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My wife hates her daughter

About the Author: Dr. When two adults embark upon their journey through divorce, they are often highly concerned about how their divorce will affect their children. While there are many variables that factor into how children fare following divorce, there is one clear factor that researchers and clinicians alike have seen to be a powerful one: the level of contention between parents. When children are exposed to high levels of interparental conflict, they are more at risk for later developing emotional and behavioral problems. Divorce is ranked as one of the most stressful life events, second only to death of a spouse, according to the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory; adults must go through an emotional roller coaster to grieve the multiple losses of their marriage such as their intact family unit, their status within society, and the financial and emotional security.


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My son’s wife has isolated him from our family. What do I do?

Search Search. Menu Sections. QI'm married to a woman who is a good deal younger than me and we have a daughter together who is the apple of my eye.

She's a great kid and I get no end of enjoyment from her and as I'm only working part-time now I get to spend a lot of time with her, which is a great joy.

I was married previously and have grown-up children. I get on fine with them, although I don't see all that much of them now, as they are getting on with their own lives. I'm actually a grandfather a couple of times; they have gone on to have their own children.

My problem is that my wife is very jealous if I have anything to do with my ex-wife and she's really not too keen on me having much to do with my other children or grandchildren. She just wants us to be a family unit and says that herself and our daughter should be the most important people in my life. If I'm completely honest, I have to admit that this is not absolutely the case, but I would be afraid to tell her because she would make my life very miserable.

She has forbidden our daughter to have any contact with anybody from my previous family on Facebook or anything like that, and I think this is not right.

When my first wife and I divorced, we went through a very rocky period, but with the passage of time we are now quite friendly and meet at various family-related events. The final straw was when my wife saw an email from my ex-wife a couple of weeks ago: she didn't talk to me for days and insists that I cut all ties with my ex-wife.

A I think that your wife is being most unreasonable, and I feel that the more you give in and allow her to lay down the law, the more she will walk all over you.

No matter how much she would like it to be otherwise, you were married previously and you have children and grandchildren, and you are entitled to be a part of their lives just as they are entitled to be a part of yours. It is only natural that you have some contact with your ex-wife -- she is the mother of your children and grandmother of your grandchildren, and as such you will always have a bond.

You don't say whether your ex-wife has a new partner or not -- if she hasn't, then this could be one of the reasons why your wife is insecure, as she may worry that you might get back together again. Your wife's behaviour is actually having a negative effect on her daughter as well, as she is denying her the friendship and love of her half-sisters and brothers, as well as her cousins.

If you and your wife do not have any more children, your daughter will grow up an only child, and most only children will say that they would have much preferred to be part of a larger family.

You should point this out to your wife and, as she no doubt wants the very best for her daughter, she might be prepared to bend a little. Something is causing her insecurity: if you are sure that you haven't given her any reason to doubt your behaviour as regards your ex-wife, or any other woman for that matter, then there must be something in her own background that causes her to be suspicious of men's behaviour.

Can you tease this out with her, explaining that you are upset at the way things are going with regard to her jealousy and would like to understand more as to what is causing it. You should emphasise that you want the very best outcome for your marriage, but be equally firm that the way she is handling it right now is causing you problems and that you can no longer go along with it. July 01 AM. Facebook Twitter Email. What are your views?

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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. This article was published more than 3 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. Before my son met and married Jasmine, our family was close and loving.

Very good book, an emotional reunion story with so many things for Falcon and Leah to overcome. They had been teenagers in love when Leah became pregnant. Determined to do the right thing and take

Cathleen Brown — Oct 11th, My daughter is Her mother and I divorced four years ago. I am remarried. My daughter and my new wife do not get along at all.

FAMILY QUESTIONS: Dad stressed because teen daughter, new wife hate each other

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Love your Children More than you Hate your Spouse

My daughter was 16 when she had my grandson. I was a single mom, and the two of them lived with me for a few years. She eventually got into low-income housing. He brings this up every day.

A user has posted a confessional thread on Reddit , explaining why he "hates" his wife and daughter. The explosive admission, by user OffMyChestPlox, was posted on the platform overnight and began by explaining the start of his and his wife's relationship, "We met too young,

Search Search. Menu Sections. QI'm married to a woman who is a good deal younger than me and we have a daughter together who is the apple of my eye. She's a great kid and I get no end of enjoyment from her and as I'm only working part-time now I get to spend a lot of time with her, which is a great joy.

A man leaves his parents and his wife becomes his focus. Sons grow up, meet girls, get married and voila, a couple is formed. For starters, a mother is no longer No.

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I've been married about a year and a half to my current wife. She came into our marriage with a significant amount of money. I came in with very little divorce can do that. She has three girls, and I get along great with all three. I have two girls and a boy. Four of our kids are in college, two are in high school, and those two both live most of the time with their other parent. My wife is fine with my youngest daughter and my son.

One time my wife admitted that she feels like my mom thinks she can swoop in and have a relationship with her (wife's) daughter even though she never put in any.

Grounded, do chores, etc. They basically hate each other. So it pretty much tears us apart. She blasts me when I get home about their problems during the day, and I get upset and am basically a worse parent at times because of it. My younger son, 10, is her baby, another great kid, and they never have problems.







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