you, and try to enjoy the journey you take on your way. May 20th, , AM. Welcome to the forums Itdoesntmatter. I think PaperStars summed up my own thoughts on the matter. AJ Humans punish themselves endlessly for not being what they believe they should be.

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Tell Me About It: I’m a depressed virgin and I can’t get a girlfriend

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Obviously, this has made me more compassionate and understanding towards people who are depressed or on the verge of giving up for any reason. There are a lot of great comments below the article where guys are expressing themselves and their opinions and helping other guys feel better about themselves. I want to thank everyone who has commented over the years and helped me understand more about how you are feeling. So make sure you scroll down to the comments and connect with like-minded people.

Discussion in ' Loneliness ' started by zxcv , Jul 5, Log in or Sign up.

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! We are going to uncover oodles of different common and not-so-common reasons why you might be having trouble in the girl department, so you can take action to make positive changes. After you understand why you are having issues, then you can make a plan to break through your obstacles and find a solution. Use as many approaches as you can until you land the girl. In other words, they give up prematurely.

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It is an active noun, like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now. And since the love you feel for others is a reflection of the love you feel for yourself, this is why you feel disconnected. And this can be a problem in a relationship. Not them being critical of you. The salt scenario is made up, in case you were wondering, but the level of silliness is about right. And so it is when you talk to a depressed person you have a depressed conversation.


Thanks to the media, most guys these days think that if they are good looking, women are going to line up to be with them. The first was with a drunk girl I lucked onto at a party and the other was a prostitute. I try talking to women and they seem interested at first but the conversation never goes anywhere. I walk around the mall for hours on end trying to do it day after day but never doing it. I hate seeing an attractive women with some dweeby boyfriend holding hands.

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You're just not going to stumble upon her simply by snapping your fingers. Great things come to those who work hard for them. You snooze, and you will lose.

Don’t Kill Yourself Because You Can’t Get A Girlfriend

The last time I had a girlfriend was when I was I have also never had sex. My friends have had numerous girlfriends and they make me feel uncomfortable all the time.

Updated: January 6, References. When you want to be in a relationship, sometimes it can seem really hard to be single. However, the path to finding a partner can sometimes be a long one, and it's important to find ways to love and enjoy your own life, no matter who you're seeing. Start by learning to see yourself as a whole, healthy person, and reframe your ideas about dating to ensure you will eventually find a healthy relationship. Above all, get out there and have fun!

I’m Good Looking, But Can’t Get a Girlfriend

Login or Sign Up. Depressed because of my love life with girls.. I hate myself. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:.

May 3, - I'm going to be direct, guys: Nothing good comes easy, and finding the right girlfriend tops the list. You're just not going to stumble upon her.

Though it isn't the same as personally battling depression, dating someone who suffers from depression is challenging in its own ways. It's hard to see someone you love feeling so blue, and it's especially hard to feel like nothing you can do will cheer them up. But there are things you can do, as a partner to someone battling depression, that make a real difference — or at least don't make things any harder.

These forums are a place where you can ask other young people advice on dealing with tough times and share your advice on what has worked for you. Please remember that it does not replace professional advice. Join the online community Login to post.






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